Muzili robot vacuum reviews – do they mop and vacuum?


Want to keep your floors clean without lifting a finger? Without time to clean home for busy work? Let Muzili Robot Vacuums do the work for you. Only 2.83” low profile makes Muzili robot vacuum cleaner easily flitted in and out of the most confined areas around various types of furniture, cleaning freely under beds, sofa where dirt hides. Built-in gyroscope for navigating your home and cleaning row by row, auto cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, support schedule cleaning, single-room cleaning, max suction cleaning. Find more in Muzili robot vacuum reviews?

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Muzili robot vacuum reviews
Muzili robot vacuum reviews


  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dust Bin: 0.5L
  • Water Tank: 0.3L
  • Size:12.6″x12.6″x2.83″
  • APP/ VOICE / Remote Control
  • Only 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi ConvenienceInput: 19 V 0.6 A
  • Operating voltage: 14.4 V
  • Rated power: 40 W
  • Battery type: DC 14.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh
  • Cleaning time: 100-120 min
  • Charging time: 300-360 min
  • Max suction: 1500 Pa
  • Working Noise: 56dB- 65dB

What’s in the box

  • Robot Vacuum G9070, 1 X
  • 6.56 ft Boundary Strips 2 X
  • Remote Control (batteries included), 1 X
  • HEPA Filters, 2 X
  • Charging Dock, 1 X
  • AC Power Adapter, 1 X
  • Dust Bin, 1 X
  • Water Tank, 1 X
  • Side Brushes, 4 X
  • Dusting Brush, 1 X
  • Main Brush, 1 X
  • User Manual. 1 X

Muzili robot vacuum key features

For All Types of Floors

Muzili uses a rubber surface suction port and 2 side brushes that can easily work on carpets, wood floors, hard floors and tiles.

Intelligent Setting Modes

Multiple optional modes and preset time make you do cleaning work effortlessly when you are working, sleeping or not at home. Ensure an effortless, thorough clean.

Large Battery Capacity

Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner runs continuously up to 120 minutes, ideal for big house(150m² max.) and multi-room. Clean every corner of your home without omission.

Spot Cleaning

Its gyroscopic navigation system provides 98% coverage of the floor areas in a room. The spot cleaning mode can remove the stubborn stains, giving you a brand new home!

Large Dustbin

Large 500ml dust bin holds more dirt per clean to reduce the frequency of emptying; easy-to-use handle is easy for you to take out the dustbin.

Edge Cleaning

Edge cleaning mode fits all rooms in your home. It can clean against walls, around furniture and clean every nook deeply by reaching hard-to-reach areas.

No Dust Rolling Up & Remove Mites

Strong suction makes it suck coins, jelly beans, hair, dust, mites and other garbage. Effective two-way inward technology prevents dust rolling up and sucks 98% mites!

Upgraded Smart Protection

Anti-collision & anti-drop intelligent sensors plus pressure-sensitive soft bumper offer smart motion navigation to guide the robot vacuum cleaner move around obstacles and avoid falling down from stairs and edges.

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