Can Naipo foot massager with tapping relieve stress?

Can Naipo foot massager with tapping relieve stress? Naipo Foot Massager, versatile and convenient, could cover the whole feet for comprehensive foot massage. Tapping massage, a function hardly found in other foot massagers, is among the most distinguishing. The philosophy of this function: The anxiety and stress can be alleviated by body languages like tapping massage on feet, giving mild stimulus to a certain part of the body for refreshment. Therefore, the design with high-frequency tapping on feet enhances relaxation, both physically and mentally.

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Can Naipo foot massager with tapping relieve stress?
Can Naipo foot massager with tapping relieve stress?

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Foot massager
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Adapter

What is good in Naipo foot massager with tapping?

Comfortable Tapping massage

Tapping massage is a feature that distinguishes our foot massager from others.Working in tandem with rolling massage and air compression, tapping massage provides percussive therapy to the arch of the foot. The tapping massage on arches will loosen muscle tension and improve skin elasticity.

Interconnected Air Bags Massage

The air bags are inflated and deflated to deliver soothing compression massage, distributing uniform pressure and ensures that all parts of the feet can be covered for in-depth massage.

Emulational Massage

The shiatsu massager mimics massage techniques (kneading, scraping, rolling, and more) by a massagist, with massage speed and intensity being variable for more authentic experience.

Deep Kneading Massage

The foot kneading massager is ideal for those who stand or walk for long. Use the massager every night to improve sleeping quality and feel totally energetic on the next day.

Comfy Heat

The heat massager can relieve muscle spasm and relax nerves by warming and massaging feet simultaneously for full-body relaxation.

Timing Function

The massager with timer shuts off function after 15 minutes of continuous use to prevent the massager from being overloaded, prolonging its service life and preventing discomfort caused by excessive massage.

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