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YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras

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YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras

YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras system is a great innovation that combines wireless battery IP camera and Non-stop solar power system. This is really many people have been looking for that truly wireless and No troubling to take it off for recharging every now and then, No afraid of it out of power while you are away from your property. You are allowed to put it on table, fixed it on wall with magnet mount or screw mount are all perfect for security. You can view live stream remotely on your mobile phone from anywhere, without worrying about it lose connection.

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What is good in YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras?

  • Work with 2.4GHz WiFi only, Not support 5GHz WiFi.
  • PIR sensor detection distance max around 8 meters(High sensitive), default at 6 meters (medium).
  • One full charge last up to 5 months assumed trigger alarms 10 times/day, No live stream watching.
  • Watch live stream or frequents alarms consume more power as phone.
  • Need insert SD card or purchase cloud service to store videos for playback.
  • Weatherproof IP65 certified, durable for outdoor using but not suggest totally expose to natural.

YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras comparison

YESKAMO A3S solar security cameraYESKAMO A3 battery security cameraYESKAMO Z6S solar security camera
Power Supply6000mAh Rechargeable Battery6000mAh Rechargeable Battery10400mAh Rechargeable Battery
Wi-Fi Band2.4Ghz Wifi Only2.4Ghz Wifi Only2.4Ghz Wifi Only
PIR Motion Detection
2-Way Audio
SD CardUp to 128G Micro SD CardUp to 128G Micro SD CardUp to 128G Micro SD Card
Cloud Storage
WeatherproofIP65 Waterproof, Withstand -4°F~122°FIP65 Waterproof, Withstand -4°F~122°FIP65 Waterproof, Withstand -4°F~122°F
Remote Live ViewAPP: CloudEdgeAPP: CloudEdgeAPP: CloudEdge
Device CompatibilityiPhone/Android Mobile/iPad/Android PadiPhone/Android Mobile/iPad/Android PadiPhone/Android Mobile/iPad/Android Pad

YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras

YESKAMO solar power outdoor wireless CCTV security cameras

Product dimensions are 2.2 x 2.2 x 3.9 inches with a weight of 8.5 ounces. It has an inbuilt battery system with rechargeable batteries that supports any connectivity of the internet. It is 100% Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera & just requires three days of sunlight for complete refueling.

The PIR alarm detects any sort of motion near the camera & gives an insight of what is happening outside. Having a waterproof shell, the manufacturer provides 12 months warranty for the product. All the necessary accessories are delivered with the camera only. Consumers rate is at 4.5 stars, which are quite magnificent.

Apart from just recording the events indoor or outdoor, this camera also has a sensor to detect movements of objects with heat signatures. The detector is both PIR and motion-sensitive. There is an ample storage space for all the videos recorded (128 GB plus cloud storage). And, the camera can always connect with your phone so that you can monitor the surveillance at your comfort.

Also included are microphones and speakers that cancels noise besides allowing you to hear and see clearly, leave alone talking back to your family or pet. An infrared LED light captures objects that are up to 33 feet away at night. The WiFi connection is possible over the CloudEdge application that you need to download first. And, you can always add more cameras of your preference (there’s no limitation). Take a look at more features in the next section.

Best Solar Powered Security Camera System buying guide

As seen above that installation of solar powered security cameras has become a necessity. But, before purchasing them for homes & offices, one should have an idea of what are the basic requirements before purchasing solar powered security camera system.

So let’s discuss all the Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Solar Powered Security Camera System.

Is it in Wired form or Wireless ?

It is most important to understand the requirement of a security camera for a particular place that is whether the wired connection can be installed or wiring is required. Generally, wireless connections form the major chunk of security cameras as they are easy to carry and install.

Battery needs for Security Camera

Battery capacity and sizes vary according to the use and requirement of the camera. Most batteries are used when there is no availability of solar energy to power the camera.

The capacity of battery ranges according to the capability of the camera. But, at least it should be eight times the output of camera otherwise panels may damage. Battery backup is another criterion that needs surveillance before buying the battery for the camera.

Connectivity to WiFi/Internet

Since one has kept an eye on activities going outside the place on smartphone or laptop, so a sound WiFi or internet connectivity is a must. Instant alerts can be easily sensed through notifications by the use of sensors in a camera that tends to feel any active movement near the camera outside.

Live streaming of outside is also compatible with the connection on smartphones. Even if there is no available internet, one can record all the happenings outside through an external memory, but for receiving instant notifications, the internet is a must.

Proper Storage of Content available in the Camera

It is a secondary requirement if one needs to keep a record of all activities; otherwise, instant net connectivity can also solve the purpose. The motion videos can be saved for the future either through an external hard disk or an SD card.

Another way is to keep the track on Google Drive or its cloud storage with high storage data capacity.

Power Development for Security Cameras

As the security cameras are based on solar energy, so one should have an idea of as to how much electricity a solar panel can generate for the camera functioning. Efficiency can be maximized by providing the precise angle to the panel so that maximum light falls on it.

Budget for the Installation of Solar Powered Security Camera System

It is the most vital feature to understand for purchasing the security camera as one has to decide how much to spend on the security requirements. The initial setup cost ids generally more for security cameras as one has to also install solar panels, but maintenance is cheaper with the course of time.

Resolutions and quality of the video also decide the cost of the camera, and if one is not sure about the quality, a dummy installation without any cost can also be setup.

What is the Best Solar Powered Security Camera System?

Vigilant security setup is a mandatory addition to your home or property. Being under 24×7 security surveillance will mean that all your owndom are theftproof. However, you can’t be on the qui vive yourself. So? There are security cameras to help you with that. Better yet, there are solar-powered security cameras, which offer the surveillance service at lower costs and are environmentally friendly — but still highly effective.

