Apple Watch Band 44mm price


How much is Apple Watch Band 44mm price? It can be hard to know where to get started to find the ones that are legit. There’s a wide variety of watch strap types that Apple just doesn’t have. Here are some of my favorite aftermarket and official bands for the Apple Watch Series 7. 

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Available band sizes

The just-released Series 7 introduces two new case sizes, 41mm and 45mm, whereas the standard sizing for the past few series had been 40mm and 44mm. But don’t throw out your old bands just yet if you buy a new Watch. The 41mm Apple Watch is backwards compatible and will work with bands from the 38mm and 40mm models, and the 45mm Apple Watch works with bands made for the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch models.

What is the Apple Watch Band 44mm price?

Nike Sport Band

Nike is one of the more popular watchband makers for those who want to work out with their watches. The Nike Sport Band comes with a decidedly sports-focused design; it’s made from fluoroelastomer, which is designed to hold up during intensive activity. 

This band is also water-resistant. Plus, it’s smooth enough that it won’t be a nuisance while it’s on your wrist, which makes it one of the best Apple Watch bands for those who use their wearable to work out.

Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Band ($650;

NordstromSmart Caviar Stainless Steel Band

The jewelry brand Lagos has created its take on a watch band for Apple with this pick that features its signature Caviar beading along the side. It fits the 42mm and 44mm watch sizes, and the band itself is 7.25 inches long.

Genuine Leather Watch Band ($65;

A more affordable leather option, Casetify’s genuine leather watch bands are available in a wide range of colors and can even be customized. Certain colors are made with Italian leather, while others are made with German leather.

Marge Plus Compatible – Apple Watch Band 44mm good choice

  • Compatible Apple Watch models: 42/44 mm
  • Wrist size: 160 mm – 200 mm

Several leather watchbands promise to make you look more fashionable. But the Marge Plus Compatible is one of the best Apple Watch bands because it’s designed to do so without emptying your wallet. 

Made from genuine leather, this band can accommodate wrist sizes between 160 millimeters and 200 mm, making it suitable for a large segment of the population. Plus, it’s available in 13 colors, including black, red and teal. If you’re looking for a professional yet affordable look, the Marge Plus Compatible is a good place to start.

Jord Harmonic Apple Watch Bands

While the official Apple Watch Bands are nice, there are times that you have to go outside the Apple ecosystem to find something truly unique. Such is the case with these Jord bands made from stainless steel and real wood. With four different styles to choose from, including a truly jaw-dropping purpleheart and gunmetal band, you can find exactly the right material combination to complement your case. They’re eye-catching and sure to be different than almost everything else you find. 

Apple Sport Band

Apple’s original sport band was designed with workouts in mind and is made of a high-performance fluoroelastomer. The band feels soft and smooth on the skin, so you’ll be comfortable throughout your sweat session. It also comes in a wide variety of colors so you can coordinate it with your personal style.

Kate Spade Scalloped Apple Watch Strap

Kate Spade has long been a popular fashion brand, thanks to its unique prints and designs. And the company’s Kate Spade scalloped Apple Watch strap is no different. This watch strap comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is made from leather to enhance its broader fashion appeal. A single-prong metal buckle makes this band feel like a standard watch strap. That said, because it comes from the Kate Spade brand, it’s a little more expensive than many other watchbands; the least expensive costs $45.

Rose Gold Linked Apple Watch Band (38mm/40mm) ($40;

A stainless steel band option, this pick from CaseMate pairs nicely with your rose gold Apple Watch. It includes two additional links to extend the watch sizes, though CaseMate recommends taking the band to a jeweler to add or remove links. It will fit wrists 160mm to 216mm.

Kyisgos Leather Band Strap

This real-leather band offers a more modern look than the traditional buckle, using the pin-and-tuck style instead. It’s sturdy and built to last, unlike some inexpensive bands. It also has more holes than some other bands, providing a snugger fit on your wrist — critical for accurate fitness tracking. It’s available in dozens of colors; you can opt for traditional brown or black or get a little wild with blue, yellow or even a two-tone combo.

OtterBox Apple Watch Band (42/44mm) ($29.95;

This band is made of a soft and durable silicone material for all-day comfort. It’s sweatproof to get you through workouts and comes in seven different colors ranging from a classic and sleek black to a bright and fun orange and blue.

Apple Leather Watch Loop (41mm) ($99;

Handcrafted in Arzignano, Italy, this is Apple’s latest update to its leather band. The loop design creates a super-sleek aesthetic while being high quality, soft and comfortable. Choose from nine different leather tones for a polished look.

Shell Cordovan Band ($149.95;

The finish of this leather band is hand-glazed, giving the band a rich and glossy look. It’s certainly a step up from Nomad’s standard Horween leather straps. The band is designed to patina over time, so as you wear the band it’ll stay in shape and be totally unique.

Secbolt Bling Band

Secbolt’s Apple Watch bands are all about giving you high fashion and making the device on your wrist feel like a luxurious traditional watch. And the company’s Bling Band tries to do that with a rose gold finish and diamond rhinestones on a stainless-steel band. 

A clasp on the bottom makes it easy to put the band on, take it off and get a snug fit for your wrist. It’s one of the best Apple Watch bands if you want something a bit showy.

Nomad Active Band Pro – Apple Watch Band 44mm stylish choice

The Nomad Active Band Pro is, honestly, the only band you need for your Apple Watch Series 7. Made from a combination of waterproof leather and FKM rubber, it has ventilation channels so that it’s comfortable no matter what activity you’re doing and stays blemish-free even if it’s soaked. Because it’s easy to keep clean, it transitions quickly and easily from workouts to work to date night. 

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