Alexa enabled smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarm review


Can you get phone alerts in Alexa enabled smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarm? The unit connects with Amazon Alexa devices to further extend its remote and voice control features. However, when the alarm goes off during an emergency, the unit doesn’t inform Alexa. Instead, it features its own built-in voice alarm and notification feature. There are many smart features and get detials in Alexa enabled smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarm review.

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In the box

  • Onelink Safe & Sound,
  • Mounting Bracket & Hardware
  • Power Connector / Adapter Plugs
  • Junction Box Screws
  • Quick Start Guide,
  • User Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Two power source options: hardwired or battery-powered.
  • Features a clean white finish with a flower-like mesh pattern on the front.
  • Built to detect both photoelectric and smoldering fires.
  • Easy to install and set up.


  • The silence button is too small.
  • Lacks a digital display.

Alexa enabled smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarm review


The Onelink Safe & Sound smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector has dimension of 7 x 7 x 2 inches and weighs only ‎1.76 pounds. The units also looking exceeding modern and sleek once installed. Very solid upgrade for your connected home.

The Nest Protect is also super stylish – well, it’s about as stylish as a smoke detector can get. It’s wrapped in a curvy mesh plate and the centralized button, with its LED ring, screams ‘smart home.’ That LED ring does more than flash amber and red for incidents too, it can also help guide you round a dark house at night using the pathlight feature – essentially a white night light that comes on when it detects motion.


Usually the CO and smoke alarm is built with photoelectric and electrochemical sensors – allowing it to detect both rapid-burning and slow-burning fires. 

The Google Nest CO and smoke alarm features a Split Spectrum sensor which allows it to detect both rapid-burning and smoldering fires quickly. This sensor features a blend of photoelectric sensor and blue LED light in tandem – helping to lower false alarms that are common in ionization sensor alarms.

Alexa feature – Alexa enabled smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector alarm

Boasting built-in Alexa voice services, the Safe & Sound smoke and alarm detector allows you to play music, audiobooks, and even listen to the news as you enjoy up-to-date fire safety protection in your home or office.

In addition to built-in Alexa compatibility, the alarm is compatible with Apple HomeKit as well. You can download the Onelink home app (Android or iOS) and use it to control and monitor the alarm through your phone as well.

Through HomeKit you can set up smart home routines that react to your alarm, such as turn lights red, unlock the front door and circulate the HVAC fan when smoke or fire is sensed. It works with Alexa voice control so you can check its status anytime, plus it can be silenced from its companion app if triggered by a false alarm.

Phone alerts

The Alexa fire alarm is designed with innovative voice control features that calmly notify you when either smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. The voice alerts share the location and the danger level of each fire. 


Speaker quality is okay. It’s a bit quiet and you get an equalizer with a balanced setting and a default setting. Default setting sounds better but balanced setting is louder but flatter. Don’t expect bumping bass at all especially at low hz. It’s passable but if you crank it up, warping starts.

Installation – smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector

With a ladder and a screwdriver, you can replace your existing wired smoke detector in about 3 minutes. Considering what you get in 1-4 above, that’s pretty awesome. It’s kind of genius to take advantage of the AC power in the ceiling to reduce clutter and give you whole home audio for 5-minutes per room?

Setup was a bit of a pain, as the companion app can be a bit flaky, requiring multiple attempts to get it online and then to connect it to HomeKit, but once running you have a great safety device that can tell you what the danger is (fire, smoke, carbon monoxide) and which room it is in, with a human-like voice as well as an alarm. Interesting fact: Studies have shown human voices can be better at waking up children than alarms.

It also has an LED light that flashes red when there’s danger, although it doesn’t work as a nightlight like the Onelink Safe & Sound. We loved the HomeKit integrations, but were disappointed at how long it took them to kick in, plus how long the alerts took to come through.

• On every level of your home, including finished attics and basements.
• Inside every bedroom, especially if people sleep with the door partly or completely closed.
• In the hall near every sleeping area. If your home has multiple sleeping areas, install a unit
in each. If a hall is more than 40 feet (12 meters) long, install a unit at each end.
• At the top of first-to-second floor stairs.
• At the bottom of the basement stairs.
• For additional coverage, install alarms in all rooms, halls, and storage areas, where
temperatures normally remain between 40˚ F and 100˚ F (4.4˚ C and 37.8˚ C).

Tools You Will Need:
• Needle-nose pliers or utility knife • Wire strippers
• Standard phillips screwdriver


I have basically replaced all my lights in the house with Phillips Hue and having voice control is invaluable to me. In this aspect, the OneLink and Alexa do a great job together to allow me to turn off all the lights. I am also in the process of setting up an IFTTT alert which will turn on all the lights in my house when smoke alarms are triggered. I’m ok with the rest of the features.

The OneLink has an autodim setting which dims the nightlight when it gets dark but I would prefer to have the motion sensor.

Alternate of smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector

FireAngel Pro Connected


  • Excellent range of detectors
  • Meets building regulations
  • Works with Alexa


  • No IFTTT
  • Fiddly app
  • Tricky to install

One of the major downsides of smart smoke alarms is that they can’t be installed in kitchens, and a heat alarm is required instead. This can cause issues if you need to have interconnected detectors installed throughout your home to meet UK building regulations.

Via the gateway, these detectors can also communicate with the outside world, sending you alerts when an alarm is triggered and telling you which room the issue is in. Of course, you can silence alarms directly from the app.

That’s where the FireAngel Pro Connected comes in. This system has both hard-wired and battery-powered detectors, with smoke, CO and heat detectors all available, so they meet all building regulation requirements.

FireAngel Pro Connected has a unique bit of kit, too: a control panel. Stick this somewhere convenient, and it will show you which type of alarm was triggered (CO or fire) by lighting up the matching indicator. It also lets you trigger a test/silence an alarm, and the search button will silence all alarms bar the one that triggered the alert, so you can quickly find out where an incident started.

Likewise, the app isn’t quite as friendly or as functional as the competition: the test option, for example, is buried a few layers deep in the menus. There’s a basic Amazon Alexa Skill that lets you test or silence your alarm or find the detector that triggered an alarm, but there are no other smart home integrations, such as IFTTT, so you can’t turn on lights automatically, for example.

While most smart smoke detectors are easy to install, the FireAngel Pro Connected system is a little trickier, and the manual is quite confusing, particularly the instructions on how to connect an alarm to the gateway. You may want to go for professional installation, particularly if you have a lot of detectors to replace.

Other devices on this list are smarter and easier to use but they may not be suitable for your home and fire safety requirements. If you need a full interlinked system that can work everywhere, this is it.

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