Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review


Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner promises powerful cleaning performance and premium features. It’s unique big wheel design offers advanced swivel steering and smooth maneuverability on carpets and hard floors. It’s engineered with no loss of suction, multi-cyclone dust separation, and HEPA air filtration. It powerfully deep cleans pet hair and dirt from any surface. It also features a detachable handle which can be connect to the stretch hose for up to 12 feet of above floor cleaning reach. Find details in Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review.

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Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review
Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review

Key Features – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover

  • Powerful & lightweight for deep cleaning on carpets & hard floors
  • Big wheel design for advanced swivel & smooth maneuverability between floor types
  • HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dust & allergens
  • Brushroll on/off
  • Multi-cyclone dust separation system
  • No Loss of Suction
  • Detachable Handle
  • 3 accessories included


  • Pet Turbo Brush
  • Extra-Long Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush

Specifications – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover

  • Recommended Surface Application: All floor types (carpets & bare floors)
  • Filter Type: HEPA & Standard Washable
  • Bag Type: Bagless
  • Capacity Volume: 1.4 L

Product Specifications

  • Power (Voltage/Amperage): 8 amps
  • Motor Wattage: 960W
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 1.4 L
  • Dust Cup Capacity (Max Fill): 1L
  • Bagged/Bagless: Bagless
  • Dust Cup Emptying: Easy Empty Flip Bottom
  • Cord Length: 30 ft
  • Hose Length: 10 ft
  • Max Extended Reach: 12 ft
  • Cleaning Path Width: 12.3 in

Product Features – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover

  • Swivel Steering: Yes
  • Headlights: No
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: No
  • Brush Roll On/Off: Yes
  • Suction Control: Yes
  • Self-Propelled: Yes
  • No Loss of Suction: Yes
  • Nozzle Height Adjustment: Automatic
  • Brush Roll Window: Yes
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Washable Filter: Yes
  • Telescoping Handle: No
  • All Tools on Board: Yes
  • Tools : Pet Turbo Tool, Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush

Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review

Dimensions & Weight

  • Product Dimension: 12.36″ x 12.24″ x 42.94″
  • Product Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Packaging Dimensions: 14.6″ x 11.8″ x 32.9″
  • Packaging Weight: 21.5 lbs

HEPA Filter

The filtration system in a vacuum cleaner is there to prevent the dust you vacuum from getting back out. If that happens, the allergic and asthmatic users will be in trouble. This is why vacuum cleaner brands fit their machines with good filters.

HEPA filters are the standard for respiratory devices. Since vacuum cleaners affect the surrounding air in your home, they technically fall in that category. HEPA filters are capable of trapping microbes in the air down to as little as 0.3 microns. To put things in perspective, the diameter of a human hair is 50 microns.

The Eureka Floor Rover uses a HEPA filter to prevent the dust and allergens that you vacuum from getting back in. This offers a form of protection to the sensitive people in the house. Now they can breathe deeply and comfortably.

Multi-Stage Cyclonic Technology in Eureka NEU522 FloorRover

Bagless vacuum cleaners have taken center stage in the world of vacuum cleaners. If you have been using bagless vacuums for a while, you will notice that most of them have one major problem. They tend to lose suction power as the dust cup fills up.

This happens because as dust and dirt enter the dust cup, they reduce the airflow. It is the airflow in the dust cup that is mostly responsible for the suction power. So, as the airflow reduces, so does the suction power. The cyclonic technology, which the Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum uses, handles the dust and debris that you vacuum differently.

It spins them around in the dust cup at a high speed. The effect of this is to separate the dirt from the air. The dirt and dust settle beneath the dust cup and the air is left on top. This way, there is sufficient airflow in the dust cup at all times. That’s why, vacuums that apply the cyclonic technology effectively, such as this one, do not lose suction. With this vacuum cleaner, you will get an efficient vacuuming experience from start to finish.

Easy Glide Big Wheels and Swivel Steering

One of the first things you will notice when you see the Floor Rover Upright is the wheels. Yes, they are that noticeable. What is cool about this design is that the big wheels do not even make the vacuum have a larger footprint.

The wheels make it easy for you to transition from one floor type to another. You can easily clean like you want without fiddling with any controls. It also has a swivel steering that lets you turn easily. Now, you can twist around corners and furniture easily without moving them around.

Washable Filter – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner

Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review

More on the filter; to make sure the filter is performing optimally, it is best to change it once in a while. This can add up to the overhead cost over time and it can sometimes be a hassle finding the right filter.

Any of these issues will not apply to you if you have the Eureka Floor Rover Upright because the filter is washable. Once you notice the filter is getting clogged, you can easily bring it out and put it under a running tap. Afterward, let it dry, and it is as good as new. This will save you some money as you won’t be changing the filter any time soon.

Suction Release Valve – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover

People complain about vacuums being difficult to push on a carpet, especially if it is a high-pile. This is due to how well the suction grips the carpet which turns out not to be fun at all. With the Eureka Floor Rover, you will not experience that type of issue because of its suction release valve.

This valve is located at the back of the vacuum for easy access. You can open the valve when vacuuming on the carpet so that vacuum becomes easier to push. When you go on hard floors, you can close it up so that the suction can grip better.

Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner review

User-friendliness Of Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner

User-friendly means different things to different people.

So, we will state the things about this vacuum we feel makes it easy to use. It will be up to you to decide if it is user-friendly to you or not. We will start with the dust cup. It has a high capacity which means you will not be taking too many trips to the trash can for emptying. To detach it from the vacuum is as easy as pushing a button. The dust cup opens at the base so that the dirt can fall out on its own which spares you the need of coming in contact with it.

The attachment tools are stored aboard the vacuum cleaner so you don’t have to go far whenever you need them. The suction power is good and the cyclonic system means it does not dwindle. If you combine this with the vacuum’s 12.5 inches brush head you will be vacuuming faster, hence, better productivity.

Onboard Accessories – Eureka NEU522 FloorRover dash upright pet vacuum cleaner

You must have noticed that a lot of upright vacuum cleaners have an extension hose. This is to make them versatile so you can use them for above the floor vacuuming. The Eureka Floor Rover Upright Vacuum has a 12-feet hose which gives you sufficient reach above the floor. That’s not all, you can also use attachment tools with the hose to aid your vacuuming. The tools that come with the Rover include a 2-in-1 upholstery tool.

This will let you remove dirt and dust off upholstery. The 16-inch crevice tool gives you access to hard to reach areas such as baseboards and tight corners.

There is also the pet turbo brush, this is especially for those who have pets. This attachment tool will help you clean pet hair around your home. You can also use it to vacuum stairs.

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