Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review


Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop comes with multi surface brush roll that uses an Iinovative Microfiber And Nylon Brush to mop and pick Up Dry Debris At The Same Time. he Handle Allow You To Easily Switch Between Cleaning Hard Floors And Area Rugs And Control Your Solution With An On Demand Solution Trigger. Get more in Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review.

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Pros & Cons – Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop


  • Vacuums and cleans your floor at the same time
  • Comes with intuitive touch controls
  • Several add-ons increase the usefulness
  • Cost-effective solution for businesses


  • The Crosswave cannot be used on carpets, only areas rugs
  • This Bissell struggles a bit with liquid when it is up against baseboards or walls

Specs – Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop

  • Name: BISSELL® CrossWave® All-in-One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac
  • Model No: 1785A
  • Quantity: 1
  • Similar Models: 17852, 17858, 17859, 1785P, 1785R, 1785T, 1785V, 1785W, 2210V, 2211W, 1785N

Special Features
Surface Type: Area Rugs, Bare Floors, Hard Floors, Sealed Wood Floors
Power Rating: 4.4 Amps
Cleaning Path Width: 12″

Power Rating: 4.4 Amps
Power Source: Corded
Brush System: Rotating
Brush On Off Switch: Yes
Power Cord Length: 25′
Automatic Cord Rewind: No

Dirt Collection
Surface Type: Area Rugs, Bare Floors, Hard Floors, Sealed Wood Floors
Cleaning Path Width: 12″
Dirt Cup Capacity: 14.5 oz
Tank Capacity: 28 oz.

Other Specs
Color: White & Titanium with ChaCha Lime Accents
Carry Handle: Yes
Weight: 11.5 lbs

Compare Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop vs CrossWave Pet Pro

CrossWaveCrossWave Pet ProCrossWave Cordless Max
Vacuum & WashYesYesYes
Multi-Surface CleaningYesYesYes
Two-Tank TechnologyYesYesYes
Power Type25 ft. Cord25 ft. Cord36V Lithium-Ion Battery
Clean-Out ModeManualManualSelf-Cleaning Cycle
Wi-Fi EnabledNoNoYes
Weight11.5 lbs11.5 lbs11.5 lbs

Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review


The Bissel Crosswave is a very stylish wet-dry vacuum and beneath its modern sleek exterior, lies some very innovative technology. The multi-purpose brush roll is designed with a purpose in mind. It has a dual action that gives it the ability to mop and lift debris in one action. By combing a nylon brush with and the gentle action of micro-fiber, the Bissell Crosswave will clean effectively and still provide a gentle mopping action that will leave your hardwood floors, tiles and other hard floors spotless and perfectly polished. At the same time, it will suck up any debris just like a regular vacuum.

It’s a relatively tall device that consists of a large handle at the top to ensure you’ve got a good grip when you’re cleaning. That’s then attached to a metal pole that connects to the rest of the cleaner.

It’s also one of the ways Bissell has made this cleaner portable and light enough for you to easily move around your home.

The main wand between the cleaner’s body and the handle at the top can sometimes feel a touch flimsy, but it didn’t cause any issues in the time we were using it.

At the bottom of that main pole is the bin where everything you’ll be collecting from your home’s floor is going to end up. It’s easy to disconnect this for emptying at the end of a clean with an easy to press down button, and then all you need to do is pull.

Accessories included

Hardwood Floor Brushroll
Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the hardwood floor brush. This is similar to the multi-surface brush, except it does not include the medium firmness bristles. This brush is all soft fiber, which is better for polishing hardwood floors.

Multi-Surface Brushroll
The Bissell Crosswave includes a multi-surface brushroll. This brushroll includes medium firmness bristles, in addition to the softer fibers of the core brush. This makes it great for a variety of hard surfaces, in addition to area rugs.

Pet Brushroll
Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the pet brush. This brush is similar to the multi-surface brush, however, the firmer bristles sit below a softer bristles. This allows for agitation, but keeps the firmer bristles from grabbing onto longer hairs and becoming tangled. It works on both hard surfaces and area rugs.

Cleaning Tray
A cleaning tray is also included with the Bissell Crosswave. The unit can be placed on top of the tray with cleaning solution added to the front portion of the tray. Users are the able to turn the Crosswave on and clean the brushroll with this stationary cleaning tray.

Water tank

The CrossWave has two tanks – one for collecting dirt and the other for your cleaning solution. This means that you won’t be reusing dirty water like you would with a regular mop. Every sweep you make with the vacuum across your hard floors will be cleaning them without leaving any smudges or dirty streaks.

