Buying guide: Bidet Toilet Seats

What are Bidet Toilet Seats, and what do they do? According to Epstein, a bidet is used to clean a person’s bottom after using the restroom. It can be used after both a number one and a number two. He notes that conventional bidets were put next to toilets and resembled toilets but did not have a seat. Modern versions are joined to the toilet so you can handle everything in one location.

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How do bidet toilet seats function? In order to thoroughly clean your undercarriage after using the restroom, bidet seats aim one or more streams of water at them. Some are made specifically for cleaning the posterior while others are merely made for cleaning the posterior.

Buying guide: Bidet Toilet Seats

Effortless Use

No matter how many functions a bidet seat has, it must be easy to use. The Bio Bidet Supreme is one example of a device that can be controlled with the press of a button or the turn of a dial using either an attached control panel or a wireless remote. An organized control panel is typically sufficient for regular use and may ultimately be simpler for visitors to handle, even though a remote control is a good upgrade.

Nozzle Placements

In accordance with Richard Epstein, a licensed master plumber and member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board, traditional bidets contain a faucet with an adjustable spray nozzle. This is an essential component of bidet seats because it enables you to get the ideal angle for effective cleaning after using the restroom. There are options for more angles; the SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat, for instance, has five nozzle positions. Most have three angles as standard.

Shape and Appearance

There are two types of bidets: round and elongated. Although you should choose the shape that fits your toilet bowl, each has a slightly distinct appearance that is partially a matter of personal preference. (In the US, elongated designs like the American Standard Aquawash 2.0 are more prevalent.)

Spraying Pressure and Force

In order to provide a more pleasant cleaning for people of diverse ages, genders, and body types, the majority of bidet seats now include adjustable water pressure. You may manually regulate the spray’s intensity by turning a dial on even non-electric types like the Mayfair Kendall Bidet Toilet Seat.

Temperature of Water

Simple bidet seats, like the Kohler Puretide, spray water that is at room temperature. The Bio Bidet Slim One, one of the more sophisticated devices, has temperature settings that can be adjusted so you can choose warm water if that’s more comfortable.

Installation specifications

Don’t forget to consider the installation needs and components, which may or may not be supplied with the products, when purchasing a bidet seat. Up to Epstein, the cost of the roughing, which includes installing the plumbing and electricity according to code, can be comparable.

If you don’t feel confident installing your bidet seat yourself, think about hiring a pro. Bidet converter kits, such as the Tushy Classic 3.0 Toilet Seat Attachment, offer an alternative that can occasionally be simpler to install.

FAQs on Bidet Toilet Seats

How long is bidet cleaning time?

The majority of bidets clean your privates in roughly 30 seconds. Some take a little longer to warm up, and if you use any extra features like vortex wash, fast cleaning, or oscillating massage, the entire experience can last closer to a minute.

How easy is bidet installing?

Bidet seats typically replace your current toilet seat. Installing a T-valve to the toilet’s water hose will allow water to be sent to both the tank and the seat after the old seat has been removed. After that, you’ll plug it in and attach the cord. The majority of seats have a 4-foot power cord; using an extension cord is not advised because bathrooms are typically moist.

What is the bidet seat cleaning process?

Many bidet seats include self-cleaning nozzles, but if yours is electric, you should first unplug it before gently wiping the nozzles down with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Spray a non-abrasive cleaning (like Windex) on the seat before wiping it down with a microfiber towel.