Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier – does it kill germs?


Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier – does it kill germs? With advanced dual function, you can now capture a perfect ambient condition, moisture-free, while at the same time combine clean and healthy airspace without dust and unwanted micro-organisms. The LED light and digital display integrated into the device provides you with an instant & reliable diagnosis of air quality in your room. Through automatic operation (in air purifier mode) the device automatically adjusts the fan speed to meet the air purification requirements of the room.

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Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier – does it kill germs?
Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier – does it kill germs?

Specifications – Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier

  • Dehumidifying capacity (without HEPA filter): 35lt/24h
  • Dehumidifying capacity (with HEPA filter): 25lt/24h
  • Power consumption: 270 W
  • noise level: 41 dB
  • refrigerant: R290
  • Air purifier auto function
  • Air quality indication
  • HEPA filter
  • Moving air distributor
  • 3 fan speed option
  • Dryer mode
  • Filter change reminder
  • Constant dehumidifying ability
  • Timer
  • Room temperature indication
  • Sleep mode
  • Child lock
  • Overflow protection
  • Smart de-frost
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 360 x 265 x 569 mm
  • Weight: 14,6 kg
  • 5-year warranty

Features – Inventor Atmosphere ATM-25 lbs dehumidifier

  • Effective moisture removal, 25L / per day, and air treatment.
  • Easily diagnoses your space needs and notifies you via its color LED air-quality indicator.
  • A powerful HEPA-Filter for a micro-organism free environment.
  • True Auto-Restart, automatically resumes operation after a power failure.
  • Swinging Louvers for even distribution of the extracted air.
  • 95 grams from the new R290 ecological refrigerant, the lowest global warming effect and zero ozone depletion known today.
  • 3L Water Tank that has been completed designed from the start to make it even more accessible.

What is the recommended room size?

The chart below provides a quick guide to sizing a dehumidifier. The numbers are based on those provided by some manufucturers.

Keep in mind that these numbers are only a guide. There are other factors that affect the effectiveness of a dehumidifier, including the type (desiccant models tend to have lower listed capacities but are more effective in cooler conditions) and temperature of the environment.

EnvironmentRoom sizeRoom sizeRoom sizeRoom sizeRoom size
condition45 m²90 m²135 m²180 m²225 m²
Mild Damp
50% – 60%5.5 ltrs/day8 ltrs/day10ltrs/day12.5 ltrs/day14.5 ltrs/day
Moderate Damp
60% – 70%6.5 ltrs/day9.5 ltrs/day12.5 ltrs/day15.5 ltrs/day18 ltrs/day
Very Damp
70% – 80%7.5 ltrs/day11.5 ltrs/day14.5 ltrs/day18 ltrs/day21.5 ltrs/day
80% – 90%8.5 ltrs/day13 ltrs/day17 ltrs/day21 ltrs/day25 ltrs/day

What removal rate can I expect at 15c and 65RH or at another lower temperature?

The dehumidifying capacity of our Fresh 12L Portable Dehumidifier is 12L/ day is measured under the following circumstances of 30ºC and 80% RH.

As you can understand, unfortunately we are not able to provide an accurate answer according to your data (15ºC and 65% RH) but what can be mentioned is that each ºC and different RH% affects the unit’s performance. For example, in your specific case, in a lower temperature than 15ºC the performance of the unit will be reduced.

Moreover, the Fresh 12L Portable Dehumidifier is a compressor type dehumidifier with a great dehumidifying capacity.

How to set humidity level?

Can be set between 35 and 85% RH but so long as no other functions eg. Dryer, continuous or smart are running. The smart option will set humidity between 45 and 55% according to room temp. I have a lot of moisture from wet laundry and run it off mode and it keeps everything clear of condensation RH varies between 44 and 51% on silent mode continuously. Air temp 18degrees C.

Is it silent enough during sleeping next to bedside table?

It is not very quiet, I do not recommend that you leave the dehumidifier on overnight in your bedroom. The recommended humidity is between 40% and 60% if you leave it on while you sleep, you can get up in the morning with dry throat. The best place to put the dehumidifier in a house is the corridor with all the doors of the rooms open for 24 hours if it is the first time you use it in your house. 

How to clean the filter?

I this product is a brand new one in our Dehumidifiers family. So, this unit’s filter is new and you are able to keep using it for quite some time, after cleaning it up following the instructions provided in the manual and below:

  • “Always clean the air filter every 2 weeks. If the unit operates in a dusty atmosphere clean the air filter more often.
  • Remove the air filter from the back side of the unit and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • If the air filter is very dirty, you can wash it in warm water (never use hot or soapy water). Make sure that the air filter is dry and refitted correctly. Do not bend the filter and ensure it is fitted before operating the unit.”.

Would 1 unit be sufficient for a 3 bedroom house?

We have had ours for about 2 weeks and are pleased with the sheer amount of water that it’s collecting. We have a rambling house with a 5 bedrooms with a big condensation problem and black mould and it seems to be doing ok. Like you we considered getting 2 but decided to try one for now. It’s very powerful. We wheel it from room to room, a different one each day and it seems to be working well. At the start there will be a lot of water but the amount pulled out will gradually decrease. So maybe no need to buy 2 at the start.

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