XMARTO wireless security camera system review


This latest 2020 version has dual WiFi modules in the NVR. One reserved for cameras and the other for connecting the NVR to Internet. Cameras connect to the NVR’s own WiFi to keep your home WiFi clear.The 2nd WiFi connects the NVR system to the Internet. Powered by xmartO G3 AUTO Dream liner Wi-Fi relay tech, when a camera has weak WiFi signal, it automatically uses a closer camera as WiFi repeater to reach the NVR. This helps to boost Wi-Fi range of cameras and no manual setting needed. Discover details in XMARTO wireless security camera system review.

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This XMARTO wireless security camera system comes with an 8 channel 1080P full HD NVR (network video recorder) including 1TB hard disk, 4x 1080P Wi-Fi IP cameras and accessories. With dual built-in routers and outstanding long range WiFi, this wireless security camera system is perfect for your home and business. NVR specifications: 8CH H.265+ 1080P (1920 x 1080) FHD NVR with dual built-in WiFi routers. 1TB hard drive pre-installed, allows 4 cameras to record 24/7 continuously for up to 60 days. Cameras and NVR auto-pair, plug and play. VGA & HDMI video outputs, 3.5″ Audio outputs. 4x digital zoom with mouse wheel, or with fingers on mobile. Get more in XMARTO wireless security camera system review.

Key features

  • With 4 included xmartO 1080p WB2054 WiFi cameras, you can easily monitor 4 areas simultaneously.
  • If 4 cameras are not enough, you can add up to 4 extra cameras to form an 8-view surveillance system. xmartO provides a wide range of add-on cameras including PTZ bullet cameras, PTZ dome cameras, cameras with PIR motion detection, cameras with built-in audio etc.
  • Powered with xmartO G3 Auto Dream Liner WiFi Relay technology, cameras that have insufficient WiFi signal will automatically use closer cameras as WiFi repeaters to boost the WiFi range.
  • The 2020 model WNQ28-DW NVR included has DUAL-WiFi so it connects to Internet through WiFi instead of hard wiring. This brings fexibility of NVR location, which helps to reach all cameras well and avoid WiFi interference to your home router.
  • The system has a 1TB TOSHIBA surveillance hard disk preinstalled, which keeps videos of past 30+ days.
  • These cameras are 24*7 cameras so it requires power from nearby. Videos stream to NVR through WiFi so you don’t have to run multiple cables to the NVR, making the installation much easier.
  • xmartO provides free power extension cables, please see “Special offer” area above and add them all to cart.

XMARTO wireless security camera system comparison

WOW2084-1TB Camera Kit with PIR SensorWPK13822-1TB Camera Kit with PTZ CamerasWP1324 Add-on PTZ CamerasDPM2024 PTZ Camera – Add on or Standalone
Network Video Recorder8CH 1080p8CH 1080p
Camera high-light featurePIR motion detectionPTZ controlPTZ controlPTZ control
Audio2-way audio2 PTZ cams has built-in MIC, 2 stationary cams support external MICBuilt-in MICBuilt-in MIC
Motion detectionPIR motion detectionVideo motion detectionVideo motion detectionVideo motion detection
Dream Liner WiFi Relay
StorageSATA hard disk or the coming Cloud StorageSATA hard disk or the coming Cloud StorageMicro SD card or the coming Cloud Storage
IR night visionup to 80ftup to 80ftup to 80ftup to 60ft
Flood lights
Support devicesiOS, Android, PC, Mac, includes Linux NVRiOS, Android, PC, Mac, includes Linux NVRxmartO NVRsiOS, Android, PC, Mac, xmartO NVRs

Alternate of XMARTO wireless security camera system

1. SMONET Wireless Security Camera System

This is a versatile wireless security camera that you will find ideal for warehouse, home, Villa, shop, and office among others. The powerful camera features the 4CH HD system that makes it great for indoor and outdoor use. Besides this, the security camera is simple to set up. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t involve wires; hence a great pick.

Other than this, the camera is compatible with the Android and IOS system. With this, you can easily watch the live videos directly from your device. The affordable wireless camera features in different colors for easy selection. It also features the motion app, which will always notify you in case of any movement.

Lastly, the wireless camera supports the IP camera system for excellent and reliable services.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Surveillance camera system
  • 4CH HD wireless system
  • DIY installation

2. Blink Home Security Wireless Camera System

A great wireless camera needs to suit both indoor and outdoor use. This is a weatherproof camera that will suit use in any given area; hence an excellent pick for all users. Besides this, the camera is powered using the 2AA lithium batteries that provide up to 2-year of battery life. This makes the camera very reliable and convenient as it doesn’t run out of power.

Additionally, it also has a built-in motion sensor alarm. This will easily detect any nearby motion and quickly send data from the IP cameras, which greatly enhance the security. The wireless camera is elementary to install and with the free cloud storage, you will easily store all the videos and pictures captured on the camera. Lastly, the camera is ergonomic and with the rugged construction, it will serve for several years.


  • Free cloud storage
  • 2-year battery life
  • Motion detector
  • Weatherproof and rugged construction

3. Arlo Technologies Inc. Wireless Security Camera

This is a unique wireless security camera that has a wire-free design. Due to this, you will find it easier to install anywhere. The camera can be used at home, in the office, villa, warehouse, and other suitable places. It is generally simpler to install due to the design and lack of wires involved in the installation process.

In addition to this, it also suits both indoor and outdoor use. The camera is weather resistant, which makes it great for use anywhere needed. It is battery operated, which provides about 4-6 months of battery life.

Other than this, the camera works with the Amazon Alexa. This makes the control simpler and easier just as expected. It also has the motion detection system, which will easily alert you in case of any motion.


  • 100% wire-free design
  • Weather resistant cameras
  • Motion activated cameras
  • Night vision system

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