WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector review


What is the upgrade in WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector? The brightness of newest P20 projector is improved by 20%, and it has a native 1920 x 1080P resolution support 4K, a contrast ratio 10000: 1, which will bring you 4 times more details than other 1080P projectors. Moreover the best super-color display technology produce richer and more realistic color images, giving you true cinema experience. With an external Wifi display dongle, it can be a wifi projector. More in discussed in WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector review.

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In the box

The box includes a remote control, power cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, AV cable, 3-in-1 AV cable, and an instruction manual.

Pros & Cons


  • 10W built-in speakers
  • Native 1080p resolution
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments
  • High color gamut with 95% NTSC color space co


  • build quality average

Specs – WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector

  • Model: WiMiUS P20
  • Native resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080p
  • Max resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Light source: LED
  • Keystone correction: ±50°vertical & horizontal keystone correction
  • Brightness: 6800 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 10,000:1
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (HD) / 4:3
  • Projection distance: 1,5 – 6 m (5 – 20 ft)
  • Zoom function: 100% – 50%
  • Lamp life: 150,000 hours
  • Screen size: 50” – 200”
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Built-in speakers: Yes, 5 Watts HIFI dual stereo
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3): supported
  • Connection interfaces: 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB, AV, VGA, SD card slot, audio output 3,5mm mini-jack
  • Compatibility: Android devices, iPhone devices, TV Stick, PS4, PC, Laptop, DVD, Speaker
    Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and Roku
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8,7 x 4,3 inches (27,5 x 23,9 x 9 cm)
  • Weight: 6,5 lbs (3,75 kg)
  • Wattage: 100 – 240 watts
  • Warranty: 3 years

WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector review


The Wimius P20 is a mid-size projector that weighs 5.5 pounds and measures 12.2 inches wide, 8.7 inches deep, and 4 inches high. The projector’s top is almost empty and only features the Wimius logo and control buttons, including the Power ON/OFF button.


The back includes additional connectivity options like 2x HDMI ports and 2x USB ports. You can also see a second IR receiver and a power source ON/OFF toggle switch.

The left side features connectivity options like VGA port, AV port, and audio out. You can also see two speakers placed below these connectivity options.


With the new zoom function, the image size could be changed from 100 percent to 50 percent by remote control. Also, the WiMiUS P20 1080P projector provides a 50-300 “display with a distance of 1.2-7 m. The recommended distance is 3 m.

The WiMiUS P20 is the first home projector with a digital keystone correction that is as large as ±50 ° for both the vertical and the horizontal. Just monitor the shape of the image on the remote instead of adjusting the projector’s keystone every time you change it. With this function, slanting projection can be supported in addition to regular projection.


 The 6800 lumens is very bright and has great clarity. The image is evenly illuminated throughout the screen, with no edges or corners out of focus. 


The Wimius P20 comes with 1920 x 1080p Full HD native resolution. Compared to 720p projectors, you get better and sharper image reproduction. Moreover, the 10,000:1 contrast ratio makes the picture output vibrant.


The internal speakers do a good enough job for a majority of your standard viewing. To enhance the movie theater like experience you will want to add some external speakers. WiMiUS updated HI-FI Stereo with SRS sound system, providing fantastic powerful and crystal listening experience even without external speakers.

WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector Performance review

The projector and everything included were high quality. Initial setup is very easy, and we were testing out the projector within minutes. The projector is bright and completely visible during the day. 

We have used Roku and an Xbox through this projector so far. I played Apex Legends on it with my Xbox, and wow, amazing. No lag. Played just like my 4k TV. Watching a movie on it is awesome. I played a full NFL game from YouTube on it, and it is utterly amazing! The audio controls, including pre-EQs and the ability to modify the frequencies is a plus…The surround function also works like a charm! B

WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector Customer review

Impressive value

I use to think that we need to paid in the 4 digits dollars amount to have a minimum of image quality from a projector, years ago I was working in an electronics shop. After reading many reviews and search, I decided to give a chance without to much expectations from at bit over 200$ projector.

I purchase the P20 as a personal toy/gadget that I can use for outdoor projections, for fun here and there. That said, when I tried it first time, inside on a 120inch projection screen, in full HD1080. I have been impressed by the light and color, even more considering at so low cost. What suppose to be a quick test in a temporary setup becomes a full cinema/theater feeling every evening of the week for my wife and I.

I had to dismantler my temporary setup as my living room is not set for that but, 120inch portable vinyl type screen, about 12 feet front of the screen and the image is just so nice! There might be a slightly blurry(very low) on the very edge but you won’t notice it when watching a movie, only maybe when you have to project text which is not my case. I read that almost all LED technology projector do this. But again, that should not be a deal breaker plus de the fact that there is many images adjustments capabilities, it might me that just didn’t manage them well yet.

Otherwise, didn’t test the sound as it was connect to my Home Theater sound systems. Fans noise was not a pain point either. I’m sure if you ask your friend how much it cost, they think about a much higher price then it actually is. So, yeah, I highly recommend it and I would purchase it again no hesitation. It is for sure one the most, if not the best value/cost electronics device I purchased for years. Now I not sure I still want bringing it outside and travelling it every where..I think I’m gonna keep it for internal movie projections!

By Yan at WiMiUS

Alternate of WiMiUS newest P20 native 1080p projector 6800 lumens video projector

Nebula Capsule

A hugely convenient and fun way to get your portable big-screen kicks.


Resolution: 854 x 480Brightness: 100 lumensStreaming apps: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayerConnectivity: AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, HDMI, microUSB, Bluetooth speaker modeOperating system: Android 7.1


+Neat design+Solid sound+Passable pictures


-Doesn’t like dark scenes or lit rooms-Needs fuller range of apps-Short of connections

Three stars!? In a Best Buy? What’s going on? Let us explain.

This is a bit of an odd one. It’s a tiny, tin-shaped projector with a big picture and even bigger ambitions. It’s ingenious, really – a portable projector with built-in Android-esque app store. And when you want to discuss the movie after? The Capsule can also be used as a dedicated Bluetooth speaker. So stick on some tunes and have yourself a (socially distanced) party.

Its picture is surprisingly impressive, given the size and price. Admittedly it’s not going to rival a native 4K model, but at this money, we wouldn’t expect it to. It’s great for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube (all of which are very easy to access using the built-in app store).

If you’re looking for something a bit different from your projector, and you want a model to carry round to other people’s houses, or just move around the garden, and you don’t mind a picture that’s a bit rough around the edges, you’ll find plenty to like about the Nebula Capsule.

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