Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system review


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Are you looking for a reliable and efficient security camera system that operates without the need for constant wiring or battery replacements? Look no further than the Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system. Our Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system review has details.

Does it stop record in a heavily rain? Don’t worry about this, all the cameras come with a built-in battery, it can work about one month after a full-charge. Great quality picture, easy set up, 2 way audio with all the cameras, the app works great you can monitor and respond from your cell phone.

Not only does this camera system provide reliable security, but it also offers convenient features such as two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with visitors or potential intruders remotely. You can also access the live feed and recordings from anywhere in the world through a user-friendly mobile app.

Investing in the Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system means investing in the safety and protection of your home or business. Enjoy the benefits of hassle-free installation, continuous power supply, and reliable surveillance, all in one comprehensive package.

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Pros & Cons



      • Colored night vision

      • 2-way audio

      • Motion detection

      • Solar battery



        • Require WiFi connection

      Hiseeu solar camera system Specs


          • Brand Hiseeu

          • Model Name WK-10V-4TD403-AT

          • Connectivity Technology Wireless

          • Special Feature Motion Sensor

          • Storage – 1T HDD

          • 2-Way Audio

          • PTZ, Color Night Vision

          • Connectivity type 2.4G WiFi


        Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system has a price tag of $439.99 in retail store.

        Compare Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system

        Night Visioncolor and infraredcolor and infraredcolor and infrared
        Motion DetectionYesYesYes
        Automatic TrackingNoYesNo
        Two-way AudioYesYesYes

        Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system review

        Design & built

        This product dimension is 12 x 11 x 7 inches and weighs around 11.04 pounds. It is dome-shaped and weather resistant.


        Even at night, you can see every detail within 65 feet. Together with a wide-angle lens, the high-performance 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor, with a resolution of 2K, offers exquisite imagery and records every detail for you.

        Night vision

        Even at darkness, 65 feet can provide complete visibility of all features. A wide-angle lens and the high-performance 1/2.9” CMOS sensor, which has a resolution of 2K, enable you to capture every detail with exquisite imaging.


        The camera can recognize the car using cloud AI calculations, and the APP may then be used to deliver an alert. When the camera notices someone picking up and putting packages in the danger zone, it will instantly transmit an alarm using cloud AI calculations. identification of pets The AI algorithm in the camera will enable it to identify the animal and capture it, preserving the animal’s adorable moment. As long as the moving items don’t move too quickly, the PTZ cameras will lock on to them and follow them.

        Battery life

        The solar security camera is wire- and cable-free to install and has a built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery. It is perfect for usage in diverse weather circumstances due to its IP66 Waterproof status.


        The second version H.265 + can record for up to 30 days on a 1T hard drive and can reduce video storage space by up to 50%. It can also double data compression ratio. The cloud recording recycling is free for seven days. 128GB of microSD card space is available.(No SD card is provided) shrewd and adaptable


        Download phone APP “Eseecloud”, You can receive alert notifications anywhere. 120-degree field of view and PT feature capture wider areas and record crystal-clear videos. The app is super easy to use and plays video as well as capturing photos.

        Hiseeu solar battery powered wireless security camera system Consumer reviews

        I bought this camera to replace a dead hard line camera in my security system. I would have been a major job to replace the buried wiring do I figured this wireless camera with solar power would do the trick. Installation was quite simple. I let the camera and solar panel set in the sun for 24 hours before installing it. I wanted to be sure it was charged before installing it since the camera would be mounted high on a pole and I didn’t want to have to be climbing up and down a ladder.The APP was an easy download and set up. It did take me a couple tries to pair the camera to the APP (most likely operator error). I did all this again on my desk before installing the camera. My router as about 70′ away from the camera and its in a steel building my connection is a solid medium and have never had any connection issues. The solar panel has proven to be adequate with no dead time. Picture is very clear with good night vision.The APP is easy to use, It has a joy stick like feather for positioning the camera. A favorite thing I like is the preset camera positioning. You can set your camera pointing it to different locations and then by pressing that position the camera will automatically point to that location. The best part the position buttons show a preview of the direction you chose. (You don’t have to remember what #1 or #2 position was. I have used 5 positions so far not sure how many you can set total.I consider this camera at this price point a good deal and would recommend it for home and business use.

        By Mark Church at Hisseu

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