Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews


Which one is better – Tineco iFloor vs iFloor 3 vs Floor One S3? The Tineco iFloor is a cordless wet dry vacuum. The cleaner is able to pick up debris on carpet or bare floors like a regular vacuum, but its main use is for washing hard floors. No matter you want to do light mopping jobs or to get rid of big spills. The included solution can be used to wash the floor by adding one cup of it to the container filled with water. Reveal more in Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews.

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In the box

  • * Main body
  • * Brush roller
  • * Deodorizing & cleaning solution
  • * Adaptor
  • * Self-cleaning storage tray
  • * 3-in-1 cleaning tool

Compare Tineco iFLOOR vs iFLOOR 3 vs FLOOR One S3

Suction powerPowerful suction2.5 Times more suction than the iFloor2.5 Times more suction than the iFloor
Battery capacity2500mAh3000mAh4000mAh
Running timeup to 22 minsup to 25 minsup to 35 mins
Clean water tank capacity0.55L0.6L0.6L
Dirty water tank capacity0.4L0.5L0.5L
iLoop sensor technology
Auto-control suction and water flow
LED display
App Integration
Voice assistant

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews


The Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be an all-in-one vacuum cleaner for cleaning all types of messes on any floor. It has been made with the limitations of the standard upright vacuum cleaner to come up with a perfect solution that gives you amazing results no matter what kind of mess you are dealing with.

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews
Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews

This will not be the case with this vacuum. Just vacuum the entire area normally and the vacuum will find a way of dealing with the mixture of liquids and solids in the collection cup. This ability makes it ideal for use in places like the kitchen where most other vacuums would not be very practical.

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews
Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews

Portable and Lightweight

No matter how enjoyable you find vacuuming to be, it involves wielding a machine and this will certainly have a toll on you after you have vacuumed for a while. At 6.5 pounds, this vacuum is easy to move around as you vacuum.

In addition to being easy to vacuum because of the portable design, you will have no problems if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs because of this manageable weight. Despite having vacuuming and washing capabilities, the brush roll is amazingly nimble and will easily fit in tight and narrow spaces.

That’s not all. Being a cordless vacuum cleaner, you get an extra level of freedom when you need to move around. Instead of having to worry about power outlets and cord lengths, this vacuum gives you the freedom to vacuum the entire house as long as the battery still has some charge left.

Vacuum and Wash

The one thing that distinguishes this vacuum from most of the other cordless upright vacuums is its ability to handle wet messes. Cleaning muddy paw prints left by your pet can be quite an uphill task if you are using a standard vacuum, but the Tineco iFloor won’t break a sweat.

The fact that this vacuum can vacuum and wash means that instead of mopping the spills before vacuuming, you will be able to clean everything in one pass. This way, cleanup time is significantly reduced and you also end up spending less energy in the process.

It has two tanks: one for storing clean water for washing the brush roll and mopping your floors, and another for storing the dirty water collected in the cleaning process. For the best results, the clean water will need to be mixed with a cleaning solution so that it can get rid of any oily messes that it comes across on your floors.

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews
Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews

Self Cleaning Storage Tray

Cleaning wet and dry messes can leave the brush roll messy because the grime and some of the particles will get stuck on the brush roll and this will have a negative impact on the quality of results that you will be able to achieve in your next cleaning run.

This is why Tineco decided to include a self-cleaning feature on this wet and dry vacuum cleaner’s storage tray. Essentially, this feature works with the storage tray to clean the brush roll on the device. The best thing about this feature is the fact that once you have activated it, it will do the cleaning and shut off automatically once it is finished. You don’t have to be present as it cleans. It also does a pretty good job.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor in any cordless vacuum cleaner and this is no exception. Fortunately, it does not disappoint. In normal wash and vacuum mode, the battery on this vacuum will be able to power this vacuum for around 22 minutes. Tineco iFloor 3 has run time of 25 minutes (Tineco iFLOOR vs iFLOOR 3).

For a cordless vacuum with above average capabilities, this battery life is more than decent. You have more than enough time for quick cleanups and even if you want to mop your entire living room, the battery life is sufficient. You will, however, need to contend with a long charging time of up to 4 hours.

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews
Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop reviews

Tineco iFloor cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner and mop performance reviews

Starting with simple wet spills, it picked the grape juice up in one back and forth pass with no visible residue which was pretty impressive.

We then increased the thickness of the spills, picking up “Thousand Island” dressing and yogurt. Again, the pickup ability was fantastic, and there was little residue for so few passes. In fact, we think the Tineco iFloor did better than the Bissell Crosswave in terms of residue at this point.

For a super messy spill, we used spaghetti. Cleaning the mess was easy, but it did require a number of passes to clear the area of residue. Though it did slightly better than the Bissell Crosswave with regard to residue at this point.

We also did a test where we used to clean dried spots on the floor. We think this type of use is the best way to use the Tineco iFloor and it did really well, and was very easy to maneuver with its lightweight construction and of course being cordless helped as well.

We then did a test with dried on residue of mostly grape juice. It was dried to a sticky hard consistency. Here the results depended on how many passes and how much liquid you used. For example, it took about 15 passes, moving pretty fast with the larger dried spills. But the 1 tablespoon test picked up all the material in 3 passes. Technically the same cleaning quality as the others but we might even say that the iFloor had the best results after each pass. The unit is pretty good at cleaning tough stains.

We also like that it really only takes a cupful of the solution to work instead of quite a bit of solution with the Bissell Crosswave.

Another positive aspect of the device is the price. In many ways the iFloor is a copy of the Bissell Crosswave, but it’s cordless, AND its quite a bit cheaper so that is a big plus.

It is also a little quieter in comparison to the Crosswave.


The first thing we didn’t like is that if the water crosses the max line on the dirty water tank, you will hear a tone change and it will start leaking from the bottom of the unit until you turn off the motor.

The odd thing about this is that we never overfilled the clean water tank so you would think it wouldn’t max out the dirty water tank. We think the soap makes the water more bubbly and thus causes the dirty water to cross the max line faster. But even weirder is we didn’t even use any cleaning solution for the last 7 tests or so, only water, but still it would max out the line and start leaking once dirty water crossed the max line.

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