BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera system review


BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera system is well known to many people. No need complex cables and no complicate setup any more! Paring with your system automatically. As long as you power on BNITCULT devices, they’re ready to work and stream. It is such Easy-peasy. The system works even without any Internet connection. Get all details from BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera system review. The Camera’s infrared mode is automatically activated in low lighting conditions. It can clearly monitor everything even at night.

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Key features – BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera system

  • Suitable for Home and Small Project Which Help You Record, Playback and Remote,
  • This All-in-One 8 Channel NVR Kit Allows 4 Outdoor 1080P Cameras to Connect and Set Up in Just Minutes.
  • No Need Wires Anymore, No Exposed Lines Anymore,
  • More Beautiful, More Hidden, More Safely,
  • Strong Anti-Interference and 100ft Night Vision,
  • 1920*1080 Image Sensor Makes More Clear and Stunning Picture and Video,
  • Supports Multi-Alarm Triggered,

BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera system review


The Bullet Camera is stylish, suited for any places and features a large 3.6 millimeter lens and wide 70° viewing angle, coupled with a 6 array IR-LED system for night vision delivering exceptional clarity at distances up to 100 feet.

Better wireless connectivity

With 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission, Bnitcult Wireless Security Cameras and NVR are paired before shipping, Simply connect NVR and cameras to power outlet by provided adapters(4*12V/1A for Bullet Camera;1*12V/2A for NVR), picture shows up immediately. No need to run video cables all around your house. No interference to your home network. They are equipped with CMOS sensor of 2 megapixels and HD 1080P High Resolution.


This System includes 1x 8-Channel 1080P (1920×1080) NVR and 4 x 1080P (1920 X 1080) wireless IP66 Weatherproof Cameras. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses, perfect for villas, homes, offices, workshops, warehouses, restaurants and etc. This expandable system can support up to 8 cameras.

BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera app

By connecting NVR to WAN Router, free APP and PC-Client Software can be downloaded to Remote View from your Phone, Tablet, Windows PC and MAC anywhere anytime. Motion alert can be sent by App or Email once motion being detected.

High storage facility for longer recording backup

BNITCULT NVR with chip H.265 Technology can greatly improve compression efficiency and maximize storage space. It also takes up less bandwidth and enables smooth remote viewing. It allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording, Preinstalled 1TB surveillance HDD for 24-days LOOP recording.

What BNITCULT wireless CCTV camera is available

1.BNITCULT Wireless CCTV Camera System HD 1080P 8 Channel NVR

Super waterproof grade and dust-proof, durable outdoor weatherproof casing no matter windy or raining. Install the Cameras outdoors or indoors to keep your home or business safe. All Cameras are designed to withstand severe weather conditions (-50°F to 122°F). Bnitcult Camera supports Android phones. iOS phone. tablet. MAC computer. Windows computer remote view. This motion-activated email alert function allows you to always stay connected to all the unexpected movements happened in your house. An alarming email will be sent to your inbox.

2. BNITCULT Wireless HD 1080P Camera with 2.0 Megapixel,IP66 Weatherproof

Bnitcult 1080P WIFI NVR Kits. Bnitcult 8CH 1080P WIFI NVR Kits can Add Another Two/Four Cameras. Replay significant evidence or funny video records. Quick search for any event video. Playback any video on different days, hours, or minutes by controlling the timer axis under the split screen. Use the free Mobile and PC client to connect to the HD Camera Security from anywhere in the world,peace of mind is always at your fingertips.

What to look for in a CCTV camera

Smart home security cameras have to be able to identify visitors and send alerts in order keep your home safe when you are away. Most smart home cameras now link up to an app, like the Nest or Ring app, to monitor your home when you are on the move.

Key features that set apart the best home security cameras include night vision, notification alerts, plenty of storage (either locally or in the cloud) for your recorded footage, and microphones to give out voice commands.

Others will have audio capability, particularly useful for indoor security cameras listening in for unusual noise. Some advanced cameras also have facial recognition features at a premium price, like the Nest IQ.

Several CCTV cameras can be integrated into your smart home, linking up with tech such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Get a device with a screen such as a Google Home Hub or Amazon Echo Show and it will be able to display a certain camera on command or even show who is at the door immediately as they press the doorbell.

Wireless cameras and power sources

One major decision when it comes to buying your home security camera system will be its power source.

If the camera is battery powered you can place it pretty much anywhere with no wires, removing and recharging the battery when it runs low, which is normally prompted through its app. Obviously the advantage is that these can be placed anywhere very easily, but the downside is that if it’s easy for you to remove the camera to change the battery, it’ll probably be easy for intruders to remove it too.

Alternatively, lots of smart security cameras have a wired power source instead of a battery. This means you will have to find a suitable spot to set them up and link the camera to a power source. These usually require professional installation and are generally more reliable but obviously they can’t be moved around your home as and where you need them.

Even those home security cameras which are plugged in a socket are wireless in one sense. The vast majority of smart CCTV systems link up to your smartphone via a specific app over Wi-Fi to share live streams of the footage.

Indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras

The other major decision when picking a home security camera is whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera. Outdoor cameras will often be built to be more durable and able to survive rain, frost, or damp. The downside of outdoor cameras is that they’re usually mains powered and require professional installation.

Outdoor cameras often come with a set of screws and mounts so you can set them up. Models from the likes of Arlo come with options for several mounts to choose how you want to set up your camera.

Indoor security cameras are generally a lot easier to set up by much less rugged. They’re fine for putting on your desk but generally they’re more of a novelty and less a serious CCTV solution.

How much should you pay?

This can really depend on how large the area you want to monitor is. The average home might need multiple cameras to cover the whole thing which could quickly add up to hundreds of pounds.

However, if you’re just looking for something to keep an eye on your front door and see if you have any visitors while you’re out, you can get some really decent options for around £200. Generally indoor cameras are a lot cheaper than outdoor cameras (because waterproofing costs a fortune) so if you get creative by placing indoor cameras by windows, for example, you could save yourself some money.

Which security camera takes the best quality footage? 

Smart security cameras do tend to be vary a little in terms of footage quality, in similar increments to televisions. On the cheaper end of the market you’ll tend to find the HD Ready ones at 720p. They give you 921,600 pixels (the tiny dots used to make up an image.) Then there’s the Full HD 1080p which give you over two million pixels. There are a few very pricey options out there which record in 4K but honestly? If you’re looking at the footage through a phone, you won’t notice much difference.

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