XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display review


Artist22E bring you a brand new experience of digital drawing, 21.5 inch screen and 178 degree viewing angle bring you greater visual enjoyment, and 2048 level pen pressure stylus professional for  your graphics design, painting, drawing , multi angle bracket can comfortable for your different drawing position, support most drawing software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel painter, Autodesk MAYA, Manga Studio, AutoCAD, Paint tool SAI, Sketchbook, ZBrush and more. Get details in XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display review.

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In the box

  • 1 x XP-Pen 21.5? HD Graphic Display Monitor
  • 2 x Rechargeable Digital Stylus Pens
  • 1 x Stylus Pen power adapter
  • 1 x VGA Cable1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Stylus Pen Stand/Holder (8 replacement pen nibs and one pen nib removal ring tool inside)
  • 1 x CD Driver
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x HDMI to Mini Display Port adapter cable
  • 1 x Cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Black Drawing Glove
  • 1 x Screen Protector

Pros & Cons – XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display


1. Not much just the picture quality as mentioned above
2. The cursor surely not on the nib if you are using it closely…you need to get accustomed..
3. Too many cables, just being kriby here… USB and HDMI…could have been combined as a single cable…
4. I miss a dial to reduce the brush size… now to get that function you need to spend another 5k…
5. The screen guard is already stuck to the screen which catches scratches a lot … surely will appreciate if we have an option to change the Screen guard when needed…
6. Asking a little too much… it surely missed the touch capability… hence cannot rotate the image..but yopu can set the hot-KEYS..


1. ” Fantastic PRICE” for such a huge screen. it takes a while to draw a full stroke from one end to the other. I was using the wacom+Samsung Note 8 pen.. surely works well but too small…
2. The stand is not just sturdy its Like a an anchor once placed wont move…
3. The Screen can be place at any angle whatsoever …. just lift the lever and play
4. This is my first ever professional, semi- professional Tab-Screen… I mainly use it to plan my watercolor before hand. I am getting a hang of it … i can tell you that… Haven’t formally used wacom tabs hence i will not compare them.
5. Hot Keys: make sure to use the one’s that are on the opposite side of your drawing hand.. and disable the other side as they tend to get pressed white you draw on the edges…
6. Pens: pens are identical only differ in pressure … so make sure to mark them for an easy pick.
7. Pen pressure is surely Fabulous, but again I miss the tilt function
8. Sketchbook on Win10 and Note8 is a limited tool/command version and hence you will not be able to use/program the Hot keys much. You will need Sketchbook-Pro. You can set the same hot keys for different software to perform differently.
9. I have XP-pen 5 Star which works fine but this is surely an addition to my tools.
10. It gets installed in a Giffy…
11. Not sure of the customer care as yet … It is still the “Honeymoon Period” 🙂
12. I love the Non-Static Half Glove… using my XP-Pen 5Star glove…

Specifications – XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display

  • Model: XP-Pen Artist22E
  • Dimension: 567 x 326 x 30 mm
  • Display Area: 476.64×268.11mm
  • Display Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • RGB Gamma Ray: 2.2
  • Express keys: 16
  • Response Time: 14ms
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.24825(H) x 0.24825(V)mm
  • Support Color: 16.7M
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Backlight Unit: Lower side 1-LED light bar type
  • Brightness: 250cd/?Viewing Angle: 178
  • Power Consumption: 18.49W
  • Power Source: AC100~240V universal
  • I/O Connector: DC power in, VGA 15-pin, D-sub input, DVI input, HDMI input, USB-connector
  • Technology: Electromagnetic
  • Pressure Levels: 2048
  • Resolution: 5080 LPIAccuracy: 0.25mm
  • Reading Height: 15mm Max
  • Supply Voltage: +5V
  • Power Consumption: 0.05A(0.25Watts) Max
  • USB Interface: USB port 1.1
  • Report Rate: 220 reports per second

Compare XP-Pen Artist22e Pro comparison

XP-PEN Artist22 ProXP-PEN Artist15.6XP-PEN Artist15.6 Pro
Work Area (Inch)21.5 Inch15.6 Inch15.6 Inch
Item Size (Inch)22.5×12.8×1.57 Inch17.4×11.02×0.5 Inch17.52×11.22×0.43 Inch
Item Weight(LB)
Display Resolution1920×10801920×10801920×1080
Express KeysNo6 Shortcuts Key8 Shortcuts Key+Red Dial
Color Gamut72% NTSC/100% sRGB72% NTSC/100% sRGB88% NTSC/120% sRGB
Color Displays16.7 Million16.7 Million16.7 Million
Pressure Sensitivity8192 Levels8192 Levels8192 Levels
Pen ModelPN02SPN05SP05SR
Pen TechnologyRechargeableBattery-freeBattery-free

Price & availability

This XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display is expensive, but relatively speaking, is quite cheap for what it does compared to other tablets of similar size and ability. If you wanted a Wacom as big and as sturdy as this one, you’d definitely be dropping at least $1000.

I managed to get this tablet while it was on sale, so it cost me only $455. ($470 in grand total including a 4-year warranty.) Which is a bit of a steal considering the original price of this tablet is $550 (or $565 including a 4-year warranty) so I’m exceptionally happy with the price I got it for. Even if I did pay the full $565 for it, I think it definitely still would be worth it.

XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display review


The XP-Pen’s HD screen is brighter than a Cintiq, since it doesn’t have that filmy coating Wacom uses to give the screen a paperlike bite. So the XP-Pen screen is smoother, but isn’t too slippery. It’s fun to draw on. The screen doesn’t get that dark even with brightness turned all the way down. Turning it up increases color intensity.

