Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack or wireless charging?


Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack or wireless charging? The iPhone 12 mini has the fastest processor on any phone, it has the same dual-camera system as the iPhone 12, and most remarkably it has all the components and antennas necessary for both sub-6 and (in the US) mmWave 5G. It is fast, multitasks well, and doesn’t feel like a compromise when you use it. It really is an amazing feat of technology.

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Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack or wireless charging?
Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack or wireless charging?

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Pros & Cons – Apple iPhone 12 mini


  • It’s actually small
  • 5G support
  • Easy to use one-handed
  • Fits in most pockets
  • Same cameras and everything as the iPhone 12


  • Baseline iPhone 12 Mini only has 64GB of storage
  • Back glass is a fingerprint magnet
  • Battery life is good for the size, but just OK compared to the iPhone 12

Specifications – Apple iPhone 12 mini

Here are the specs of the iPhone 12 mini: 

iPhone 12 mini featuresiPhone 12 mini Specs
Network Support5G / LTE / GSM / CDMA / EVDO / HSPA
Display size5.4 inch.
Screen ResolutionOLED 1080 x 2340 pixels (476 PPI) 
Display ProtectionCeramic Shield Corning Gorilla Glass. According to Apple, it is 4 times tougher than competitors.
Rear CameraDual camera system. One is 120-degree ultra-wide 12 MP, another one is wide-angle 12 MP.
Front CameraSingle 12 MP camera.
ProcessorApple’s proprietary A14 Bionic.
GPUIntegrated into the A14 Bionic processor.
USB technologyApple’s proprietary Lightning port.
FM Radio?No.
OTG Support?Yes.
SIMDual Sim support. One Nano-SIM, one eSIM.
Internal Storage Capacity3 versions. 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.
External storage slot?No.
Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack?No.
Does iPhone 12 mini have wireless charging?Yes.
Reverse wireless charging?No.
Fingerprint Sensor?No.
BatteryNon-removable Li-ion, capacity: Hidden.
Fast charging?Yes.
Hearing Aid CompatibilityM3, T4
Available ColorWhite, Black, Blue, Green, and Red.
Price64GB – $729, 128GB – $779, 256GB – $879


The iPhone 12 mini costs £699 for 64GB, £749 for 128GB or £849 for 256GB of storage.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 costs £799, the iPhone 12 Pro costs £999, the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs from £1,099 and the iPhone SE costs £399. The Samsung Galaxy S20 costs £899, the Google Pixel 5 costs £599 and the OnePlus 8T costs £549.

Compare iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12Apple iPhone 12 MiniApple iPhone 12 ProApple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Display size, resolution6.1-inch OLED; 2,532×1,170 pixels5.4-inch OLED; 2,340×1,080 pixels6.1-inch OLED; 2,532×1,170 pixels6.7-inch OLED; 2,778×1,284 pixels
Pixel density460ppi476ppi460ppi458ppi
Dimensions (inches)5.78×2.82×0.29 inches5.18×2.53×0.29 inches5.78×2.82×0.29 inches6.33×3.07×0.29 inches
Dimensions (millimeters)146.7×71.5×7.4mm131.5×64.2×7.4mm146.7×71.5×7.4mm160.8×78.1×7.4mm
Weight (ounces, grams)5.78 oz.; 164g4.76 oz.; 135g6.66 oz.; 189g8.03 oz.; 228g
Mobile softwareiOS 14iOS 14iOS 14iOS 14
Camera12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide)12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide)12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide), 12-megapixel (telephoto)12-megapixel (wide), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide), 12-megapixel (telephoto)
Front-facing camera12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel12-megapixel
Video capture4K4K4K4K
ProcessorApple A14 BionicApple A14 BionicApple A14 BionicApple A14 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Expandable storageNoNoNoNo
BatteryUndisclosed; Apple lists 15 hours of video playbackUndisclosed; Apple lists 15 hours of video playbackUndisclosed; Apple lists 17 hours of video playbackUndisclosed; Apple lists 17 hours of video playback
Fingerprint sensorNo (Face ID)No (Face ID)No (Face ID)No (Face ID)
Headphone jackNoNoNoNo
Special features5G enabled; MagSafe; water resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)5G enabled; MagSafe; water resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)Lidar scanner; 5G enabled; MagSafe; water resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)Lidar scanner; 5G enabled; MagSafe; water resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)
Price off-contract (USD)$829 (64GB), $879 (128GB), $979 (256GB)$729 (64GB), $779 (128GB), $879 (256GB)$999 (128GB), $1,099 (256GB), $1,299 (512GB)$1,099 (128GB), $1,199 (256GB), $1,399 (512GB)
Price (GBP)£799 (64GB), £849 (128GB), £949 (256GB)£699 (64GB), £749 (128GB), £849 (256GB)£999 (128GB), £1,099 (256GB), £1,299 (512GB)£1,099 (128GB), £1,199 (256GB), £1,399 (512GB)
Price (AUD)AU$1,349 (64GB), AU$1,429 (128GB), AU$1,599 (256GB)AU$1,199 (64GB), AU$1,279 (128GB), AU$1,449 (256GB)AU$1,699 (128GB), AU$1,869 (256GB), AU$2,219 (512GB)AU$1,849 (128GB), AU$2,019 (256GB), AU$2,369 (512GB)

