Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit review – what is the price?


Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit adds improved mobility to your Mac Pro. It is sturdy in design. Most people defer it to recommend due to its high price. But it carries Apple’s legacy and premium style in look. What is the Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit price? What is the best Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit alternate – Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility Cart? Molded-in storage compartments, holsters, hooks, and notches, customizable fittings, and easy-access bottom shelf make space for all your tools and keep them close at hand. 

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In the box

  • Four wheels for Mac Pro
  • Installation guide
  • 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy design
  • Built on quality
  • 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit
  • Stainless steel and rubber wheel


  • Expensive
  • Require installation

Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit Price

An Apple Mac Pro Feet Kit, consisting of four stainless steel feet, sells for $299. Whereas the new Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit, also with four fittings, is $699. That’s the cost of an iPhone 11, and it is also much more than Apple charges when buying a Mac Pro with build to order options.

Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit review


They’re custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels that make it easy to transport your Mac Pro around, whether sliding it out from under your desk or across your studio.


The kit includes four wheels, an installation guide and a 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit. Apple notes that “additional tools are necessary” for the installation of the wheels. 


Installation is still required, as they aren’t plug-and-play. You’ll need a 1/4-inch to 4 mm hex bit, which is thankfully included, but additional tools are necessary. Once you replace the the Mac Pro feet with wheels, you’ll add approximately one inch to the height of the frame.

Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit Uses

When you’re done moving your computer, removing the wheels can be done in a few minutes as well. If you plan on keeping the wheels on permanently and still want a bit of extra security, the Rover Pro Kit includes wheel stops. The wheel stops clip to the casters to prevent movement, perfect for tile, laminate, and hardwood floors.

It feature 360-degree articulation, non-marking soft rubber tread and low friction bearings, and a highly polished stainless steel look to match the Mac Pro.

Alternate of Apple Mac Pro wheels Kit

Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility Cart

 A wear-resistant plastic build, large 5-inch non-marking wheels, and 500-pound weight capacity make this commercial-grade cart a good choice for heavy-duty jobs.


  • Product Dimensions: 25.9 inches x 45.25 inches x 33.2 inches
  • Material: Plastic and foam
  • Number of Shelves: Two 


  • Wear-resistant build
  • Impressive 500-pound weight capacity
  • Large and quiet non-marking wheels
  • Rotating head helps access tight spaces


  • Unattractive design may be unfavorable for home or personal use

Made from plastic with a high-density structural foam core, this cart is designed for heavy-duty use. The build is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to maneuver, and the plastic finish won’t rust, dent, or peel, even with heavy use. The structural foam core provides extra durability, offering an impressive 500-pound weight capacity and making this cart ideal for transporting heavy loads. It features two shelves, both with a shallow lip to keep supplies in place. 

Tough jobs call for a heavy-duty utility cart and this commercial cart from Rubbermaid fits the bill. The large utility cart is designed for use in commercial spaces like warehouses, garages, manufacturing facilities, film sets, or for commercial cleaning jobs. 

An ergonomic push cart handle and 5-inch, rubber swivel wheels make this cart easy to roll from room to room. The wheels are non-marking, quiet, and absorb shock to protect the cart and the flooring, even when weighed down with heavy supplies. 

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