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Electrolux Well Q7 animal stick vacuum review – is it good for pet?

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Electrolux Well Q7 animal stick vacuum review


What are the main characteristics of the animal stick vacuum Electrolux Well Q7? It features an XL telescopic crevice tool, a tiny motorized pet nozzle, self-standing design, Brushrollclean technology, five steps of filtration, and a two-in-one handheld/stick vacuum with a 50-minute runtime. Enjoy a healthier and cleaner house with the Electrolux Well Q7 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner, which is very easy to operate. The effective separation of dirt and air by the cyclonic system allows the vacuum to run at maximum efficiency and suction throughout the duration of the cleaning procedure. It features all you need for daily cleaning tasks with its 21.6V power, three power levels, and remarkable run duration. Get details in Electrolux Well Q7 animal stick vacuum review.

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Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • 5 stage filtration
  • 4-5 hours charging time
  • Small brush


  • Cleaning requires multiple passes


  • Multi-Surface Bristle for Carpet and Hard Floors as the Primary Nozzle
  • Unique Elements: 180-degree maneuverability and adaptable cleaning
  • Voltage of battery: 22 volts
  • Duration: Maximum 50 minutes
  • It takes 4.5 hours to charge.
  • Two power modes: Max and Eco
  • Low Power Source Caution: Indeed
  • 6.2 pounds in weight
  • Capacity of Dust Bin: 0.3 L
  • 5-Step Filtration System: Washable E10 & 2-Layer Foam Brush Filtration See Window: Certainly
  • BrushRoll Clean Technology: Certainly
  • No bags (bagless)
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • 150 mm is the depth (mm).
  • (mm) Height: 690 mm (mm) Width: 390 mm
  • Included accessories: a small brush and a crevice tool for the vacuum type stick.
  • Bagless Vacuum Bag Type
  • Complete Red Color Power (V) 21.6 Finish Description of Color: Metallic Chili Red


It will only last two years and will set you back about $349.

Electrolux Well Q7 animal stick vacuum review


This machine is small and compact, with a detachable portable unit and a nozzle attachment that is conveniently kept in the machine’s handle for quick and simple access.Its ergonomic dual-grip handle makes cleaning comfortable all around, and the little turbo brush cleans stairs, upholstery, and other difficult-to-reach places with ease.


A range of cleaning tools are available with this Electrolux vacuum, such as a main brush head with LED headlights, a Petpro+ tool for removing hair from upholstery, and a telescopic dusting wand that extends the reach of the device up to three feet to effectively clean areas that are difficult to reach.

  • Small Dusting Brush
  • Telescoping Reach Tool
  • Charging Stand


To sustain performance without the need for manual cleaning, the internal blade cuts the hair and fibers, which are subsequently drawn into the dust container. The front light is useful for seeing under objects. Pushing it is a little heavier than with the Dyson.


Up to 99.9% of dust particles are removed by the 5-step filtration system, maintaining the hygienic and healthful conditions of your house.

Suction & cleaning

It has a powerful suction. The vacuum may continue to operate at maximum capacity and suction during the whole cleaning procedure because the cyclonic mechanism separates dirt from air, even when the dust container fills up. It’s really easy and simple to empty.

As an additional floor care alternative, the Electrolux Well Q7 Pet is fantastic. This is the vacuum you would use every day, in between deep mop cleanings, to keep crumbs at bay if your house is all hardwood floors. Alternatively, this is the vacuum you store in your she-shed or in-law suite. All things considered, we truly appreciate how quickly it can clean different elevations and how well it can manage pet hair. Nonetheless, it comes in the middle of the pack because to its pure suction power.

Battery life

This tiny appliance runs on batteries. Even though we have to run over each location several times, the vacuum can cover our two-bedroom flat with good battery life.The battery life, depending on the cleaning mode, is 35–50 minutes. It takes about 4 hours to charge for the first time (from empty).

Electrolux Well Q7 animal stick vacuum consumer reviews


Purchased this WQ71-ANIMA in August 2023 (from my local Godfreys store here in W. Aust) after the suction on my old vac was failed. I have a small dog that sheds its coat so need a vac that will pick up the hair. The WQ71-ANIMA is a small compact little machine with detachable handheld unit and the nozzle attachment stored in the handle of the machine for easy grab and attach. The dirt receptacle is small however it is not a negative. Emptying is very simple and easy. It is mighty on suction. Didn’t realise how bad my old vac was! For someone with shoulder issues it is fantastic how it is designed having the weight on the floor and not on the shoulder. My first ever stick vac. It’s very easy to use and charges in a very reasonable time. Love it, highly recommend it!

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