CHUWI Hi10 X vs Surface Go – which one is for multitasking?


CHUWI Hi10 X vs Surface Go – which one is for multitasking? CHUWI Hi10 X is equipped with Intel’s Gemini Lake N4100 processor, featured 4 cores, 4 threads,and boosts up to 2.4Ghz. Overall performance improved by 100% compared to the previous Atom Z8350. Along with 9th gen UHD Graphics 600 GPU and advanced ULV technology, Hi10 X brings smoother software experience, high quality 4K media decoding and decent battery life.

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New 10” Surface Go is perfect for all your daily tasks, giving you laptop performance with tablet portability, a stunning touchscreen, and the Windows and Office experience you know. From email, browsing, and home projects to unwinding with a favorite TV show, Surface Lingo is by your side wherever you are — with up to 9 hours1 of battery life, built-in HD cameras, hassle-free connectivity, and all the ports you need, including multi-tasking USB-C.

Price comparison

For those specs and fewer ports, the Microsoft Surface Go would cost $549, plus around $180 more for a Surface Type Cover and a Surface Pen. In contrast, the Chuwi UBook on Kickstarter starts at $379, with the keyboard cover included for free. And if they hit their next stretch goal, even the Stylus would be included for free. The price alone might make you forgot the compromises Chuwi had to make to deliver a portable experience as close to the Surface Go as it can go.

Specification comparison – CHUWI Hi10 X vs Surface Go

Surface Go 2

Surface Go $400+ “With these specs” Up to $600 for the other models
1800 x 1200 217 ppi
Pentium 4415Y Dual Core
64GB of eMMC storage
USB-C, Bluetooth 4.1
9 hours of Video Playback
520g, 8.3mm Thick
-Weak Speakers with bad placement so use a Bluetooth Audio device.
-Windows 10 Home in S mode which is pretty annoying
-No USB 3.0 ports so you need a Type C adapter.

Chuwi Hi10x $219 “Base model with these specs” There are 3 models.
1920 x 1200 (16:10)
6GB of RAM
N4100 CPU Quad Core
128GB of eMMC Storage
USB Type C, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0
8 hours of Video Playback
522g, 8.8mm Thick
-Weak Speakers with bad placement so use a Bluetooth Audio device.

Surface Go
Better Battery Life Slightly
(IR) face-detection sensor so you can sign in without a password
Slightly faster IGPU “5%”
Slightly Lighter and thinner but not by much.

Better Screen Resolution and Brightness
More connection options
Bluetooth 5.0 ” Simultaneous multiple devices”
More storage and RAM
Faster CPU ” 9% single-core” “90% multicore”
Type C Charging “Fast Charge more”

That is probably the best you’re going to find in a non-android 10 inch. The Android versions will have a better screen quality and speakers but will have less storage, RAM and overall build quality.

CHUWI Hi10 Air vs New Microsoft Surface Go Comparison chart

CHUWI Hi10 Air vs New Microsoft Surface Go Comparison. Difference between CHUWI Hi10 Air and New Microsoft Surface Go.

CHUWI Hi10 Air, 10.1inch Tablet PCNew Microsoft Surface Go
Brand NameCHUWIMicrosoft
SeriesHi10Surface Go
Item Model NumberN/AMCZ-00001
Item Weight1.15 pounds1.15 pounds
Item Dimensions L*W*HN/A9.7 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches
ProcessorIntel Gemini Lake N4100 processorIntel Pentium Gold 4415Y Processor
Storage128GB storage with up to 128GB SD card expandability128GB
Operating SystemWindows 10Windows 10 Home
Camera5.0MP Rear camera5.0 MP Front Camera, 8.0MP Rear camera
Screen Size10.1 inches10 inches
Screen Resolution1920X12001800 x 1200 pixels
Wireless Type802.11b/g, 802.11bgn, 802.11b802.11abg
PortsType-C, Bluetooth 5.0, TF-Card, USB 3.0, Headphone Jack, Micro HDUSB C, fast-charging Surface Connect, headphone jack
BatteryN/Aup to 9 hours