The screen has been measured at 250 nits brightness to the Cintiq 22’s 230 nits.
The pen squeaks a little on the screen once in a while but not often, and that should go away after a while. There were no dead pixels. There was a little dust on the outside of the monitor.


Functionally, the stand works great, aesthetically, there are some craftsmanship issues like the filled holes on the front or the cheap foam pads that cover the back. I can live with it for the price, but I could see switching this out for a better stand in the next gen product. Perhaps one that also pivots like Cintiq (XP-Pen Artist22e Pro review).

The stylus and tech

The stylus pressure is almost as good as Wacom emr!
It is a good size and resolution. Great initial activation force (IAF). Feather light strokes are possible (unlike certain N-trig products…) The buttons on the display come in handy, You can program the stylus side buttons as mouse clicks, which is fine, definitely fewer software options than Wacom, but I use my stylus as a 3 button mouse anyway so I’m good. You can only program the buttons globally, no per software setups like Wacom.

How to setup XP-Pen Artist22e Pro 22inch FHD IPS graphic pen display review?

It takes about 10-20 minutes to physically pull out, set up, remove wrappers, and connect all the wires to the computer and tablet. TIP: the first thing you should do before setting up your tablet is find the pens, and charge at least one of them, so that it charges while you set everything up. They take a very short amount of time to charge (I’d say about 30 minutes) so you’ll be able to use it as soon as everything is put together.

When it comes to actually setting up the tablet to work with your computer and downloading the drivers and whatnot, it is a bit of a pain. (But lets be honest with ourselves- what tablet ISN’T a pain to set up?) Make sure to delete all other drivers for any other tablets you’ve had in the past (if you have a windows 10 computer, those can be found under ‘Settings -> Apps’.

Remember to double check to make sure all the wires are plugged in ALL THE WAY. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my tablet wouldn’t connect to my computer, when the issue was that the HDMI cord wasn’t fully pushed in all the way.

You can contact the company for help via phone or email. Their phone line is only available at certain times, but email seems to be available past the times of the phone line. So as long as you don’t send them an email in the dead of night, you’ll likely get a response back pretty quickly.


This tablet feels AMAZING to use. For a long time, I hated making digital art. I had a $50 tablet (one of those grey ones that is a small square, no screen) and it always felt like digital art was just me suffering for 4 hours straight as I threw random lines onto a blank canvas and hoped it came out looking decent. There’s something very disconnecting about moving your hand in one place while your eyes look at a different place. Now, I finally feel connected to my art once again. I like to draw on this thing, its fun. I’ve drawn more on this in the past two days than I drew in months on my old tablet.

This part is for all of you photographers: This pen display works great in Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC 2017 (the XP-Pen support team will need to give you a text file to save in the PS directory for the pen pressure to work properly, but such a quick fix!), Nik Collection plugins, & Portrait Pro 15! So if you’re looking for a great alternative to the severely expensive Cintiq line, this is a great product. Though, let me say that this is a great product, period. It doesn’t have to be mentioned in the same context as Wacom to define it’s value (XP-Pen Artist22e Pro review).

This tablet has a matte screen protector on it, giving it a more paper-like feel. As someone who primarily draws traditional, I love that feature. Other users complained about the glare, but due to the way the lighting in my room works (I rarely keep my overhead light on during the day, and only turn it on at night if I need to find something. The back of my tablet is facing a window, so no light source directly hits the tablet) this is not an issue for me.
– This tablet feels sturdy. I know I can lean on it and rest my hand on it as I work, without fear that the stand might break.

This tablet also doubles as a second monitor, and its far bigger than my laptop screen, so I like to use it to watch Youtube/Netflix/etc when I’m not drawing on it. If you have the screens set to extend, you can also use your computer monitor as a screen to watch something while you draw on the tablet.

The tablet is very easy to change the angle of. You simply have to lift up this little thing in the back right behind the monitor, and pull it up or gently lay it backwards to change the angle. You can do this without having to stand up or struggle with the mechanism.

This tablet is HUGE. From the dimensions, you can already tell this thing is pretty big, but actually seeing it and using it makes you realize that this thing is gigantic. It’s nice to work on such a big space. It’s quite a bit bigger than my laptop- and my laptop is already above the average size for your regular laptop dimensions. (And no, its not something tiny, like a chromebook.)


It comes with two pens, but only one pen holder that fits one pen at a time. I kind of wish the pen holder held two pens, because I just have to lay the extra one on my desk while I’m not using it and hope it doesn’t get knocked over and roll into oblivion. This isn’t a huge issue however, just a little minor inconvenience.

This thing takes up a LOT of ports on your laptop/computer. The HDMI port for the tablet, a USB port for the tablet, and a USB port for charging the pens. (I suppose the last one can be removed most of the time, however.) I only have 3 USB ports on my laptop, and combined with the fact that my headphones are also USB-connected, it doesn’t leave room for anything else, such as my mouse. Not so much an inconvenience or complaint as it is just something to be aware about, in case you have other things you need plugged into USB ports a lot. TIP: If you have a phone charger block, you could probably just plug the pen charger into the block to charge it, rather than just plugging it into your computer. I personally don’t have a charger block lying around and I don’t really want to spend the money to buy one, so I choose to just plug the charger into my computer instead.

I love using this. It makes me excited to see where I can bring my digital art, and how far I can advance as an artist. I like using it, and it makes me happy to see it on my desk, and know I have the opportunity to use it every day to create works of art. While perhaps not the best for someone JUST entering art, it’s pretty good for anyone who has a serious hobby for art, someone who wants to go to school for art, or anyone else who seems dedicated to the craft. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their experience with digital art to the next level. I could even see professionals using this. You’ll feel connected to your art again, and be happy with what you create. It’s so much fun to use. It’s a purchase and an investment I’m very happy I made.

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