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Bio bidet BB-2000 vs Toto C5 differences – which size is bigger?

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet toilet seat review

Which is worth investment? Both the Bio bidet BB-2000 and Toto C5 washlets are excellent choices. If you need to keep the toilet sanitized at all times, the top-end models use eWater+ to clean the wand and bowl. You will get clean, fresh water for washing and an odorless bowl every time. Get more in Bio bidet BB-2000 vs Toto C5.

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Toto C5 bidet is on high-end and may cost around $400 over, whereas Bio bidet BB-2000 is available below $300.

  • A soft-close lid, an air dryer, and a heated seat are features of all electric bidets ($200 and up).
  • $300–$400: One-button wash/dry, air deodorizer, and remote control.
  • $400-$500: Wide spray, nozzle sterilization, and user presets
  • Auto-open/close lid, eWater, $600+

Feature comparison – Bio bidet BB-2000 vs Toto C5

Toto C5

  • Auto lid opening and closing
  • Low profile
  • Ewaternozzle sterilization
  • Wider and narrow wash options
  • Bowl premist
  • 2 user presets
  • Better heated seat
  • Choice of 2 colors

Bio bidet BB-2000

  • Vortex enema wash
  • Easily replaceable nozzle tip
  • Stronger spray pressure
  • Higher weight capacity
  • 2 remote control color options
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Better warranty conditions

What are the Bio bidet BB-2000 vs Toto C5 differences


The TOTO C5 includes a lid that automatically opens and closes in addition to an e-water misting feature that the BB 2000 does not have. Additionally, the TOTO C5 has two user presets that let you save favorite settings for two different users. The BB 2000 has a stainless steel wash nozzle with a detachable tip for easier cleaning, while the C5 has a plastic nozzle.


The e-water mists the bowl when the body sensor is triggered and then again after use as well as every eight hours of non-use. This is a clever feature designed to help you keep the toilet bowl clean and limit the need for manual cleaning with harsh chemical cleaners. While both models are designed with a modern look, the Toto C5 has the thinner body of the two. Bio bidet BB-2000 lacks this feature.

Enema wash

The BB 2000 comes with a turbo enema wash that can help people with certain medical conditions relieve constipation. The TOTO C5 has two spray options: standard and wide or gentle. The spray volume, which gauges the spray nozzle’s water flow, is a bit higher on the BB 2000 (0.7 liters per minute) than it is on the Toto C5 (0.4 liters per minute). The power and effectiveness of each bidet’s wash stream are influenced by the spray volume, therefore the BB 2000 has an advantage in that aspect.

Similarities – Bio bidet BB-2000 vs Toto C5

Adjustable pressure & temperature

Both of these contemporary components can be readily installed on your current toilet to transform it into a fully functional “smart” toilet. Their tankless water heating technologies enable continuous, uninterruptible warm water supply. The wireless remote control that comes with each bidet makes it simple to change the water temperature and pressure. Both also have adjustable wash oscillation, warm air dryer, and heated seats with temperature control.


The self-cleaning nozzle reduces the need for manual cleaning and makes it easy to maintain this Bio Bidet Bliss elongated electric bidet seat. The sleek exterior is easy to clean and the quick-release feature disengages the body so you can easily clean the interior for simple maintenance.


A wireless remote control is included with each of these bidet seats. In comparison to the Toto C5, the remote control for the Bio Bidet BB 2000 is a little bit larger. It utilizes raised buttons, an LCD screen, and is one-sided. To match your bathroom’s decor, you may have it in either black or white.

The remote control for the Toto C5 is modern and has two sides. It uses capacitive touch buttons, and the front of the device houses the majority of its functionality. Additional functions including an LCD screen can be found on its back.

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