INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner 23KPa powerful suction with 250W motor


Really like this INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner 23KPa powerful suction with 250W motor. It is powerful, light and easy handle, and can immediately remove stubborn dust and large particles to clean the entire house floor and room. Portable vacuum cleaners with button attachments can be easily converted into hand-held vacuum cleaners, which can be easily used to clean cars. Long gap and 2 in 2 1 retractable metal tube for height adjustment; one-click large trash can for easy emptying; with wall-mounted installation and hook on the tube for 2 different convenient storage methods. INSE S6 features 23KPa powerful suction with 250W advanced digital motor and upgraded filtration system. Comes with multipurpose attachments to meet your various cleaning needs; perfect for carpet, hard floor, bed, pillow, rugs, cars, pet, sofa, desk, drawer, cabinet, windows, curtain and bookshelf, etc. Reveal more in INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner reviews.

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INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner 23KPa powerful suction with 250W motor
INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner 23KPa powerful suction with 250W motor

Specifications – INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner 23KPa powerful suction with 250W motor

Package Dimensions17.3 x 13.7 x 7.1 inches
Item Weight5.93 pounds
Item model numberS6
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Item Weight5.93 Pounds

INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaner comparison

INSE S6 Wireless VacuumINSE S6 FilterINSE I5 Wired VacuumINSE N6 Wireless VacuumINSE N5 Wireless Vacuum
Suction Power23000Pa18000Pa12000Pa12000Pa
Motor Power250W600W160W145W
Dustbin Capacity1.2L1L0.5L1.2L
Filter TypeHigh-efficiency Filter BarHigh-efficiency Filter PadHEPA FilterHigh-efficiency Filter Bar
Advanced Multi-cyclonic Filtration System
Detachable & Washable Filter
Suitable for Floor&Carpet
AttachmentsRetractable Metal Tube, Advanced Soft & Stiff Roller Brush, Motorized Cleaner Head, Bed Vacuum Head, Long Crevice, 2-in-1 Brush, Flexible Hose, Filter, 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool, Wall Bracket, Power AdapterCheck the service card to contact INSE in the quickest contact way (INSE Website / Email / Facebook) and get 7/24 Professional Customer SupportRetractable Metal Tube, Long Crevice, 2-in-1 Brush, Filter Pad, Accessories Hook, Cord Wrap, (Not Motorized Cleaner Head)Retractable Metal Tube, Soft & Stiff Roller Brush, Motorized Cleaner Head, Long Crevice, Oval Brush, 2 HEPA Filters, 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool, Wall Bracket, Power AdapterRetractable Metal Tube, Advanced Soft & Stiff Roller Brush, Motorized Cleaner Head, Long Crevice, 2-in-1 Brush, Filter, 2-in-1 Cleaning Tool, Wall Bracket, Power Adapter

Key features

Handheld Vacuum

1. Easily attach to the mini motorized cleaner head and switch into handheld type (45° adjustable)

2. High-frequency vibration can flap the bedding at high speed, which helps efficiently pick up the embedded hair and dust mite

3. Keep your bedding and sofa always clean to protect your family’s health

2-in-1 Brush

  1. This 2-in-1 brush could be switched into a wide crevice tool to pick up coffee bean on the desk, or a handheld vacuum with brush to clean the fabric surface;
  2. Could be attached to the metal tube to be a lightweight vacuum to reach ceiling/curtains

4-stage filtration

1. 4 stages fully-sealed filtration system with double cyclone and patented airflow design

2. High-efficiency sponge filter (for capturing for tiny dirt, pollen, dusty organisms), features longer using time than regular HEPA filter.

3. Offers a longer service life of the motor and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe while keeping deep-cleaning

Powerful 250W Brushless Motor

1. INSE Brushless Motor provides ultra-quiet, powerful suction, produces much less heating and provides better performance than brushed motors

2. Advanced digital motor can offer 23Kpa suction power in MAX mode to provide deep cleaning while in low noise level

3. Extra-long motor service life up to 10 years!

LED Searchlight

The LED lights of the cleaner head helps illuminate and helps to find out unseen dust in every dark corner or under furniture.

2500mAh battery power

1. 3-block indicator lights for a quick check on battery status

2. Two power modes: standard mode is suitable for daily cleanings such as picking up dust debris or spider webs; MAX mode is perfect for picking up pet hair from carpet and large particles

3. No need to hold on the trigger: press one time to turn on and start to work at standard mode, press the +/- button to switch speed mode

Performs Well on All Floors and Carpet

The stiff roller is suitable for both of the carpets (low-mid pile) and hard floors such as tile floor, marble floor, hardwood, etc.

Deep Clean on Hardwood Floor

Due to quality anti-static carbon fiber, the soft roller is perfect for removing fine/dry dust/particles on hard floors.

Clean Every Corners of House

Retractable metal tube and adjustable cleaner head allows easy movement when cleaning corners and hard to reach areas.

What to consider before buying a stick vacuum?

Floor type: Stick vacs work best cleaning bare floors, low pile rugs and carpets, and, for those that convert to a hand vac or have hand vacuums on board, upholstery, stairs and even the car. For bigger jobs, like cleaning a whole house with multiple rooms, deep carpets, and a mix of hard and soft surfaces, you may need a full-size upright or canister vacuum.

Corded vs. cordless: Corded vacuums work nonstop so there’s no downtime and no need to recharge the battery. The downside is that you are tethered to an outlet and can only roam as far as the length of a cord. Cordless vacuums run on batteries and today’s lithium-ion batteries have more power and last longer than the nickel cadmium batteries of older models — some up to as long as 60 minutes — before needing recharging. On some models, the battery pack itself can be removed for charging which allows you to simply plug in only the battery for charging and store the rest of the vacuum in a closet and out of sight.

Brush roll: A rotating brush roll is important to have if you have medium pile carpets to help remove dirt that’s settled down into the tufts. Brush rolls can also help collect debris on bare floors, but can sometimes cause scattering and should be soft enough not to scratch them. If you are vacuuming only bare floors and very flat rugs, a stick vacuum without a rotating brush roll will likely fit your needs.

ConvertibilityHaving one vacuum that does double duty is always a bonus. For that reason, virtually all stick vacs can either be converted to a handheld vacuum by popping off the motored top or removing the handle, or they come with a separate handheld unit that snaps directly onto the body of the stick vacuum. Both the handheld and stick vacuums operate off the same motor, so they charge (and run down) at the same time. The handheld versions are great for cleaning upholstery, stairs, the car and for quickly picking up dry spills, like rice or cereal, off a bare floor.

Storage space: Because they are slim, stick vacuums take up less storage space than full-size vacuums, but most don’t stand up on their own, especially those with heavy motors on top. For this reason, most come and snap into charging brackets that you can mount to a wall. Others may have bases that you set the stick vac onto to keep it upright for storage and charging. Whichever type you choose, we recommend looking for a stand that also holds any attachments so everything’s neatly stored in one place. Some come with retractable or foldable handles to take up even less precious closet space.

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