GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156 – do they have VGA port?


What are the differences – GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156? Which one is worth buying? Both have a smooth drawing experience but the initial activation force is supposedly better with the Huion product. The Huion has a touch scroll bar which I really like the idea of for zooming in and out, but apparently it doesn’t really work that smoothly. Gaomons buttons I have heard mixed reviews. Some say its wobbly but then again that shouldn’t affect the functionality.

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Gaomon is 70 dollars cheaper . But if someone tells me Huions screen is good and I won’t have to worry about it, that’s what I’d go with.

Im currently leaning towards the Huion product but kinda wary about the screen, I tend to shift the canvas and work on it from all weird viewing angles so I don’t want there to be too much glare or dulling of colors. The color gamut is kind of the same . But the reviews usually lean on the Gaomon having a better screen.

Key features – GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156

What is good?

Brilliant entry-level price point for a pro-style tablet. This is a fantastic buy for those on the fence about committing to the digital illustration life. If you’ve been using an overpriced screen-less Wacom till now, you’ll probably want to have a go on this. GAOMON has out-done themselves in proving they can deliver pro-level equipment for a fraction of the price.

Unbelievable amount of kit in the box. You get the drawing glove, pen nibs, inkwell, pen-charger, tablet stand, A BRAND NEW PHILIPS HEAD SCREWDRIVER (seriously wasn’t expecting that, WOW!), screen protector (very hardy one at that) & a carry case (not sure when I’ll use it, but quality is quite nice. Will fit my 15 inch macbook no problem).

Easy set-up and driver installation. The cables provided do the job perfectly, and the drivers are easy to use, install & calibrate. I’ve never had an issue with this. Run the GAOMON program as Administrator (WIN 7) and you’re good to go!

The tablet is extremely light weight. Even with all the kit packed up with it. Though I’d never suggest traveling extensively with it, it is able to be packed away nicely alongside your laptop. It’s not heavy, but the product is bulky / sizable.

Delivery packaging is very secure. It arrived amidst three other boxes, all one-inside another. And the tablet is wrapped in rigid foam. The only way to damage this item in transit is if someone ran over it with a truck, or threw it off a cliff into water. Very happy knowing this arrived securely.

What is down side?

NO TOUCH screen. (This just means less finger-prints on the display)

Programmable buttons require a bit of tweaking to get optimized. Find what works best for you. The out-of-box placement is livable, but I found myself readjusting. They aren’t the most rigid buttons, and have a bit of play as you press down on them, just be careful.

Pen calibration is required nearly every start-up for multi-monitor display. Parallax is prominent enough to interrupt work to have to re-calibrate. Extra monitors on your set-up will cause a bit of issue in terms of display orientation.

Color depth is lacking, and this is not an OLED type display! This is IPS (not a problem to me, but some people might want to spend more for a higher-end color quality display.) To some, you may find the colors dull. Often best to have another monitor calibration set up to attain optimal color performance.

Cables are ugly / intrusive to the workspace. The inputs which insert into the tablet portion don’t curve back, or line flush with the tablet. They sort of stick out to the side, affecting properly cable-managed workspaces.

Also, the charging cable for the pen does not insert into the pen-dock / inkwell. It has to insert on the top end of the pen, having you set the pen down flat to charge.

Compare GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156

ModelHuion GT 156Gaomon PD1560
Display Size15.6 inches15.6 inches
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 px1920 x 1080 px (16:9)
Color Gamut72% NTSC72% NTSC
Color Displays262K (6bit)262K (6bit)
Working Area34.41×19.35 cm34.41×19.35 cm
Resolution5080 LPI5080 LPI
Pressure Sensitivity8192 Levels of Pen Pressure8192 levels
Tilt SupportNoNo
Programmable Keys14 express keys10 express keys

Alternate of GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156

1. Wacom One – The best tablet for beginners

Recently Wacom launched the One pen-display tablet, and it has become one of the most popular tablets among beginners. The tablet comes at $399 and offers an excellent 13.3″ HD display that has a great response. The pen that comes with the tablet is battery-free and is ready to use right out of the box. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and can also be connected to smartphones. Plus, you get 2-months free membership of Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom when you register this product after buying.

Key Specifications:

  • 13.3″ IPS Display with 1920 x 1080 Pixels Resolution
  • 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • 72% NTSC Color Coverage

2. Huion KAMVAS Pro 13 GT Best Cintiq Alternative 2020

huion kamvas pro 13 - GAOMON PD1560 vs Huion GT 156

The new Huion KAMVAS Pro 13 has been overall improved in terms of display and functionalities over its previous generation predecessor. Featuring a sharp 13 inch IPS display, the KAMVAS Pro 13 is really very comfortable to work with, the size of texts and palettes didn’t felt too small when our experts at Tablet Under Budget tested out. With 16.7 million colors, the Pro 13 gives you probably the most color-rich experience while drawing on its Full HD screen. However, the screen surface is glass, and glass isn’t the best surface to draw on as it feels slippery which eventually also decreases accuracy. To overcome this we recommend our readers to get a matte screen protection from Huion which will provide textural feel while drawing. 

Along with the new design and display, the firmware has also been upgraded which provides responsive and accurate cursor positioning to make drawing experience sharper. Talking about Pen, the next generation ergonomically designed Huion Pen has the ability to sense 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which will enable you to draw a variety of lines depending on the amount of pressure you apply. Its compatibility with Windows and Mac operating system makes this one of the most widely used devices by artists and graphic designers for their work as it provides Wacom Cintiq level of features at an affordable price of $399.

Hardware Specifications of Huion KAMVAS Pro 13
Display13.3 inch IPS LCD
Pressure Sensitivity8192 levels
Aspect Ratio16:9
ResolutionFull HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Response Rate5ms
PenYes, included in the package
Weight7.2 lbs

3. Apple iPad (Latest Model)

No doubt in the fact that any product which has an ‘I’ in front of its name is one of the most renowned and accredited products ever. Apple and its products such as iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks are one of the best of the lot in the market. Apple’s iPad which comes with a 10.2” Retina display and has a resolution of 2160 x 1620 pixel is the most preferred one out of the lot by artists. Its slim and lightweight design and powerful hardware would just leave the artist mesmerized when he finally looks at his finished piece of art.

It is a fully functional tablet running Apple’s iPad OS 13.1 so apart from drawing, you can also use this tablet for checking emails, taking pictures and consuming media. For that, it has 8 MP iSight Camera, 32GB of internal storage and up to 10 hours of battery life which is best for the tablet with such a huge display. This new iPad also supports Apple Pencil which enables its users for giving them the best drawing and designing experience with its high-pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. So overall, it is a good tablet for artists with a powerful set of specifications.

Hardware Specifications of Apple iPad (Latest Model)
ProcessorApple A10 Fusion
Storage32 GB / 128 GB
Display10.2 inch Retina Display with 2160 x 1620 Resolution
GPUPowerVR Series7XT Plus (six-core graphics)
Operating SystemiPad OS 13.1
Battery Life10 hours
Weight1.07 lbs

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