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Where to buy Bob and Brad massager gun? Does it support Bluetooth connectivity? Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun review. Its 5 massage heads and 5 speeds are suitable for different parts of the body. The max speed up to 3200rpm can help muscle recover faster, reduce muscle pain, muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up, encourage blood flow, improve range of motion and flexibility, help with muscle stiffness and more. Here is everything you want to know in Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun review.

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In the box

On opening we found everything packed nicely. The device stands out in the middle of the bag. There’s the charger; a USB-C cable (how nice!).

Pros & Cons


  • Low Noise
  • Portable size
  • Excellent build quality
  • USB-C charging
  • Includes a carrying case and 5 massage heads


  • So-so stall force
  • Low amplitude
  • Min. percussions at high 2000 rpm


  • Weight 1.5 lbs
  • Attachments 5
  • Stall Force 30-35 lbs
  • Percussions 2000-3200 ppm
  • Stroke Length ~8 mm
  • Battery Life 3-4 hours (2500 mAh)
  • Noise 35-65 dB

Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun review


The black and silver paint gives it a professional look if nothing else. Even so it still looks sturdy and feels quite durable. The exterior shell is covered in a soft touch matte finish that’s smooth, yet super grippy, particularly around the handle. 


It’s a small massage gun and weighs in at just 1.5lbs. Its handle is T-shape jack-hammer style that you get with regular guns that put a little too much tension in your wrists as you massage away. 


The power button is inset. Long press will turn it on or off while quick presses give you the option to change speeds. The area around the power button has LEDs that indicate the speed level. Looks slick.

Attachment/head – Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun

The C2 has 5 attachments. The attachments can be easily attached and removed. Bob and Brad are physical therapists for young and very old patients, so they probably intentionally made it this way.

The fork/spine head: The spine head is used to massage the spine and the neck area. It has two prongs that go either side of the spine. You can also use this head to massage muscles around the calf area. Again Bob and Brad chose hard plastic for this one. It does the job okay as well.

The ball head: This is the typical go-to massage head. 9 times out of 10 it’s the head that is attached to any massage gun. This is because it’s the one used to get a general massage. If you want to work on any part of the body, then this is the massage gun head that you’ll use. The C2 has a plastic made ball head that works fine. Would’ve been better with foam on it but we’re not complaining. It does the job just fine.

The bullet head: This attachment is a focus head. It’s used to target a particular spot on the body. Sometimes you get muscle knots that can be quite painful and a general massage just won’t cut it. The bullet head is useful in such cases.

The Air Cushion Head: You can also simply call it the cushion head. It’s the one we got so excited about on this model. It’s like a combination of two heads, like a two-in-one kind of thing. Let’s say, the flat head with a rubber cushion on top. The cushion is important here. We use it when we want to get a deeper massage but just want to feel the percussion rather than the vibrations on the body. The C2 one is good quality.

The flat head: The flat head attachment is the power head. It’s an important head and is also used to massage several body parts. We call it a power head because you use it when you want to really get in on the bigger muscles like the quads and pecs. For the C2 model they also chose hard plastic.

Speed & Percussions

It has 8-9mm amplitude. It features a maximum of about 30 lbs. of stall force. The Bob and Brad C2 features an impressive 2000-3200 RPM. This device has 5 speed levels, which is perfect. We’ve seen devices that have up to 20 levels, such as Chirogun or Legiral Le3 . 

Battery life & charging

It comes with a 2500mAh battery. A single charge (which takes about 3.5 hours) will last between 3-4 hours of continuous run depending on the level of use. We estimate that once you charge it, and use it for 10-minute sessions per day, you’ll have to charge it again after 2 weeks.

The Bob and Brad massage gun is charged via USB-C. That’s quickly become the new go-to standard for most laptops and cell phones


The C2 is a relatively quiet massage gun. It produces sound between 40-65dB.

Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun customer review

We used it to rehab a pulled quadricep. The oscillating motion was perfect for cross tissue massage. The unit feels solid in your hand. While in use, the massaging penetrates deep, but the feedback to the hand holding it is minimal. I especially like the air cushion head because it doesn’t bang around on bone when massaging areas with thin muscle or a lot of bone like the shoulder blade.It has plenty of power so I don’t feel that this mini version is lacking anything compared to the larger version.

By Kalli Mikichi at

Bob and Brad deep tissue percussion massager gun alternative

Theragun PRO

Dedicated athletes, look no further. Though eye-wateringly expensive, this beast of a massage gun has been so brilliantly designed that you can use it all over your back, by yourself. Its arm can be moved to four different angles and its triangular shape affords you the best grip at all times. 

It boasts six massage heads, but it’s the heaviest model on our list, and very noisy. The accompanying app is Americanised – you’re unlikely to require “basketball recovery”, for example – but it helpfully tells you how much pressure to apply. Our testers found it painful when used on their shins and feet, but any pro will love it. 

Key specifications
Colours: 2
Weight: 1.3kg
Amplitude: 16mm
Speed settings: 5, from 1750 to 2400ppm, plus app-controlled customisable speed range
Battery life: Up to 5 hours (split between two batteries)
Warranty: 2 years
Included accessories: 6 massage heads, charger, carry case

Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun

The shape of this mighty massage gun helps you tease out every last knot comfortably. It offers an excellent five hours of battery life and the six massage heads cover all bases for a versatile massaging session. 

It’s a doddle to use, and incredibly powerful, with the option of a very high speed setting. Our testers found it bulky, and some felt the number of attachments was excessive, with most agreeing that it was better suited to a professional gym than home use.  

Key specifications
Colours: 1
Speed settings: 
4, from 1300 to 3300rpm
Battery life: 
Up to 5 hours
 1 year
Included accessories:
 6 massage heads, charger, carry case

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