Ideal-Air commercial grade humidifier – 75 pints review – setup & how to use?


Connects directly to your water supply with your own hookup (uses 1/4 in tubing). Operates at 62 dBA. 110 volts/60 hz/0.9 amps.. This excellent quality humidifier features a multi-directional fogging head. Coverage is from 160-320 sq ft, depending on humidification requirements and ceiling height. Measures 12.2 in tall x 12.2 in in diameter. Maximum output is 0.4 gallons per hour. Industrial-grade motor for years of use. Operates at 62 dBA. Find here everything you need to know in Ideal-Air commercial grade humidifier – 75 pints review – setup & how to use.

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Specifications – Ideal-Air commercial grade humidifier – 75 pints

  • 160 to 320 sq ft coverage area
  • 75 pints per day
  •  Commercial grade humidifier
  • 110 volts/60 Hz/0.9 amps
  • HEIGHT: 35 cm (37.78″)
  • NET WEIGHT 7.6 kg (16.76 lbs)
  • WATER CONTAINER VOLUME 4.5 L (1.2 gal)
  • HUMIDIFYING RATE .79 – .92 gal / 1hr 6.32 – 7.36 Pints / 1hr
  • VOLTAGE/FREQUENCY 110 volts, 60Hz
  • REVOLUTION 2700–3000 RPM
  • HP 1/6 HP

What is good Ideal-Air commercial grade humidifier – 75 pints ?

  1. Economical and easy operation.
  2. It is equipped with easy access grip for easy and quick movement.
  3. Humidity and temperature range: 0–95 rH (Relative Humidity), 2˚ C–40˚ C (35.6˚ F–104˚ F).
  4. Clean water or deionized water should be used with this humidifier for best performance.
  5. Fog spraying particle size, 5–10 microns. The ultra-fine mist covers about 33 square meters (355 square feet).
  6. This humidifier has no external blades, resulting is a much safer operation.

How to do Ideal-Air humidifier – 75 pints setup?

  1. Open the package and take humidifier out of package.
  2. Remove the foam and put main frame of humidifier on water container base.
  3. Ensure that main frame is resting snuggly on the water container base. Holding a spring hook with the locking bar facing out, attach one end of the spring hook to the main frame lip and the other end to the lip socket located on the water container base. Stretch the locking bar of the spring hook to secure all the elements together. Repeat for remaining spring hooks.
  4. Connect water supply to the 3/8″ water inlet valve on the humidifier, and check to ensure the float is working normally.
  5. Plug the humidifier into a 110V GFI dedicated wall receptacle or humidity sensor that is plugged into an dedicated GFI 110V electrical outlet.

Ideal-Air humidifier how to use?


Place the unit on a level surface, such as a benchtop or floor. In an environment with little to no ventilation, place the unit in a central location. In a ventilated area, place unit near the intake end. When the unit is in the desired location, connect a water supply to the female 6 mm / 1/4 inch inlet.
See options as follows:

• Plumb directly to a water supply (6 mm / 1/4 inch plastic tubing is preferred).
• Connect to a garden hose fitting.
• Plumb to a storage tank higher than the fogging unit (gravity feed)

Power Connection

Plug the unit directly into an electrical outlet for evaluation. Listen for a smooth, quiet operation. Motor shaft should be centered and vertical. Make any necessary adjustments. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.


• Operating the unit using the fogging head will provide directional fogging output and a drier fog.
• For maximum fogging and circulation, operate unit without fogging head. Fog will propel 4 ~ 5 feet above the unit.

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