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Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame review

Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame review

How many pictures does Frameo hold? With Frameo, you can create a new and meaningful connection with your family and friends. There’s something enchanting about seeing your most prized pictures every day in your house. The digital photo frame allows you to view all of your priceless and treasured moments rather than having them stored solely on your phone. Get details in Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame review.

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Pros & cons

Frameo 10.1 inch digital photo frame Specs

  • Screen Size: 10.1 inch
  • Resolution: 1280×800(16:10 Ratio)
  • Video Format: MP4 (only)
  • Auto-Rotate Function & Adjustable Light
  • Share your Moments
  • Viewing angle:89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Luminance:250cd/m2
  • Panel:IPS Touch Screen 
  • Built-in Memory:1+16GB(32GB Optional)
  • Built-in WIFI:802.11 b/g/n
  • Multimedia Support :
  • Picture Format:JPEG / BMP / GIF / TIF / PNG
  • Music Format:Mp3 / WMA / OGG / AAC / APE / FLAC / WAV
  • Video Format:MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4,Xvid,AVI, M-JPEG, H.263, H.264 BP/MP/HP, VP8, WMV9/VC-1


Compare Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame

10.1 Inch HD FRAMEO WiFi Digital Photo Frame15.6 Inch FHD FRAMEO WiFi Digital Photo Frame10.1 Inch HD FRAMEO WiFi Digital Photo Frame10.1 Inch HD FRAMEO WiFi Digital Photo Frame
Screen Size10.1 Inch15.6 Inch10.1 Inch10.1 Inch
Touch Screen
Display Resolution1280*8001920*10801280*8001280*800
Display Aspect Ratio16:1016:1016:1016:10
Sharing MethodFrameo AppFrameo AppFrameo AppFrameo App
Supported Video FormatMP4 (15s)MP4 (15s)MP4 (15s)MP4 (15s)
StorageBuilt-in 32GB, Support Micro SD Card Extend StorageBuilt-in 64GB, Support USB Drive/SD Card Extend StorageBuilt-in 32GB, Support USB Drive/SD Card Extend StorageBuilt-in 32GB, Support Micro SD Card Extend Storage

Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame review


You may view the images in either landscape or portrait orientation thanks to the detachable holder that doubles as a frame stand. Like a regular digital frame, you can connect it to a computer and add images or videos that way.

The lovely frame may be used as decoration as well; it can be hung on the wall or placed on a table. With the 178° bright-angle IPS screen, you can appreciate images from every perspective.



With a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 1280×800 IPS full HD touch screen, you can see crisp details and vibrant colors.The sensitive touch screen is ideal for users of all ages, following your fingertips as you navigate through the large images or videos.

With a number of options, including play order, hide/show photos, brightness adjustment, sleep mode, slideshow mode, sequential/shuffle, interval time, and more, you may tailor your preferred display mode. When sending a photo using an app, you may also choose your favorite portion and include amusing captions.

Photo sharing

Many people can share photographs using this digital photo frame. You’ll start handling interpersonal relationships in this new method. Additional customization options include playback order, image zoom, show title, show photographs, customizable brightness, sleep mode, and photo interval, among others.


40,000+ photos can be stored on a 32GB memory stick. Additionally, it supports Micro SD card connections (up to 32GB), so you may import and export images and videos to better organize albums without worrying about the Frameo APP’s online storage capacity.


Simple Instant Photo and Video Sharing: Install the “Frameo” app, configure the frame over WiFi, and ask friends and family to contribute pictures and brief movies. Both portrait and landscape orientations are possible with the detachable stand bar. You can mount it to the wall using the wall mount hole on the back. Anybody you designate can share memories to your frame quickly and from any location. With so many customizable settings, this electronic photo frame may be tailored to your every requirement. sleep mode, timer, zoom, crop, and slideshow

Frameo app

By controlling your bound users and adding new ones, it can effortlessly keep your intimate network together in this picture frame. You can also delete users to make room for new ones. Additionally, you can configure the Frameo App to enable your friend to directly share your photo frame code with other friends.

Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame customer review

Package received in a well wrapped package in big bubbles. I have tried using it for a week now, and I’m loving it:) There‘s a little bug once in a while with synchronization between mobile app and the digital frame, but it fixes itself after a while. I wish the app gets an improvement soon as it breakdown often while uploading bunch of photos. But the frame works fine. Good resolution.

By user at AliExpress

Frameo 10.1 inch smart WiFi digital photo frame alternative

PhotoSpring 10 Digital Photo Frame

PhotoSpring 10 provides the best of both styles if you’re looking for the options of a more modern appearance or a classic matte style. It features two distinct visual frame modes that may be switched between: a sleek, modern mode and a matte, black, gallery-style outer frame. Although this is a matter of taste, we were pleased with the plain white frame’s quality and how well it complements your photos in our review.As of right now, this frame is only intended for tabletops. If you would want it to be wall mounted, the manufacturer suggests getting a separate power cable that includes a 90-degree magnetic connector.

The user can transmit up to 30MB of photographs straight to the frame via email, a proprietary app, text, the photos app share button, or a browser thanks to PhotoSpring’s flexible input options. The device automatically stores every piece of media that is uploaded to the frame. Although the frame only detects static images from Apple’s Live Photos, it can automatically play high-definition videos up to five minutes long (or one gigabyte in size) in an integrated slideshow.

A faint green dot in the upper right corner of the screen indicates which onscreen controls are available. It takes some getting used to at first, and you might need to refer to the instructions.On the other hand, if you find it and tap, the current image will zoom out to provide useful on-screen buttons. You can use these to mail photographs to or from the frame, hide, delete, change orientation, favorite, and format. Managing cloud accounts, such as Flickr for syncing or backup, is made easier with a settings option.

You may plan the frame’s on and off times, invite friends to add photos to it, adjust the brightness and volume, and configure the interface to see slideshows and examine the onscreen EXIF information for each picture. Unlike the regular version of the frame, which needs to be constantly plugged in, we tested the Premium version of the frame, which has a four-hour battery life.

PhotoSpring’s non-technical target audience will find it easy to use, as most activities can be completed with a single tap and straightforward on/off switches. For the size of the frame, the image quality is high resolution, and the absence of a motion sensor is not greatly felt because you can arrange on-off intervals.

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