Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 reviews


Does Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 have washable filter? This extraordinary all-in-one vacuum can handle any mess in your house, no matter how big or tiny. Your surfaces will be kept cleaner than ever thanks to SurfaceSense technology, which will do all the work for you. It has a tonne of features and attachments that make vacuuming and cleaning your home easier. The SmartSeal storage technology makes disposal quick and easy while also trapping the finest dirt and pet dander. Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 reviews has more.

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In the box

  • Upper Handle & Extension Wand
  • Stretch Hose,
  • Vacuum Base,
  • Pet Turbo Eraser® Tool, 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
  • LED Lighted
  • Crevice Tool

Pros & Cons


  • Washable filter
  •  0.75l. water tank
  • Swivel steering technology


  • Too tiny and challenging to empty, the canister
  • Too short of a power cord


  • Brand Bissell
  • Special Feature Headlight, Bagless, Washable Filter
  • Form Factor Upright
  • Color Teal, Silver
  • Filter Type Foam
  • Model Name SurfaceSense
  • Surface Recommendation Hard Floor, Carpet


The Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179, which costs approximately $250, includes features including a tangle-free multi-surface brush roll, LED headlights, a SmartSeal Allergen System, specialised pet tools, and easy emptying.

Compare Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179

SurfaceSense PetPet Hair Eraser Turbo
Brush Roll TypeTangle-Free Multi-SurfaceTangle-Free
LED HeadlightsYesYes
One Touch, Easy EmptyYesYes
Automatic Brush RollYesNo
Extended Quick Release WandYesYes
Cord Length30′25′
Weight15.5 lbs.14.5 lbs.
Lift-Off TechnologyNoNo

Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 reviews

Build & Design

If you have numerous floors, the SurfaceSense Pet is very simple to use. Since it only weighs 16 pounds, most people can easily carry it upstairs or downstairs. Swivel steering technology on the SurfaceSense Pet also makes it easier to steer and enables you to reach under a couch or bed. The base of the vacuum is connected to the main hose by a hose.


Before you use them, the attachments remain in place. Despite being heavier than the Shark, it moves more effortlessly thanks to this.


It has a multi-surface brush roll that is tangle-free. It is made with firm bristles for cleaning hard surfaces and soft bristles for cleaning stiff surfaces like carpet. All the hair and dander are stirred up by the bristles.

Filter & tank

The entire amount of dirt, dust, and debris is contained in a clear, quick-release tank that has a 0.75l capacity. The filter is very simple to keep clean. Put it back in after popping it out, rinsing out all the debris over the sink, and allowing it to dry.


Strong suction removes a lot of additional hair and dirt. In some instances, the suction draws the rugs into the brush roller, overloading the motor and jamming it, causing damage to the motor and eventually breaking the drive belt.


It is also simple to clean out. The heavy durable plastic dustbin may be removed, emptied, and reinserted with just one hand. It’s also wonderful how the hose connects to the trash can. The edge is made of soft rubber, which is nice because it keeps dust from escaping.

Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 performance reviews

Even the most deeply embedded filth and hair may be removed with the help of the brush and outstanding suction force. Again, it works well on all surfaces because to its combination of hard and soft bristles. The brush won’t tangle, according to Bissell, and it comes with many attachments and a quick-release extension wand to help you clean your house.

Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 consumer reviews

Great Vacuum for Pet Owners

Our family home is a tough environment for vacuum cleaners and we’ve tried numerous vacuums from different manufactures. We have a dog, two cats and we’re also a family of seven with kids in middle school through college. Our home is also about 3,500 square feet so there are a lot of carpets, wooden flooring etc. to clean. Bissell have designed this vacuum cleaner to handle tough environments like our home and it has impressively stepped up to the task. It is relatively easy to put together and I only really needed to look at the instruction booklet once. There is also a more complete walkthrough of the product available online and you’ll find that mentioned on the front cover of the instruction booklet. The vacuum comes with the usual attachments that you’d expect although the one surprise was that one of the tools has a nice little LED light that allows you to see in hard-to-reach spaces. That tool uses some batteries in the tool itself so you’ll need to replace those. It might have been nice if the power for the light was built into the vacuum hose but that might add complexity and cost so I’m actually ok with the use of batteries. We’ve been using the vacuum for about a week now and it has easily handled everything our family has thrown at it. If you have a similar family and home situation, especially with pets, then you might want to consider this as your next vacuum cleaner.

By Doug at Best Buy

Bissell SurfaceSense pet upright vacuum 28179 alternative

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

The Pet Hair Eraser weighs around 3 pounds and measures 17 inches long, yet despite its size (because to its big canister), it is well-balanced and comfortable to use.

The long crevice tool and flat upholstery brush also allowed us to reach areas that the motorised main brush couldn’t reach.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is the finest portable vacuum for pet hair because it includes a motorised brush that allows it to collect pet hair from carpets, upholstered furniture, car seats, and wherever else we discovered it (which, as cat or dog owners know, is pretty much everywhere).

We were able to remove dog hair that was deeply ingrained in carpet, rugs, couches, and even the carpet in our test vehicle thanks to the motorised pet hair brush’s secure attachment. In addition to having the longest runtime (17 minutes), the 23.6 ounce canister—the largest of all the handheld vacuums we tested—sucked up a lot of hair before needing to be emptied.

You could use the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser as your sole portable vacuum because it is so adaptable. It has greater power and capacity than some of its competitors, which makes it a little bit bigger and more difficult to handle whether you’re looking for something to use around the house or to clean your car. If you’re seeking to clean up after kids, you might want to look elsewhere because the nozzle was too small to suck up Cheerios.

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