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Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review – are they useful?

Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review

Is any good in Breo iDream5 eye & head massager? The Breo iDream5 eye & head massager is ideal for those who work on a computer or read for extended periods. It is an inventive massager that utilizes modern technology. This massager soothes pressure points around your temples, head, eyes, and back of neck, relieving pressure effectively. Under the control of mobile phone app, the massage mode and intensity can be adjusted easily according to your need. With the mobile phone app, you may quickly customize the intensity and mode of massage, select a preferred heat compression, and focus the massage contacts and air bags on the proper area around your head and eyes. Discover more in Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review.

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Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review
Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review

iDream5 adopts air pressure, kneading, and heat compression massage technology to massage the head, the regions around eyes, and the back of neck. It can help sleep while relieving the pressure and fatigue. It comes with built-in music. You can relax and enjoy your massage to the beat of music. The main unit is detachable and the head circumferences can be adjusted easily to suit for different needs of people. We covered details in Breo iDream5 head and eye massager review.

Features – Breo iDream5 eye & head massager

• Kneading Scalp Massage
• Eye & Head Massage
• Intelligent Air Pressure Massaging (4 States, Automatically working)
• Vibration (4 Kinds)
• Heating  (2 States)
• Relax Music and Natural music(5 Kinds)
• Lithium battery powered
• APP control

In the box

• iDream 5 Unit
• Wireless Controller with LCD Display
• Earphones
• User Manual
• Power Charger

Benefits of using head and eye massagers

As touched on before, head and scalp massagers provide numerous of benefits for your overall health.

For starters, they can relax your muscles. Relaxing your muscles is a good way to cut down on stress or any tension you’re carrying in your body. In addition to that, relaxed muscles can ease tension headaches and migraines. Frequent use of massagers may have the added bonus of reducing the frequency of headaches.

Another benefit of using these types of massagers is improving your hair health. Those who suffer from flakes and dandruff can use head and scalp massagers to spread oil throughout their scalp. This can relieve symptoms of dry scalp and also help moisturize the hair.

Spreading natural oils around the scalp has another advantage by encouraging hair growth. Furthermore, massagers stimulate blood flow, which pushes nutrients to hair follicles, creating stronger ones that are not prone to splitting.

For those that want an easier time spreading shampoo and conditioners, the right type of massager can aid with that also. It relieves your fingers from having to do the job, and with the size of them, provide a larger spread for a deeper, better cleaning experience.

What is good in Breo iDream5 eye & head massager?

Heat Compression: Turn heat on and off to suit your comfort level.

Cordless and Portable: Built in rechargeable lithium battery enables you to use this massager cordlessly, you can move freely during massage free of wires.

Customizable Air Pressure Modes: Choose low, med, firm air pressure modes. The Breo app allows you to adjust the pressure intensity from 0 to 100% for the scalp, neck, forehead/temples and ocular areas.

Music Control: Choose volume and music selection or add your own music.

Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review


iDream5 features a helmet design. It is intended to address not only your head, but also your eyes. The goggles have a visible design. Meaning, you can still watch TV, play with your phone, or work on your computer without taking it off.


To take a quick look at the material, the helmet is made using polycarbonate. It weighs around 4lbs, so it is not the lightest thing on your head. Even so, it is meant to be comfortable and simple enough to manage.

The iDream5 is also designed with a built-in lithium battery. With it, you should get a week of use out of it with a full charge. As it is cordless, you can take it where you need it while you use the massager. The massager is also supported with a compatible app you can download via your Smartphone.

If you want though, you can remove the goggles entirely and opt for just the head massager for your scalp and neck. When it comes to the massage heads, there are five of them. In total, the massage heads have 70 nodes.

Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review
Breo iDream5 eye & head massager review

Pulse and kneading

With the kneading and pulsing, this tries to resemble a human-like massage, claiming to replace a real therapist. The air compression system helps with that process. Meanwhile, the scalp massage promotes blood circulation, aiming to reduce your stress and tension.