Area Rug Brushroll
Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the area rug brush. This brush is entirely made up of medium firmness bristles and does not have the core of soft fibers. The firmer bristles create better agitation, which will yield better cleaning performance for area rugs.

Cleaning Solution
The cleaning solution included with the Bissell Crosswave is designed for multiple floor surface types. This solution should be mixed with the water inside of the clean water tank. There are also specific cleaning solutions available for hardwood floors, area rugs, and pets.

The filter included with the Bissell Crosswave is washable, but does need to be replaced eventually. Users will be able to notice the deterioration of the filter over time, which should help to know when the part should be replaced.


At a mere 11 pounds, 46 inches tall, and a little over 11 inches wide, it is small enough to fit in a corner or closet. It also comes with a tray that you can place under the unit. This will protect your floor from being damaged by the constant storage in the same spot.

Dual-action brush

With a Dual-Action Brush Roll rotating at 3,000 RPM and an innovative multi-surface cleaning solution, the CrossWave cleans better than a sponge mop and bucket, in less time. Plus, with the touch of a button, you can seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to vacuuming and washing your area rugs. All with one machine. Read more on how to use the Bissell CrossWave.

Multi-Surface Cleaning – Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review

If you had to clean your floors manually, you’d need to mop and then clean. Time is precious, so this carpet cleaner combines both tasks in one single pass. All you need to do is navigate and let the cleaner do its work of making your home clean while keeping you smiling with satisfaction.

Whether you have sealed hard floors or area rugs in your home, this cleaner is up to the task of getting your floor as clean as can be. Say goodbye to mediocre cleaning and welcome consistently superb performance from an outstanding brand. The CrossWave cleaner combines cleaning and washing action to accomplish this performance.

The carpet cleaner’s innovative brushroll design incorporates a microfiber and nylon brush in doing its work. The brush combo enables it to mop as well as gather dry debris. No need to sweep manually before commencing your cleaning routine. This cleaner takes care of both tasks simultaneously, thus saving more of your time.

Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review
Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop review

How to clean the water tank?

This should cover areas up to 700 square feet. Replace the cap and the tank by aligning it with the grooves and slide it back into place until you hear a click. Your CrossWave is now filled and ready to clean.

Filling your clean water tank will make sure you have enough fresh cleaning solution to begin cleaning with your CrossWave. The clean water tank is located on the back of the machine. To remove the tank, grasp the both sides of the tank and pull upward. Now unscrew the cap. The tank has two measuring volumes. Large area cleaning and small area cleaning. For small area cleaning fill the tank up to the first water fill-line.

Then fill it to the first formula fill line with Cleaning Formula. This should cover areas up to 300 square feet. For a large area cleaning fill the tank up to the second water fill line. Then fill it to the second formula fill line with Cleaning Formula.

How to operate this Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop?

Along the handle of this Bissell are the cleaning mode knobs. The two buttons indicate the floor type the user is cleaning on; rug and hard floor. Once the Bissell Crosswave is turned on, the mode can be quickly changed by pressing one of these two buttons.

The trigger that supplies the water and cleaning solution to the brushroll is also located along the handle and can be squeezed once the unit is powered on.

Bissell Crosswave cleaning head (side view)
Side profile view of the Bissell Crosswave cleaning head

25′ cord powers the unit and can be wrapped along the back side of the Crosswave.

Smart Touch Controls

Whether you are cleaning sealed hard floor or areas rugs, it is easy to transit without losing power or reducing performance. The effect of this control is to control moisture thus ensuring that the rugs are not too wet. Additionally, it prevents water from bleeding through to the floor beneath.

Of course, simplicity of use is one feature of the Bissell brand. You don’t need a degree in space technology to operate this cleaner in spite of its sophistication and outstanding technological core. Its handle-mounted Smart Touch Controls allow for easy reach and swift operation.

The machine’s Two-Tank System enables it to keep the cleaning solution and dirty water distinctly separate. This is important if you are to avoid mixing dirty water with the fresh cleaning solution. However, this innovative tank design enables you to always clean with a fresh combination of cleaning solution and water.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Its Easy-Clean Storage Tray is yet another innovative component that makes this cleaner a pleasurable appliance. You can easily tidy up after your cleaning routine. Other components that aid swift and simple cleanup include the Easy-Remove Brush Window and Removable Brushroll.