1.SOLIOM S60 Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM S60, which is the winner, is also the most cost-effective and highest-rated Solar-powered Outdoor Security Camera on this list and elsewhere. The SOLIOM App makes it possible to connect remotely (over WiFi) to your family, visitors, and also to intruders (for warning) over your phone. So this is the perfect security camera for both your business and home. The good thing is that it obtains energy from the natural sun. Just make sure that you install the solar panel where it’s exposed to the sun.

Don’t worry about installation as it’s both quick and easy — you can do it yourself without any help. The camera also gives you and other seven users an opportunity to view the live recordings simultaneously. This is a way of enhancing security, especially if you’ve added more cameras in different parts of the home/business. I love this camera’s range of view (the best on this list) and weatherproof properties (IP66). It can detect movements at a rate of 0.7 tracking speed.

2. Reolink Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

The second best solar-powered security camera on my list is none other than this one from Reolink. The Alexa-compatible device makes control of your security system more enjoyable and more comfortable. It’s a wireless device that requires neither drilling nor outlets, so the installation process is also as pure as 123… I love the instant motion notifications and alarm that can scare away the burglar. The camera will always brave weather conditions due to its IP65 waterproof rating.

Storage can both be cloud-based and also in an SD card (supported up to 64gb). The two-way audio enables you to communicate to persons on the other side of the camera, even when you’re absent from home. So keep enjoying the non-stop solar power supply as you keep your property safe from burglars. Have a look at the following features, too.

3. HF HFWS Wireless Solar Powered Security Cameras

This is the security camera that was such hard to relegate that it secured the tenth position on my list. If you need a modern camera that will serve you in the long run, don’t hesitate to acquire the HF HFWS Wireless Security Camera. The fact that it can be DIY installed helps to reduce its effective cost. I love the quality videos that it records, even at night (details in the Features section below).

You will be able to speak through the camera from your phone, given the two-way audio feature of the camera. The fact that it works with Alexa makes things simpler and even more enjoyable as you can ask the voice assistant to show you anywhere within the compound. When you buy the product, you have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and another 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

4. AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

AKASO CS300 offers you a 100% wireless solar-powered security camera with great features at a highly pocket-friendly price. This type of security camera is unique in terms of the privacy that it offers. Both viewing and recording of the indoor and outdoor activities are only possible with the user’s account details. This means that even if someone steals the SD card, s/he won’t be able to read or watch the contents.

With compatibility with Alexa, Google Chrome, and other apps & software, this surveillance camera brings you to command right on your tongue. You can now just tell Alexa to show you any part under the cameras, and it will. What a convenience! Before I highlight more features, I’m also glad to let you know that the camera supports WiFi, too (2.4) GHz.

5. FUVISION Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera

This security camera’s stunning features made it qualify for the position, but the battery capacity drew me closer. Plus, you can always conserve the power even more by making power-saving settings. That aside, the camera was created with the fact that it will be used outdoors in mind. It’s made of a sturdy ABS plastic, which braves all weather conditions. The camera is rated IP66 waterproof, too.

Night vision properties are also featured. The camera has durable night vision LEDs (infrared) that captures as far as 36ft away. To installation, the security system has no wires, so you can imagine how hassle-free the process is.

6. The VIEWZONE Solar Powered Security Cameras

Since your camera will often stay outdoors, the VIEWZONE security camera is waterproof to protect the inner contents from rainwater. That doesn’t mean that it can’t withstand the other weather conditions. It does. The built-in dual sensor can detect motion and objects with heat. The motion detection can go as far as 16 feet while a standard daytime recording covers up to 49 feet far.

VIEWZONE’S camera has a very high resolution of 1080p. This means that you’ll go old school with grainy visuals. Also impressive about it is the price. The company charges customers far much less than the quality it offers. Below are even more features.

7. SDETER 1080P Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera

Are you tired of electricity bills? Do you live in a far-flung area where there’s no access to electrical power? Then here is the solar-powered security camera that you must have — the SDETER 1080p weatherproof, wireless camera. It is equipped with a weatherproof metal casing that allows no rain, wind, frost, or any other weather conditions to affect it. For storage, you won’t need a TF card. You’ll do it on the cloud at a highly accessible fee.

Each time a motion is detected, the security camera will pay you a call. The camera uses radar detection for noticing objects. A 9.8 feet connection cable is attached so that the placement of the solar panel can be more strategic. Don’t worry about its installation; there’s a lifetime technical support offered, free of charge, and an easy-to-follow users’ manual. Here is additional information about the system.

8. Ctronics Outdoor Security Camera

There’s no need to worry about the absence of electrical power again. Ctronics has got you covered with its solar-powered outdoor security camera. Put your front door, rooms, garage, and other places under 24-hour surveillance without interruption using this camera. With an advanced PIR, the camera carefully detects motions to give you only essential notifications.

If you fear tangled connections with a lot of wires, this isn’t the type. Its installation takes a matter of two minutes and is wireless. It’s also a fortune that the Ctronics can connect to your device via WiFi (2.4 GHz) using the Cloudege app (you should download). A high-level sensor (PIR) is used by the camera to detect motions.

9. NexTrend 1080P Security Camera

This type of camera is made to resist harsh weather conditions besides providing excellent performance. It adopts an IP66 waterproof grade metal housing. The housed camera offers an HD quality vision, featuring the best motion sensor (PIR) — nothing passes without you knowing. The good thing is that you can always connect with your phone to receive such notifications.

To Nex Trend, which is the manufacturer of this godsend product, wires are an old thing. So the device is 100% wireless. I love the camera coverage. Rarely do we meet cameras that can record in a wide range of 130° as this one does. Below are more features.

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