Can Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera record video?


The Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera offers superior features, image clarity (day and night vision), convenience, reliability, safety, signal range, and versatility, allowing you to watch your infant while at home or out of the house. It is also useful if you have an elderly relative living in your home. Trips and falls are a major risk for seniors, and a monitor can let you know the moment they happen. With this Motorola Connect 40 wireless baby monitor (review), you can find out why your baby is crying, or what that loud thump was. Know more on Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera review.

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Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera Specs

  • Audio Communication : 1-way
  • Expandable System : Yes
  • Screen Size : 5 inches


  • Product Name : Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi camera and 5″ Screen
  • Brand : Motorola
  • Model Number COMFORT 85 CONNECT
  • Color : Gold/White
  • Color Category : White


  • Color Monitor : Yes
  • Display Screen : Yes


  • Monitor Type : Video
  • Portable Receiver : Yes
  • Number Of Receivers Included 1
  • Number Of Cameras Included 1
  • Connectivity Technology : Wi-Fi


  • App Compatible : Yes
  • App-Controlled : Yes
  • Smartphone Compatible : Yes


  • Monitor Battery Type : Nickel-metal hydride


  • Monitor Height : 3.7 inches
  • Monitor Width : 6.2 inches
  • Monitor Length : 0.8 inches
  • Monitor Weight : 0.5 pounds
  • Receiver Height : 4.8 inches
  • Receiver Width : 3.8 inches
  • Receiver Length : 3.8 inches
  • Receiver Weight : 0.7 pounds

Motorola Connect 40 manual

What is good in Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera baby monitor?

There are more benefits to consider from Motorola Connect 40 and you will get details on Motorola Connect 40 manual.

Video feed in-real time

Whether you are in the next room or halfway across the world, our security camera provides you an instant broadcast of what’s happening in your home. View the feed from your smartphone via a secure and private Wi–Fi connection, so you can stay connected no matter how near or far you are. Record videos and store them in the cloud for future use. Watch your daily video summary anytime from the 5” control unit or your smart device. 

Add extra cameras to view more areas

Need more than 1 video camera to watch over your entire household? Our family monitor lets you connect up to 4 cameras at a time (each one sold separately), allowing you to view and record footage from different parts of your home. Watch live feeds from all 4 cameras simultaneously with the split-screen viewing feature. And with a 1,000ft connectivity range, enjoy the view of your backyard, garage, patio, and garden without the fear of losing connection. 

Easy handling

Designed in a travel-friendly size, take this family camera with you to college or ovacation for extra security iyour room. With its wireless design, you won’t have to worry about spending hours setting up the video monitor, dealing with bunched up cables, or drilling holes in the wall just to mount the camera. It includes an easy-to-follow guide for hassle-free installation. 

Personalized parenting support

As a new parent, you want to make sure that all your baby’s needs are taken care of. Through the downloadable Hubble app, you get complete access to numerous articles and videos that provide valuable parenting tips and Facts of the Day, specifically filtered for your baby’s age. The app also helps you keep track of your baby’s growth and development, sleep schedules, feeding times, diaper changes, and pumping durations. 

Intuitive safety feature

The wireless camera measures the temperature in the room, which displayed at the top left of the control unit and on the app through your mobile device – letting you know if the room is getting too cold or too warm for comfort. It also records videos automatically when movement is detected (requires a paid plan). The control unit uses a rechargeable battery, with a visual LED sound level indicator that lights up to reflect the sound level captured in the room.

Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera baby monitor review

A quality baby monitor is one of the most important tools for new parents. It helps you keep tabs on your baby’s health and safety, even when you’re not in the room. You can put your baby down for a nap, and not have to worry about something going wrong. Reveal more on Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera baby monitor review.

Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera

Compact Design

The Connect40 comes as a two-part kit: the monitor and the receiver. The monitor itself is a compact camera, which sits inside a chunky, motorized base. It’s relatively lightweight, but the base is the heaviest part, which keeps it from falling over easily. The overall construction is white ABS plastic, with a small Motorola logo on the front of the base. There are also small, elegant perforations in the bottom of the camera, which is where the microphone is located.

Night vision

The front of the camera itself is black, with a small lens visible in the center. Alongside the lens are two pairs of infrared LEDs, which enable the Connect40’s night vision capability. A dongle protrudes from the back, doubling as both an antenna and a thermometer. The one thing we didn’t like about the design is the blue LED on the front. It’s bright, it blinks, and you can’t turn it off. This is a bizarre choice for a device that’s designed to go in the room with your sleeping infant. It also defeats the purpose of the night vision mode by adding a weird strobe effect.

