Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9550 8 bar – does it have sanitizing?


With an impressive 8 bar pressure, this Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9550 8 bar premium appliance pumps out up to 120g of continuous steam a minute for a crease-free finish in less time and with less effort. Double Protection Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9550 8 bar also features the exclusive double protection system. This clever creation prevents stains during ironing and makes descaling a breeze. It’s the smart way to look after your clothes and your appliance. Complete Convenience Ultra-light and comfortable to use, Pro Express Ultimate is packed with features to make ironing easy. Like Tefal’s most glideable soleplate* for fast and effortless ironing, intuitive controls to ensure the optimal balance of heat and steam for each fabric. *+33% more glide compared to previous Durilium generation; external test on coatings.

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Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9550 8 bar

Key features

  • Optimal Glide – Tefal’s New Durilium Air-glide Technology For Optimal Glide.
  • Auto-clean Sole-plate – Tefal’s Auto-clean Coating Helps to Keep the Sole-plate Stain-Free Optimal Steam Diffusion Day After Day
  • 1.9 L Removable Water Tank – Large Water Tank Capacity 1.9 L for Long Ironing Sessions and Fast and Effortless Ironing.
  • Smart Auto Off for Extra Safety – For Safety, This Iron Turns Itself Off if Left Unused.
  • Anti Drip – Boasting Anti Drip Function To Act as Ultimate Barrier To Protect Cloths From Water Stains.
  • Scale Collector – Best Removable Anti – Calc Collector, Collects up-to 10 x More Scale Particles.
  • Super Powerful – Powerful, High Pressure Steam Gets Rid of Creases Fast & Provides Superb Results.
  • Eco Energy Settings To save – 20% Energy
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 10 Years Repairable Product
  • Easy & Safe Transportation – So Easy and Safe to Transport Thanks to its Exclusive Protect Cover and Lock System!

Compare Tefal Pro Express Ultimate

Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9581TefaPro Express Ultimate GV9571Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9570
Steam pressure8 bar7.8 bar7.3 bar
Steam output180 g/min160 g/min150 g/min
Steam boos600 g/min550 g/min480 g/min
Calc collectorYesYesYes
Protect systemYesYesYes
Direct controlYesNoNo
Soleplate technologyDurilium airglide autocleanDurilium airglide autocleanDurilium airglide autoclean

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