FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review

FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review
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When a FireAngel Pro Connected Gateway (smart hub) is added in to the network you can enable the Amazon Alexa Skill – this means you can ‘Just Ask Alexa’ to test your alarms, see when they were last tested or silence them in the instance of a known false alarm. At the moment the system doesn’t currently integrate with Google home. This FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit includes 1 Smart Kitchen Heat Alarm, 2 Smart Smoke Alarm, 1 Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 1 Smart Gateway hub, and 1 Smart Alarm Control Unit. Find details in FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review.

Pros & Cons – FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit

The positives
The app is well though out, the ability to label the location of each alarm is brilliant.
The ability to test the alarms from the app is also great.
App notifications of any issues including network loss.
New devices bought since being setup just show up in the app.
Support are very helpful and patient.

The negatives
The paper instructions are not very good or well written on how to integrate into an existing mesh network.
No videos on how to add this to an existing mesh network either.

What’s the difference between this FP2620W2-R and the WST630 is fp an newer model?

The fp2620w2-r is a newer model, however is still works in the same way as the WST-630. We always aim for continuous improvement, so the main difference with the Pro Connected range is that they use updated internal components for even better safety and reliability. Hope this provides you with the answers you require.

What does the bundle includes – FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit?

FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Kitchen Heat Alarm, Battery Powered 

FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review

Use independently as a single unit or wirelessly link with up to 50 FireAngel pro connected smoke alarms, kitchen heat alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and accessories including gateway and FireAngel connected app. FireAngel developed their thermistek heat alarm to provide a quick alert to rapid rises in temperatures, making them elegant for kitchens, garages and lofts as they don’t react to cooking fumes or dust. This alarm is elegant for humid, dusty and areas with high fumes where a standard smoke alarm would false alarm but for complete protection of the home install both smoke and heat alarms.

FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Smoke Alarm, Battery Powered

FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review
  • Install one in the circulation space of each level of the home (hallways and landings) as well in each of the rooms where you spend most of your time (living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms) (also check local requirements). Install this alarm alongside the FireAngel pro connected gateway to enable instant updates to your smart phone or email. FireAngel’s thermoptek technology will rapidly sense all types of fire and initiate the loud, clear alarm, giving you precious time to escape

FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery Powered

FireAngel Pro Connected 6 piece home kit ST-622 review

The unit has been designed to either be wall mounted or left portable so you can take it on holiday for protection on the go. It’s also suitable for caravans, motor caravans and boats following advice from BS EN 50292-2013.

As well as being calibrated and rigorously tested in-house the alarm has been third party approved through The British Standards Institute (BSI) and is Kitemark certified.

In the event of a CO alert you’re advised to turn off all fuel burning appliances if possible, ventilate, then vacate the premises and contact the Gas Emergency Service.

FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Gateway (hub for use with FireAngel Pro Connected Alarms

Connects to your home broadband supply using an Ethernet cable (supplied) but should the internet connection fail all alarms will still operate fully within the home. As a minimum it is recommended that you install this gateway alongside – 2 x smoke alarms, 1 x kitchen heat alarm and a Carbon Monoxide alarm for each gas burning appliance – from the Pro Connected Range.

FireAngel Pro Connected Smart Alarm Control Unit, Wireless Interlink

  • Manufacturer FireAngel
  • Part Number FP1014W2-R
  • Product Dimensions 9 x 9 x 2.32 cm; 160 Grams
  • Item model number FP1014W2-R
  • Style Control Unit
  • Finish Coated
  • Material ABS, UL94 VO Fire Retardant
  • Power Source Battery Powered
  • Installation Method Free Standing / Wall Mounted
  • Item Package Quantity 1
  • Coverage 35m (over 200m in clear air)
  • Plug Profile Mounting Base Plate (provided)
  • Switch Style Push Button
  • Usage Inside
  • Included Components 2 x AA Battery, Control Unit (WTSL), Manual, Base Plate, Screw Pack
  • Batteries Included? Yes
  • Batteries Required? Yes
  • Battery Cell Type Alkaline
  • Item Weight 160 g

Is this product recognised by the fire brigade?

I wouldn’t be too driven by the Fire Brigade ‘s recommendations as it depends if these are for your own property or for a rental. These alarms are approved for installation in Rent/LET properties and meet the required high standards set out by councils/government. As they have a sealed battery this cannot be removed or tampered which was found with the removable battery type. People removed the battery when it beeped and forgot to replace it or used the battery to power a small appliance i.e portable game console. Hard wired smoke/heat detectors (these come with a battery back up) are preferred but these type are easily fitted/replaced although a little more expensive.

If it goes off when cooking can you turn it off from the smartphone?

You can initiate the Smart Silence feature from the app, but only if the smoke sensed by the alarm is minimal & below a set threshold. If the smoke sensed is below this threshold then the Smart Silence feature can be activated for 10 minutes and the alarm will be silenced. However, if the smoke sensed during this time increases the alarm will revert back into alarm mode to alert you to the danger. Please note the Smart Silence feature cannot be used at any point if the smoke present is excessive and above the set thresholds – at this time you can only use the Smart Locate function which silences all alarms except those that sense the danger, allowing you to take action appropriately. We advise that all alarm alerts are investigated before using the Smart Silence function.

We would advise you install a heat alarm in the kitchen instead of a smoke alarm. Heat alarms react to rapid rises in temperature rather than smoke, preventing false alarms to cooking fumes. They’re also perfect for the garage or loft and will provide a rapid alert to danger in remote areas where fires can spread easily.

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