Battery life

The battery life was also disappointing. It only lasts from 3 to 4 hours in audio-only mode. If you’re streaming or recording video, this drops to about 90 minutes. That’s simply inexcusable for any modern device. On the other hand, you can always just leave it plugged in. Considering the fact that you’ll typically always be using it in the same spot, that’s an easy choice to make.

Record audio

The other half of the Connect40 is the receiver, which has a built-in speaker and a 5-inch LCD screen. This allows you to keep tabs on your baby, including video monitoring. The antenna on the back is relatively small, and can be rotated to maintain the best possible signal. There’s also a set of controls, which provide you with several options. You can activate or mute the speaker, turn video monitoring on and off, and even pan the camera. You can also access advanced options and settings inside the menu.

Hubble app

Alternatively, you can use Motorola’s Hubble app to access the monitor from your phone. The app also offers a variety of other features, which we’ll talk about later on. However, perhaps its biggest benefit is the ability for multiple users to access the monitor. If you and your partner aren’t in the same room, or even the same house, it doesn’t matter. You can still keep tabs on your baby.

Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera

Compatible with Alexa

When it comes to control, you’re not limited to just the app. You can also pair the Connect40 with your Alexa or Google Assistant. Want to pan the camera while you’re elbow-deep in dishwater? Just have your smart home assistant do the work for you. You can even activate two-way audio while you’re driving, making this a truly hands-free monitor.

In addition to all these features, you can also pair up to 4 Connect40 cameras with your controller. Want to keep an eye on Grandma and the new baby? You can do that. And once your baby has outgrown their monitor, your extra cameras can double as a home security system. All in all, this is a great bonus feature.

Add extras

Motorola’s free Hubble app adds a ton of extras. Not only can you use it to keep track of your monitor, but you can use it as a scheduling tool. It allows you to set alerts for naptimes and mealtimes, and adjust these alerts as your baby grows. It also lets you track diaper changes, as well as the duration of pumping. In addition, it has a built-in tracker for keeping tabs on your baby’s length and weight.

You can even flag milestones like their first word, first time standing up, and so forth. The app also includes a slew of guide videos and articles about parenting. And you get a “Fact of the Day”, which is tailored for your baby’s exact age. That’s a great value for a free app.

The app also allows you to store videos in the cloud, and save them for later viewing. This is a common feature on security cameras, but it’s good to see on a baby monitor. That said, as with most security camera cloud services, there’s a monthly fee for this feature. Whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze will depend on your personal preferences.

Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera review performance review

camera can be rotated 360 degrees, both from the controller and from the app. The motorized base can also tilt the camera up and down, and even zoom in or out. This is an excellent feature if you’re trying to keep track of an entire room, rather than just watch a crib. With this feature, you can keep an eye on your pets, elderly relatives, or even toddlers in a gated-off room.

The camera resolution itself is not mentioned. At a glance, it looks like 420p, which wouldn’t be impressive for a dedicated security camera. However, for a baby monitor, it’s more than good enough. You won’t be able to read a car license plate from 50 feet away. But you’ll be able to see what your infant is up to. The night vision is also very good, minus the aforementioned strobe effect from the LED. The image will display in black and white, but it’s crisp and clear. It looks like real life, not like the fuzzy image you’ll see on a lot of night vision cameras.

Motorola Connect 40 wireless security camera

The microphone is very sensitive, so you won’t miss out on even the quietest noises. You might even find that you want to keep the volume lower to keep sudden sounds from startling you. It also allows for two-way audio communication, both from the receiver and from your phone. If your baby only falls asleep to the sound of your voice, why stress when you have a sitter? You can pop in and sing her to sleep, then go back to whatever you were doing. This also allows for two-way chat with Grandma, or even for telling your dog to behave. It’s a common feature on many security cameras, to be sure. But it’s nice to see it implemented on a baby monitor.

In addition to audio and video, the Connect40 monitors your room’s ambient temperature. At first, we were puzzled why anyone would actually need this feature. But there are a few situations where it makes sense. For example, suppose it’s getting chilly outside, and you forgot whether or not you left the window open? A quick temperature check can put your mind at ease. Similarly, it’s a great feature if you use a wood stove or another heating system that isn’t “smart”. Why stress over your baby’s temperature when you don’t have to?

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