Apple iPhone 12 mini review


The phone feels well built, with tight tolerances and subtle touches like carefully beveled edges. The rear glass is glossy and the rails are matte — on our black review unit the rails have a kind of slate finish instead of being true black.


At 5.18 by 2.53 by 0.29 inches (HWD) and 4.76 ounces, the mini is the smallest, lightest premium phone I’ve seen in a while. That 2.53-inch width measurement is the key, since width affects how easily you can reach across a phone. In my experience, when you get over 2.7 inches, you start to have to stretch, and many people’s comfort limit is just about at 2.8 inches. The main iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are 2.83 inches wide; the Pro Max is over 3 inches wide.


The modern OLED screen measures 5.4in on the diagonal, which makes it significantly smaller than the 6.1in display on the regular 12 but no less crisp, colourful and brilliant. The screen is the same width as the older 4.7in LCD display on the iPhone SE but is 1.6mm taller to the Face ID notch. The highly saturated OLED display makes the iPhone SE’s LCD look washed out. At 5.4 inches and 2,340 by 1,080 pixels, it’s even denser than the iPhone 12’s display, with 476 pixels per inch. Yet it’s the same brightness, averaging 625 nits, brighter than previous-generation iPhone screens.


The iPhone 12 mini has the same dual 12-megapixel camera on the rear and a 12-megapixel selfie camera on the front similar as the iPhone 12 and it performs exactly the same. Both the front and back cameras feature Apple’s excellent Night mode, and they can record 4K video at up to 60fps. For a comparison of the iPhone 12 cameras with other leading flagships.


The iPhone 12 mini display refresh rate is only 60Hz. However, a 90Hz or 120Hz display refresh rate is essential for better gameplay and video consumption.

Many phone reviewers claim that a 60Hz display is more than enough; we don’t need a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate screen. However, we disagree with them.

If you use a 120Hz display, you will immediately notice the smoothness of the screen. 120Hz gameplay or videos looks lifelike. If you use a phone with a 120Hz display and then switch to a 60Hz display, you will immediately notice the difference. A higher refresh rate display looks more crisp and vivid. 


It takes 25 minutes to charge the battery to 50% but about 100 minutes for a full charge using a £19 Apple 20W USB-C charger – no power adapter is included in the box, only a USB-C to Lightning cable. Fully charging using Apple’s new MagSafe wireless charger takes more than three hours connected to the same 20W USB-C charger.

Does iPhone 12 mini have wireless charging?

Of course it works with Apple’s new magnet-based MagSafe system for cases and wireless charging. Using MagSafe, the iPhone 12 mini maxes out at 12W wireless charging instead of the 15W you get on the larger iPhones, but since the battery is smaller, the overall charge time ends up being about the same.


