DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen review


From carpets and bedding to car seats and corners, the T20’s multifunction accessories leave dust with nowhere to hide. DreameTech T20’s unique, patented innovations improve efficiency, portability, ease of use, and especially cleaning power, putting the best cleaning technologies available in your hands.  Ever had a family’s worth of hair tangled in a vacuum roller? Not a problem for vacuum cleaner T20. Thanks to a set of hair tangle-free design built into the roller, which can peel off any hair that would get wrapped around the roller during operation, your DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen won’t have any issues, even when cleaning a house full of pets and people. Find details in DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen review.

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Specifications – DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen

  • Product Name Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Type VTE1
  • Rated Voltage 25.2V
  • Rated Power 450W
  • Battery Capacity 3000mAh
  • Net Weight 1.67kg
  • Charging Time 4 hours
  • Motor Dreame Space 4.0 High-speed Motor
  • Run-time Up to 70 minutes
  • Suction Power 150AW
  • Vacuum Degree 25000Pa
  • Filtration System 12-cone Cyclone Self-cleaning, 5-level Filtration
  • Maximum Dustbin Capacity 0.6L

About Dreame Technology

Dreame Technology, established in 2015, is an innovative company with the vision to enhance global users’ quality of life. The Company focuses on high-performance cleaning appliances by leveraging astrodynamics technologies. As a leading smart consumer technology company, Dreame joined the Xiaomi Technology Ecosystem – which is renowned for its exacting standards – at the end of 2017.

Compare DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner vs Dreame V11

Dreame T20Dreame V11
Suction power25.000 pa (150 AW)25.000 pa (150 AW)
Wipe functionyes, depending on scope of deliveryno
Operating Volume73, 79, 84 dB (with ascending suction stage)65, 69, 73 dB (depending on suction stage)
Battery2700 mAh, exchangeable3000 mAh
Working time70 min on lowest suction level (but two batteries), 10 min on highest level90, 30, 10 min (with increasing suction level)
Charging time4 h4 h
Suction stagesFour (including “Auto mode”)three
Dust chamber0.6 l0.5 l
Dimensions126.5 x 25.5 cm122,1 x 20,2 cm
Weight1.7 kg as handheld vacuum cleaner1.6 kg as handheld vacuum cleaner, 3.9 kg completely removed
CE markyesyes

DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen review


With the dimensions 126,5 x 25,5 cm the teat is also usable for people up to 1,95 m (6ft 4″) without any problems (here again my hugely grown, younger 2-m-brother (6ft 6″) can be used) Also the weight of 2,7 kg completely removed (incl. suction pipe and floor nozzle) does not spoil the comfortable handling.

LCD display

The display shows a wealth of information:

  • Charge level in percent
  • four suction levels (Eco, Med, Auto, Turbo)
  • Trigger locked or unlocked (continuous vacuuming or pressing)
  • Note that the HEPA filter must be cleaned
  • Language selection (English and German available)
  • Various error messages (low battery power, roller must be cleaned, filter not inserted correctly, etc.)


The T20 generates up to 150 AW suction power, which can easily clean surfaces such as hardwood floors, thick carpets, and beds with different brushes. The intelligent adaptive suction power with auto-mode can detect different surfaces and change suction power accordingly.

Filter & dust chamber

The entire filter system can be easily washed out under the sink. Depending on the intensity of use, this makes sense every two to three months. Also the emptying of the 0.6 l dust chamber is well thought out by the manufacturer. All the user has to do is press a button (trash can symbol) and the contents of the chamber tumble out. It is therefore essential to perform the process above the trash can.


The surface brush and floor nozzle on this vacuum cleaner have been enhanced with sensors to detect the kind of surface it is on automatically. Therefore, the Dreame T20 will immediately adjust the suction level as well as the suction power depending on whether it’s a hard floor or carpet.


The T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has an impressive run-time of 70 minutes, the longest in the market, and it can be further extended to 140 minutes with an additional detachable battery. Both batteries can be charged at the same time with its wall-mounted storage cum charging dock, which enhances the user experience.

Cleaning modes

Its four cleaning modes quickly and easily cleans up ground-in dirt in furniture, beddings, car seats as well as unreachable places like gaps in tile or wood floors. The Dreame T20 vacuum also features five stages of filtration systems that captures 99.97% of the dust and allergens in your living space. While at the same time expelling clean, fresh air. This T20’s filter system will leave your home safe and comfortable.

DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen Performance review

After a charging time of 4 h the T20 is ready for use for a working time of 70 (Eco), approx. 30 (medium suction stage) or 10 min (Turbo). This is 20 min. less on the lowest suction stage than on the predecessor V11, but still a very good value compared to many other models (Dyson V11 Absolute for example provides 60 min. Otherwise you can also use the second battery.

It would have been nice to compare the floor nozzle with attached carpet roller with the Torque Drive of the V11 Absolute, but unfortunately it was still in development for the test phase. With the soft roller in combination with the 25.000 pa suction power (just below the previous best value) you are equipped with sufficient feeding power for carpets, but not with the right roller. The special carpet roller should be much more suitable for this purpose than the soft roller. With our advance delivery scope we are not optimally equipped for use on carpets.

Is better Dyson V11 than DreamTech T20 cordless vacuum cleaner with all-in one HD screen?

Inside the T20, the motor operates at 125,000 rotations per minute, which corresponds to the motor value of the Dyson V11 Absolute. But what I find particularly positive after dozens of laps is a different motor – namely that of the bottom nozzle. You only have to give the T20 the direction, the engine does the rest by itself. So you have less the feeling of doing annoying housework and more the feeling that vacuuming can also be fun. It really does with a good cordless vacuum cleaner like the T20.

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