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Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 review & best price

Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 review

The Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum is a highly rated cleaning tool that offers impressive performance and convenience. With its powerful suction and cordless design, this vacuum has gained popularity among users for its ability to effectively clean various surfaces.  A unique feature to this upright vacuum is the handle’s ability to lay flat on the ground, allowing easy vacuuming under furniture and tough-to-reach places. Here is details in Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Long run time
  • Big dust cup
  • Removable battery


  • No HEPA filter

Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 Specs

  • Name AirRam® Cordless Vacuum
  • Model No 1984
  • Quantity1
  • Similar Models19844, 1984B, 1984C
  • Power Source 22V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Run Time Up to 40 Minutes
  • Charge Time 4 Hours to Recharge
  • Dirt Cup Capacity 0.6 Liters
  • Surface TypeLow Pile Carpet, Stairs, Carpet, Bare Floors, Sealed Hard Floors
  • ColorTitanium with ChaCha Lime Accents
  • Soft BumperYes
  • Weight7.75 lbs

Source: Bissell

Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 review

Cordless design

The cordless design of this vacuum is another notable benefit. The Air Ram measures 44 inches long and 9.9 inches wide. It weighs 7.75 pounds. With no cords to worry about, you can move freely around your home and reach even the most challenging areas. This makes it incredibly convenient and allows for hassle-free cleaning sessions. The lightweight construction and swivel steering further enhance maneuverability, making it easy to navigate through furniture and tight spaces.

Dirt bin

The Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum also features an easy-to-empty dirt bin. With a generous capacity, you won’t need to frequently stop and empty it during your cleaning tasks. The dirt bin is simple to remove and clean, ensuring convenience and hygiene. The Air Ram’s cylindrical dust cup has a capacity of up to 600 milliliters, which is more than the V8’s 540 ml capacity but lower than the V10’s 760 ml capacity.

Suction power

One of the standout features of the Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum is its strong suction power. Equipped with a high-performance motor, it can easily pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair from carpets, rugs, and hard floors. This ensures a thorough and deep clean, leaving your floors spotless.


The AirRam performed remarkably well at cleaning underneath furniture as well, successfully doing so with a reach of almost 37 inches beneath our model of a sofa. Amazingly good.

Battery life

Additionally, the vacuum’s battery life is quite impressive. Bissell says that the Air Ram will run for as much as 40 minutes with its 22-volt Li-ion battery. It needs 5 hour charge times. It provides ample runtime for most cleaning sessions, allowing you to cover a significant area without interruptions. The removable and rechargeable battery ensures that you can easily power up your vacuum when needed.

At 26 minutes and 57 seconds on the medium level, the Bissell Air Ram runs longer than the Dyson V10, and at 33 minutes and 30 seconds on the lowest setting, it outperforms the Dyson V8.

Bissell Air Ram 22V Cordless Vacuum 1984 Consumer review

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Excellent packaging design. Vacuum was easy to assemble. I’ve used the vacuum for few days and I am very impressed with the results. Removing Dirt is very easy. I owned heavy and high end vacuums and this vacuum design has been improved, especially with dirt removal. The low profile makes it easy to get under beds, sofas and furniture. Now, Vacuuming has become very easy and fun at home during weekends. My wife love it! I use it for both hard surfaces and carpeting. The Air Ram performance exceeded my expectations! Very easy to put together, charges quickly and last long, easy debris removal, compact, light, does its job! It has great suction power. We have a large dog and this vacuum picks up dog hair and dirt similar like my larger Bissell vacuum. The cordless is so light weight and easy to handle. We are pleased with vacuum results and definitely recommend to anyone who wants simple and elegant design.

By Salva at Best Buy

End notes

Overall, the Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum has received positive reviews for its powerful suction, cordless design, and easy maneuverability. It is a reliable and efficient cleaning tool that helps you maintain a clean and fresh home.

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