Voice call quality is very good. It’s worth noting that the dual (top and bottom) stereo speakers on this phone are much louder, clearer, and richer than the single speaker on the bottom of the iPhone SE and older iPhones. Of course they don’t have bass, but they’re surprisingly non-tinny considering the size of the phone, with treble that’s rich, not squeaky.

Does iPhone 12 mini have headphone jack?

iPhone 12 mini does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Either you have to use a headphone with a lightning connector or wireless headphones. As we said earlier, Apple does not ship a headphone with the iPhone 12 mini. Therefore, if you are switching from Android, your 3.5mm or USB-C headphone would not work anymore. You have to buy a lighting headphone. Alternatively, you can purchase lighting to 3.5mm headphone adapter.

No headphone in the box

There are no headphones or EarPods in the iPhone 12 mini box. In the name of the environment, Apple said they would no longer ship a headphone with the iPhone 12 mini; however, you can buy one from Apple’s website. You can buy genuine Apple EarPods at a low price from Amazon too.

We believe the environment is not why Apple decided not to ship headphones with the iPhone 12 mini. Profitability is the reason.

Easy typing

I found one-handed typing on the 12 Mini faster and more accurate than when I typed on a larger screen one-handed. During my week with the iPhone 12 Mini, I hardly made any mistakes typing. My friends who normally receive a regular stream of typos and corrections in our message threads must have thought I’d finally learned how to type.

Does it support 5G?

Apple managed to build the same 5G antennas from the 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max into the 12 Mini. Currently, the iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest 5G phone you can buy. I tested it in Greenville, South Carolina, on both T-Mobile’s 5G network and Verizon’s Nationwide 5G. The consistency of 5G speeds weren’t consistent.

Using the app SpeedTest, the iPhone 12 Mini on T-Mobile recorded download speeds between 2.53 and 14.9 megabits per second, while on Verizon it got between 48.7 and 104Mbps for downloads. For reference, the average download speed in the US on a home broadband connection is 135Mbps.

eSim support

The iPhone 12 mini has eSIM support. Moreover, it also has a Nano-SIM slot. Therefore, we can use the iPhone 12 mini as a dual SIM phone. For example, one is for you and another one for your business purposes.

Generally, we register the eSIM with our primary cellular provider and keep the Nano-SIM slot empty. Whenever we visit a new country, we buy a local Nano-SIM card and insert it into the phone. It’s because many carriers around the world do not support eSIM.

Performance review

Our benchmark results were the same as the iPhone 12, as you’d expect. Its Geekbench scores of 1,602 single-core, 4,029 multi-core, Basemark Web score of 593, and GFXBench graphics benchmark scores were all very similar to both the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro. They’re also all better than the iPhone SE, to the tune of 20% higher on Geekbench Multicore and 10% on the Web browsing benchmark. It’s pleasantly surprising to me that the mini even benchmarks the same as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which costs $400 more and feels twice as large.

Waterproof and dust resistant

iPhone 12 mini is IP68 rated; therefore, it is waterproof and dust resistant. The “6” in the IP68 denotes the 12 mini is “dust-tight,” and the “8” denotes that we can submerge this phone in the water of more than 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Recycled environmental products

The iPhone 12 mini uses 100% recycled tin in the solder of its main board, 99% recycled tungsten, 98% recycled rare earth elements and at least 35% recycled plastic in multiple other components. Apple is also using renewable energy for the final assembly of the machine and breaks down the phone’s environmental impact in its report.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 mini?

To take a screenshot on the iPhone 12 mini, simultaneously press the “Side Key” and “Volume UP” button.

Screenshot a full webpage:

To screenshot a full webpage on the iPhone, 

  • Open the webpage in the Safari Browser. 
  • Press the “Side Key” and “Volume UP” button. 
  • After taking the screenshot, click on the thumbnail preview.
  • Now click on “Full Page.”
  • Click on “Done”
  • Click on “Save PDF to Files”

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