Concerning the actual massage, the iDream5 offers pulsing and kneading, a penetrating scalp massage, air compression, and even infrared heat compression rated at 107°F. Each of the features offers a unique form of relief.

Massage with music

In addition to the massage features, there is a music mode you can use that plays classical tunes. You can also change the musical selection or opt out entirely and instead play your own music.

As for the heat aspect, it addresses the eye area and the back of the head. This can help soothe dry eye symptoms as well as encourage the healing of dark circles.

How to connect with app and use Breo iDream5 eye & head massager?

Connecting to the compatible mobile device on your Smartphone allows for a greater amount of control of the iDream5. With the app, you not only control the direction of the massage, but you can also adjust which area of your head that it focuses on. From the app, you can even choose the strength behind it.

The amount of heat you feel around your eyes and back of head is adjustable too. With that, you can change the air pressure modes from low to firm.

The massager itself is adjustable as well. It is built to fit a range of head sizes from 22in. to 25in. in circumference. All you need to do is turn the knob.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are just getting into head and scalp massagers, it can get confusing and a little overwhelming to understand what to look for. Not only are there dozens on the market, but there are a few different types of head and scalp massagers that serve various purposes.

For those of you seeking some guidance, our guide below is intended to offer more explanation about head and scalp massagers. This way, you can choose the right product for your specific needs.

Massager Types

Before you decide to try out any of the products reviewed above, check out the different types of head and scalp massagers to determine which one better suit your situation:

Helmet Design: Many head and scalp massagers opt for the helmet design. These are electronic, offering a number of different functionalities to thoroughly massage your head. Some focus purely on the head, while others work on the eyes as well. It’s an easy way to experience a massage without doing anything as you can just lie down or watch TV while it works.

At the same time, some may find the design constricting and heavy. They’re not as portable either, which are some aspects to consider before deciding on the helmet head and scalp massagers.

Handheld: Perhaps the most common and recognizable type of head and scalp massagers are the handheld type. They are various sizes with some being completely manual and others still electric.

The manual types of handheld massagers have absolutely no battery or power to them. You control the entirety of it. Usually, these types are waterproof and can be used in the shower with ease to help with cleaning your hair and scalp.

As for the electric type of handheld head and scalp massagers, they provide various types of therapies. Some offer two vibration modes, while others provide you with more.

Handheld massagers in general tend to be compact, so they are the most travel-friendly of any head and scalp massagers. Quality ones usually have ergonomic designs as well so that they are easier to hold onto, especially if you plan on using it in the shower.

However, not all of them offer adjustable settings, especially the manual ones that have no settings at all. They do not always have the most longevity either, but much of this has to do with the build behind it and material used.

Massage Techniques

When purchasing a head and scalp massager, there are different massage techniques offered with each having their own benefits. Most of them are only found in electric massagers, however. Some of the common techniques are described below:

  • Vibration: A well-known type of massage technique, this type is not always found inside head and scalp massagers. No matter, if one has it, they may offer various speeds or intensities in the vibrations. These can ease aches and pains in not just your head, but the rest of your body as well.
  • Kneading: A common and helpful massage technique, kneading is found in electric and manual massagers. As it compresses soft tissue, it alleviates tension throughout your scalp.
  • Tapping: This simply involves tapping your muscles, a process that can stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. It has a host of benefits such as improving hair health and growth. It can even aid those that deal with the likes of migraines or tension headaches.

Some head and scalp massagers offer a combination of massage therapy techniques. This way, you have greater versatility to help with how you are feeling in that moment. For instance, a massager can both knead and vibrate, giving you the best of both worlds, so to speak.

In addition to a combination of massage techniques, there are also head and scalp massagers that provide different features such as air compression. Some also have infrared heat treatment therapy. Combining the heat and air therapy can relieve tension, offering a full-body relaxation massage rather than just on the head and scalp.

These are only found in electronic types of massagers. More specifically, helmet head and scalp massagers offer features such as these as they are more adept with handling them.

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