Key features – CHUWI Hi10 X vs Surface Go and best alternates

Best Premium: Microsoft Surface Go 2

The Surface brand is desirable, and thanks to the Surface Go 2, it’s no longer out of reach for folks on tighter budgets. Any model is easily a match for most affordable laptops, with the bonus of a touchscreen with inking support. Inking is an essential tool because the size of the Surface Go 2 makes it a truly spectacular digital notebook.

On this kind of budget, you’ll be getting the entry-level model with an Intel Pentium processor, 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. While the optional Type Cover will get the best experience from it, it’s not a compulsory purchase. You can alternatively just use any wired or wireless keyboard you may already have to type on the Surface Go and save a little money.

The Surface Go is a proper Surface but with a much more attractive price. And with a larger 10.5-inch screen now on the Surface Go 2, there’s never been a better time to get one. As a tablet, this is potentially the Surface to go for as well. It’s small enough to toss in any bag and comfortable to use while sitting on the sofa or while traveling to watch a movie.


  • All-day battery life.
  • Kickstand built-in.
  • Touchscreen with inking.
  • Great price


  • Keyboard not included.
  • Better performing models can get expensive

Best Overall: Chuwi Hi10 X

The Windows 10 era has been a golden age for hardware. The horrors of the super-budget netbooks are long behind us, and we now find a range of top quality products at super affordable prices like the Chuwi Hi10 X.

That means for not a lot of money now; you can get a great looking display, with support from an optional keyboard and digital pen if you want them. It’s powered by Intel’s N4100 Celeron quad-core processor, and as standard comes with 128GB of internal storage backed up by 6GB of RAM.

Ultimately what the Hi10 X is, is a compact, affordable laptop, especially if you spring for the detachable keyboard and digital pen. It’s not just a great tablet with killer specs for its bargain-basement price, it’s a pretty capable laptop, too.


  • Detachable keyboard and pen options
  • 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM
  • 1920×1200 IPS display
  • Superb price
  • USB-C


  • Average battery life
  • Poor cameras

Best for Work: Chuwi U-Book Pro

The Surface Go 2 might be a baby Surface, but what about if you’re looking for that kind of experience but still want the larger screen for working on? That’s where the Chuwi U-Book comes in. Size-wise it’s a good match, but it costs an awful lot less.

The hardware is scaled down to an Intel N4100 processor and a 1080p display, but with a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM, the U-Book Pro makes up for it in other ways.

It also has a kickstand, optional pen, and detachable keyboard, and for the price, it represents real value. The display is even fully laminated, so while it’s limited to 1080p in resolution, it looks great and is a joy to use.


  • Nice screen with lamination
  • Kickstand built-in
  • SSD storage
  • 8GB of RAM


  • Lackluster CPU performance
  • Keyboard and pen extra purchase

Best Budget: Fusion5 10-inch tablet

This tablet is slim, light has a beautiful display, and an attractive price, all wrapped up with Windows 10 in S mode. Of course, you can always upgrade out of that if you wish, and while there’s no included keyboard, you do get an option with 128GB of storage to go with the 4GB of RAM and Intel Atom processor for a pretty potent little device.

This isn’t the fanciest of Windows tablets, and the performance will hardly set the world on fire with an Intel Atom processor inside, but it’s well put together and has plenty going for it. And it’s not much of a looker from behind, but it has it where it counts.

For one, you get a ton of ports on this thing, which isn’t the norm for tablets in general. Not only do you have USB, but also micro USB and micro HDMI along with a 3.5mm headset jack and a micro SD card slot.


  • Nice screen
  • Plenty of ports
  • Expandable storage
  • Great price


  • Lackluster CPU performance
  • Not the greatest looking tablet around

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