Samsung Q80T vs Q90T – can you do screen sharing with mobile?


Samsung Q80T vs Q90T – can you do screen sharing with mobile? Engineered to reduce glare and enhance color, providing a vibrant picture no matter where you sit. Fine control of the lighting zones behind the screen, further improve the richness of the blacks to whites. powerful processor uses deep learning AI to transform everything you watch into stunning 4K.

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Compare Samsung Q80T vs Q90T vs Q70T

Screen Size85″, 75″, 65″, 55″85″, 75″, 65″82″, 75″, 65″85″, 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″, 49″85″, 82, 75″, 65″, 55″
Alexa Built-in
Resolution & Design4K UHD with Boundless DesignReal 8K with Infinity ScreenReal 8K with Boundless Design4K UHD with Boundless Design4K UHD with Boundless Design
Upscaling4K AI Upscaling8K AI Upscaling8K AI Upscaling4K AI Upscaling4K AI Upscaling
ProcessorQuantum Processor 4KQuantum Processor 8KQuantum Processor 8KQuantum Processor 4KQuantum Processor 4K
Back LightUp to Direct Full Array 20X⁹Direct Full Array 32XDirect Full Array 32X⁹Direct Full Array 12X⁹Dual LED
HDRQuantum HDR 16XUp to Quantum HDR 32X⁹Quantum HDR 16XQuantum HDR 12XQuantum HDR
Viewing AngleUltra Viewing AngleUltra Viewing AngleUltra Viewing AngleUltra Viewing AngleWide Viewing Angle
Motion Rate240240240240¹⁰240
AudioObject Tracking SoundObject Tracking Sound +Object Tracking Sound +Object Tracking SoundActive Voice Amplifier

¹75″, 65″, 55″ Q90T models only. 85″ model features Direct Full Array 20X. Direct Full Array Numerical Index based on backlighting, antireflection and contrast enhancement technologies.

²The range of Quantum HDR claims luminance based on internal testing standards and is subject to change according to viewing environment or specific conditions.

³QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.

What are the similarities- Samsung Q80T vs Q90T?

Samsung Q90T Samsung Q80T
Display TechnologyLEDLED
Backlight TechnologyFull Array LEDFull Array LED
Resolution4K UHD4K UHD
Upscaling Technology4K AI Upscaling4K AI Upscaling
Ultra Viewing AngleYESYES (Except 49-Inch)
Picture ProcessorQuantum Processor 4KQuantum Processor 4K
Motion TechnologyMotion Rate 240Motion Rate 240 (except 49-Inch Motion Rate 120)
Gaming TechnologyReal Game Enhancer+Real Game Enhancer+ (except 49-Inch Game Enhancer)
Smart TV PlatformSmart Hub powered by TIZENSmart Hub powered by TIZEN
Google Assistant & Amazon AlexaCompatibleCompatible
Remote ControlTM2050CTM2050C
Speaker Output60W60W (except 43-Inch 40W)
Object Tracking SoundYESYES

How do they differ from each other?

We have talked about similarities between Samsung Q90T and Q80T. Now let’s continue our discussion with the differences between those two QLED TV series.

Samsung Q90TSamsung Q80T
Full Array LED VersionDirect Full Array 16XDirect Full Array 12X (except 49-Inch Direct Full Array 8X)
Quantum HDR VersionQuantum HDR 16XQuantum HDR 12X (except 49-Inch Quantum HDR 8X)
Speaker System4.2.2CH 60W2.2.2CH 60W (except 49-Inch 2.2Ch 40W)

Customer frequently asked on Samsung Q80T vs Q90T?

Can you do Screen Sharing (Smart View) with your Mobile Device?

You can watch the screen of your mobile device on the TV screen through Smart View or Tap View.
For information on how to share the screen with your mobile device, refer to Source Connection Guide
Smartphone Screen Sharing (Smart View).
For more information in the Pro TV – Terrace Edition, refer to the provided user manual.
• To turn off Screen Sharing (Smart View), disconnect the mobile device or press the button on the remote
• Using the Smart View menu on your mobile device, you can change the settings such as aspect ratio.
• Use AirPlay if you are an iPhone or iPad user. For more information, refer to Source Connection Guide
Smartphone Apple AirPlay.
This function may not be supported depending on the model.
• The screen sharing function (Smart View/

How to use Smart Hub?

From Smart Hub, you can use the Internet search function, install and use various apps, view photos and videos, or listen to music stored on external storage devices, and perform more functions. Some Smart Hub services are paid services.

  • To use Smart Hub, the TV must be connected to the Internet.
  • Some Smart Hub features may not be supported depending on the service provider, language, or geographical area.
  • Smart Hub service outages can be caused by disruptions in your Internet service.
  • To use Smart Hub, you must agree to the Smart Hub service agreement and the collection and use of personal information.
  • Without giving consent, you cannot use the additional features and services. You can view the entire text of the Terms & Privacy by navigating to Settings Terms & Privacy. Try Now
  • If you want to stop using Smart Hub, you can cancel the agreement. To cancel the Smart Hub service agreement, select
  • Reset Smart Hub ( Settings Support Device Care Self Diagnosis Reset Smart Hub).

How to surf the Internet on your Samsung Q80T or Q90T?

When you run Internet, you can see recently viewed web sites or featured recommendations. When you select a desired web site, you can get immediate access to it. You can use the Internet function more easily after connecting a keyboard and mouse. You can scroll web pages with the directional button on the Samsung Smart Remote. The web pages may differ from those on a PC. Before using the Internet, refer to “Read Before Using the Internet Function.” The Internet app has an embedded Samsung Pass ( Internet Internet Menu Samsung Pass Settings).

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