YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system review and setup


YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system comes with the Spotlight & Siren alarm on security camera that is of great innovation, not just monitoring your home but proactive to defend it! Once trigger any suspicious object, it auto light-up your yard or scare off intruder, and records ultra-clarity color videos even at night. Employing IP66 Waterproof metal material housing, cameras can be used indoor and outdoor. Should you buy it? Find more in YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system review and setup.

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Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to communicate to the people in the video 
  • Easy to install 
  • The siren alarm is loud and hard to miss 
  • It has a motion detection feature 
  • Comes with a color night vision 


  • Produces false alarms 
  • Changing of username and password is complicated 
  • Poor in quality 

YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system review and setup


The cameras are constructed from rugged polycarbonate, which can withstand a lot of abuse. They’re white in color, and are cylindrical in shape. A small black shroud extends over the lenses, protecting them from rain and glare. Each camera includes an aluminum mounting bracket, along with mounting hardware. This makes the cameras easy to mount


There are two USB ports on the bottom of the monitor – one for the included mouse, and one for a flash drive or external hard drive which can be used to transfer video from the monitor hard drive. There is also an HDMI port to allow a hook up to a large monitor or big-screen TV.

Helpful IPS monitor

The wireless home camera system all in one video recorder equipped 16inches IPS(In-Plane Switching) Screen, 1080P Full HD display crisp images and allows larger view angle. Our 16inch IPS monitor made up of durable PC housing and metal detachable holder, release you from selecting monitor. The outdoor camera kit for home expandable up to 8 YESKAMO Cameras, with HDMI port allows viewing live feeds on your larger screen at same time.

YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system acts as floodlight

The front of each camera has a pair of built-in floodlights above the lens, enclosed in the same housing. There are also speakers and microphone housing underneath, which we’ll talk about more in a minute. Most importantly, the Yeskamo cameras are IP66-rated for water and dust resistance.


This system comes with a 2TB hard drive so you can review video from any of the 4 included cameras, and the setup really is plug and play. The hard drive can be upgraded to a larger hard drive if you need to, but the 2TB is quite sufficient. 


The cameras are great quality builds and have excellent, clear picture quality, even at night (with or without the floodlights on). The 6 leds on the cameras makes a big difference to viewing in the evening, this is only enhanced even more with the floodlight is triggered, it creates a good quality of light and in turn great picture. 

Image quality

 The recording quality is 3.0 megapixels, which works out to a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This is more than 50 percent sharper than 1080p, if not quite 4K quality. 

Motion detection

each Yeskamo camera uses powerful AI motion detection. This means that it won’t trip for anything but a human. Trees, blowing debris, and pets aren’t going to cause constant false alarms. To be fair, it’s not 100 percent foolproof, but neither is any AI system. It’s certainly a lot smarter than any ordinary motion activation system.

YESKAMO Camera Setup

Connecting the cameras to the monitor is easy and once connection is recognised the system is up and running. The signal between cameras and monitor is strong and reliable even with a fair distance between them. And the phone app works really great. I really like that I can talk to the people in the video and that they can respond too. The system supports up to 8 cameras, which is great and I am planning to get extra 4 more cameras from YESKAMO soon.

Distance coverage

Once the cameras have been installed and the base station is plugged in, they’ll automatically connect. The wireless range is rated at 80 meters, or a little over 250 feet. 

App – YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system

There are even free monitoring apps for Mac and PC, if you want to use a separate monitoring computer. Install the app, follow the wizard, and you’ll be connected to your cameras in no time. At that point, you’ll be able to bring up a live feed of any camera whenever you like. You can also manually trigger recordings, and receive mobile alerts when motion is detected.

In addition to all this, the app allows you to take advantage of two-way audio. This has any number of applications. You can say hi to friends and relatives, even if you’re not home. You can ask your kid to set some meat out to thaw. You can ask the delivery driver to leave your package around the side of the building. And if you do happen to spot a burglar, a quick shout is liable to make them run away. Regardless, this is a nice tool to have in your toolkit.

YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system video review

Alternate of YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system

Tonton Wireless Security Camera System


  • Easy set up
  • Audio recording
  • PIR Sensor and IR Night Vision recording
  • Weatherproof


  • No included HDD
  • 1 SATA slot only
  • Short AC adapter for cameras

Tonton Wireless Security Camera System

The Tonton Wireless Security Camera System is an amazing solution to your house. It promotes safety and alert to any possible breaking into your home. Check on its features and understand why you should have it. 

Product Highlights

This wireless security camera system features a 4-Channel NVR, fully wireless connection, and 4 pieces of Full HD Cameras. Easy to setup and all cameras have IP66 waterproof housing so you can use it outdoors.

The cameras have motion detection so you can receive alerts when motion is detected. An integrated microphone is also attached to the cameras so you can hear the audio of the recordings. It also comes with IR night vision to record crystal-clear videos even during the night. You can monitor the cameras through the app. The NVR is expandable up to 6TB of storage.

One thing to note about this wireless security camera system is that you need to buy the Hard Disk Drive for the storage of the NVR. It only has 1 SATA slot. The length of the AC adapter for the video is only 6 feet long so if you don’t have a power plug near your desired position for the cameras, you might need a power extension cord.

Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera – best alternate of YESKAMO long range wireless outdoor home security camera system


  • Multiple devices can view it 
  • Enhanced and high-quality resolution 
  • Easy to install 
  • It has a motion detection 
  • Weather-resistant 


  • Difficult to link or connect to apps 
  • You need to plug and unplug it to refresh

Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera

Say goodbye to complicated and hard to understand camera systems, and try the Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera. This is one of the best long range wireless camera systems that are easy to use and gives you a true sense of DIY surveillance, and a complete home security monitoring. 

Product Highlights

The Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera is designed to be in place and power up to get the job done right. With this surveillance camera, you can now browse through the 4-channel wireless security systems. The package included an HDMI output to those who are not into 7 or 10 inches screen. 

It is made portable, and it is made to be a touch screen monitor where you can connect to the internet using the LAN cable. This is one of the good investments to have for your house to keep you safe.  

The best thing about the Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera is its long transmission range feature. It can reach up to 1,000 feet in an open place, and about 200 feet in places with concrete walls or bricks. It works 24/7, and the installation is quick and easy. 

The downside about the Sequro GuardPro Wireless Security Camera is that connections to apps are hard to configure. The camera also malfunctions in just a matter of using it for days. You have to plug and unplug or refresh it. 

xmartO Wireless Security Camera System 


  • Easy remote access
  • It has motion detection message
  • Can save videos or recordings for 30 days and more 
  • Comes with a standalone connection 
  • Customizable detection area 


  • Weak WiFi system 
  • Doesn’t connect easily 
  • Cameras keep on turning off for no reason 

xmartO Wireless Security Camera System 

Always take good care of the ones you love and never miss a moment with xmartO. The xmartO came up with a product that is considered to be one of the best long range wireless security cameras in the market today. 

Product Highlights

The Wireless Security Camera System comes with a channel that is high in definition Network Video Recorder. It’s ideal for installing outdoors or indoors, and you can easily view it on your computer or mobile phones anytime and anywhere you go. It’s a hassle-free camera because it can connect through WiFi. This camera can work 24/7 to protect your home and people living in it. 

The best thing about the xmartO Wireless Security Camera is that it can capture long and wide premises at home. It has its WiFi, so it’s a standalone camera, even if you have your internet or not. It can save videos up to 30 days since it has a preinstalled 1TB hard disk. It also has special offers like extension cables and HDMI cable for your convenience. 

The downside about the xmartO Wireless Security Camera is that it doesn’t connect easily to the system. Its own WiFi system is weak, and the cameras keep turning off. 

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