Accessories are very vital in the operations of any wet/dry cleaner as they enable it to perform a broad range of tasks. The versatility of the machine thus depends largely on its accessories. This cleaner comes with the following accessories; 32-ounce Multi-Surface formula, Multi-Surface Brush, 32-ounce Wood Floor Formula, Wood Floor Brush, 32-ounce Area Rug Formula and an Area-Rug Brush.

Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop performance review

Cleaning performance on the Bissell’s vacuum cleaner mode is OK, but we didn’t find the suction on this product particularly strong.

It’s not instantly a big problem, but it does mean you sometimes have to go over certain areas a few times. The crux of the issue seems to be it’ll only clean up where the main multi-surface brush reaches.

That means the far left and far right of the cleaner’s bottom section won’t be able to pick up as easily as the rest, and that means you’ll struggle to get this to cover the corners.

When you’re cleaning across larger areas, the product works quickly. 

You’ll fill up a plastic bottle with hot water and different amounts of the liquid, depending on how long you will be cleaning for, and then that clicks into the back of the cleaner and you’re good to go. The liquid will gently filter down into the cleaner and onto the floor as you clean.

The highlight of this cleaner is the fact you can wash both your carpets and flooring as well as vacuuming. One thing to note is you can only use the liquid provided with the cleaner. You can buy more directly from Bissell, but it’s not recommended you use other liquids with this product.

You can choose between carpet or floor mode, and each of these will then give you a different amount of liquid to clean up your floor. We found we had to go over certain areas a couple of times on both wood floors and carpet to get them as clean as we wanted, but this works particularly well.

When you’re going over those tougher areas, there’s a button within the handle that will release more liquid and we found this worked particularly well on tough to clean up parts of a wood floor.

If you’re looking for a cleaner to regularly clean up your floors at the same time as vacuuming, the Bissel Crosswave is built specifically for you. It’s not the most efficient vacuum, but it does combine the two features together well.

It’s worth making it clear the Bissell Crosswave doesn’t come with a battery inside, so you’ll need to have this plugged into the wall to be cleaning.

That can make it difficult to reach some areas of your home, especially when this is designed to be such a portable device you can carry around. That said, it does mean you won’t run out of battery mid-way through a clean like you can with some wireless products.

Area Rug Cleaning Test

As one of the more versatile mops we have tested, the Bissell Crosswave also has the ability to wash area rugs. During this test, we took a high pile shag rug that has not been washed in 6 months. The rug sits in a high traffic area of a home and is in a house with one dog and two cats.

From there, we used the Bissell Crosswave to clean half of the rug and compare to the other half. After doing so, we found that the Crosswave was able provide a deep cleaning for the rug. 

Bissell CrossWave all in one wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop customer review

Great little machine that does its job well.

Assembly –
Pieces are neatly packaged in the top of the box, making it easy to unpack and assemble. After snapping the handle in place and wrapping the cord up, it was all put together and ready to go.

Storage –
The box comes with a shallow pan shaped base that allows storage of the machine and the two brushes that are included. The two 8 oz. bottles of cleaning fluid that are included must be stored separately.

Use –
The instructions are very easy to use with both written and pictorial instructions. The quick start guide gives the details on setting up and operating the Crosswave as well as how to clean and maintain the unit. The user guide has very detailed directions for doing all the tasks and has a troubleshooting section just in case. We were able to get going in no time.

Cleanup –
Nothing that works to clean a floor is going to be completely hands-free to cleanup, and the Crosswave does require dealing with the dirty water! Bissell has make this as easy as possible, with handles where they are needed to make sure your hands stay out of contact whenever possible. The drying tray makes both the machine and roller drying simple and effective. I was surprised at how easy the machine was to cleanup and it is now drying so it will be ready the next time.

Overall –
We took a few days before we had a chance to use it, but when my wife began, one of our daughters also wanted a try. After they had worked on most of the floors, I had a go at the kitchen floor which we thought was pretty clean to begin with. I was amazed at how clean it got our old flooring. It was very nice to have a machine that actually cleaned this well and this easily.

The Bissell Crosswave is a pretty amazing machine that does its job and does it well. It doesn’t do a lot of extra things, it doesn’t have a bunch of add-ons or attachments. It does clean floors and area rugs quickly and easily. After many vacuums and a very wide variety of mops, I am impressed that such a light and simple machine can do its job so well. It really looks like it is well made and will last years.

By Andy at Best Buy

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