Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless reviews


Is the Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless worth buying? Cleaning is made even simpler by the HF3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum thanks to its high and low modes, which disperse the ideal quantity of cleaning agent across floors. Take on messes on the floors of your house with up to 25 minutes of silent, cordless cleaning. Discover details in Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Great suction power
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Clean water/cleaning solution
  • Easy to use


  • Integrated battery
  •  difficult to maneuver

Bissell CrossWave HF3 Specs

  • Entirely cordless
  • A floor brush with a motor for effective cleaning
  • System with Rotating Brushes
  • 28 ounces of clean tank capacity
  • With an 18.6 ounce capacity for dirt
  • 11.5 lbs.
  • Mop and vacuum cleaner on wheels
  • Multipurpose roller, 1180 x 330 x 350mm, 8.82 kg
  • 30-minute running time


Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless cordless vacuume is available at $269.99 in retailers.

Compare Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless

CrossWave HF3 CordlessCrossWaveCrossWave Pet Pro
Vacuum & WashYesYesYes
Multi-Surface CleaningYesYesYes
Two-Tank TechnologyYesYesYes
Designed for Homes with PetsNoNoYes
ModesHigh Flow & Low FlowHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area Rug
Power TypeLithium-Ion Battery25 ft. Cord25 ft. Cord
Run Time 25 MinutesN/AN/A
Weight8.8 lbs> 11 lbs> 11 lbs
Clean-Out ModeAutomatic Clean Out CycleManualManual
WiFi EnabledNoNoNo
Brush Roll IncludedMulti-Surface Hard FloorMulti-SurfacePET Multi-Surface
Formula IncludedHard Floor SanitizeMulti-SurfacePET Multi-Surface + Febreze

Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless reviews

Build &Design

Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless measures at 10.9 x 10 x 43.8 inches and weighs around 14.42 pounds. Holding down the trigger to spray solution is easy, an arthritic hand could do it.


This fabulous tool made the after clean-up incredibly easier. It comes with brushes, filter and hand tools. The head has a profile that easily fits under kitchen counter toe kicks or a couch.


Additionally, a filter there needs to be examined, particularly if you’ve done any dry vacuuming. It expels clean, detergent- and soapy-water from the first tank, scrubs the floor with a revolving bristle brush, then continually vacuums up the dirty water into a second, totally independent tank.


It comes with brushes those are very soft and sometime tangles with carpet. You can easily wash them with rinse water.

Water Tank

You might need to empty the bin several times during cleaning because the water tank has a 0.82-liter capacity. If you’re also using the vacuum to suck up a wet spill, you’ll need to empty it more frequently.

It’s quite easy to clean out the tank. They created a strainer for solid objects and hair. I remove that object and immediately throw the hair in the trash. After that, empty the dirty tank and rinse it.


The suction force is comparable to a dyson vacuum and is very strong. The cleaning ability is just as stated. Simply hold it over the place for a minute or less to remove a difficult stain, such dried ketchup on the floor. The cleaning agent has a pleasant aroma. There are two power settings; the option for cleaning carpet uses twice as much cleaner than the option for hard floors. The rugs’ powerful suction effectively lifts all dirt, stains, and dog poop.

Noise & battery life

We measured the Bissell CrossWave Cordless at 78.7dB, which is around the same volume as I’d expect from a regular cordless vacuum cleaner.

The internal battery lasts around 25 minutes of use, after which you have to wait four hours for it to recharge. With that amount of time, I found there was enough battery life to cover my downstairs, but I’d have to recharge to tackle the other floors.

Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless Performance reviews

Due to the filter’s extremely snug fit and improved effective suction power over the corded model, the actual cleaning procedure is noticeably better on the new Crosswave Cordless. The debris strainer is considerably better in the end. It is significantly more effective at capturing larger debris because it completely covers the bottom of the dirty water collection chamber. See image.

There are distinct buttons for hard floor and area rug cleaning modes, and Bissell has placed very basic controls on the front. These buttons govern the amount of cleaning solution discharged, with more for the area rug setting. A multipurpose roller with some harsher bristles and soft fibers is included in the box by Bissell. For rugs and hard surfaces, separate rollers are also available.


Although Bissell advises cleaning the Crosswave right away after use by setting it on the stand and turning on the self-cleaning feature, I think it is actually simpler to just disassemble the brush unit and rinse the individual parts in a bathroom sink. The Crosswave is really well-engineered, and disassembling and reassemblying it is very simple.

You can also sterilize the parts because of this. I used another brand of floor cleaner for 15 years before purchasing my corded Crosswave, and it was a pain to disassemble and clean! Another testament to good design by the considerate Bissell engineers who looked at the issues from the perspective of the consumer is how simple post-use cleaning is.

Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless consumer reviews

CrossWave Max Wet/Dry Cordless Multi-Surface Clean

I have used several vacuums and floor products over the years. This is my review of the Bissell crosswave. It does the job I expected it to do on wood and Vinyl floors. I have not used it on rugs but I bought the optional brush for rugs and intend to give it a try in the near future. If it does as well on rugs as it has on wood and vinyl, it will be proven to be top notch in its category. Keep in mind that clean-up after use will be somewhat of an annoyance, but is necessary if you want the unit to do it’s job and last.

By SuzyQue at Best Buy

Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless alternative

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

This little upright machine works well for rapid cleaning in confined locations. It’s ideal for a home with stairs or a carpeted apartment because it’s robust yet lightweight and agile. Despite not being perfect, the trigger operation for dispensing the cleaning solution at least felt well-made. We appreciated the ability to combine clean water and a cleaning agent in one tank.

Although the lower tank size necessitates more frequent emptying, it also contributes to this machine’s lesser weight compared to previous models. With one full tank, we were able to clean an 8 by 10 rug. With the help of the Easy Pour Spout, emptying the unclean water was a clean process.

We also valued the drying feature because it reduced drying time. It was difficult to get to the brushes for upkeep and cleaning because a screwdriver was needed to pry off the cover. Overall, though, we believe that this is a good option for smaller houses or less frequent cleaning.


What is the difference between CrossWave- 2306 vs 2328?

The 2306 includes two brushes and two bottles of trial size formula while the 2328 includes one of each.

Is Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless reviews worth buying?

Able to vacuum and clean at the same time, the Bissell CrossWave Cordless is a versatile and quick tool for dealing with hard floors. And, if you have the occasional rug to keep in shape, this is a tool that can deal with that surface too.

How easy is Bissell CrossWave HF3 cordless cleaning?

Super easy to clean the brushes. It comes with two as well so it’s easy to stop, clean one, and swap out for the other roller. It’s also very easy to clean the dirty water tank.

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