Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine reviews


Does the pet carpet cleaner Hoover Power Scrub XL remove pet stains? With the use of this machine, anything can be produced, including juice, blood, and wine. Our carpet cleaner is ideal for households with pets since it combines our Oxy Pet cleaning solution with strong suction and scrubbing brushes for effective stain removal. The upholstery tool cleanses and lifts on fabrics and furniture, and the pet tool can be used for clinging pet messes. With adaptable tools, deep cleaning goes beyond only the floor. Learn more Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine reviews.

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In the box

  • Upholstery tool,
  • Pet tool, storage bag,
  • Nozzle cleanout tool,
  • 8ft. Hose,
  • Oxy Pet formula

Pros & Cons


  • An 8-foot hose
  • broad cleaning
  • feature of heat-force drying
  • both simple to use and clean
  • Multiple optional attachments


  • Heavy
  • Small-sized Water tank


  • Brand Hoover
  • Style Power Scrub XL
  • Color Black
  • Dimensions 17.25 x 12 x 42.5 inches
  • Weight 18.7 Pounds
  • Included Components Nozzle
  • Hose Length 8 ft.
  • Cord Length 20 ft.
  • Water Capacity 1 gal.
  • Detergent Capacity 16 oz.
  • What’s Included: Carpet cleaner, hose, mesh tool storage bag, cleaning solution sample, 3 tools (stairs, upholstery, crevice)

Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine reviews

Build & design

The general layout is also quite well thought out, being both ergonomic and intuitive. The water/detergent containers and the dump cans can be easily replaced. It’s well-made. Its dimensions are 17.25 x 12 x 42.5 inches, and its weight is about 18.7 pounds.


A rubber pad to put the vacuum on when finished, several various suction tools, and a pet solution were all included in the extensive accessory package. Additionally, this machine comes with a bag with attachments, a hose, and a tiny turbo brush you may use for stairwells and upholstery. I really appreciate how simple it is to attach and how good it is in cleaning couches’ corners.


The SpinScrub® Brush System is included. Instead of being a typical roller, they are flat and rotate. The machine is simple to operate, and the whirling brushes give it excellent cleaning power.

Water tank

The SpinScrub® Brush System is included. Instead of being a typical roller, they are flat and rotate. The machine is simple to operate, and the whirling brushes give it excellent cleaning power.


It has excellent suction. The shampooer has the cleaning power to reach deep inside the carpet and padding thanks to its numerous brushes and incredible suction.


You may clean a sizable area by just filling the large clean tank and the soap tank without stopping to replenish or empty a tank. After selecting “deep clean” or “rapid clean,” turn the dial to “wash,” and press the power pedal. It’s time for morning! To disburse the solution, steadily push and draw the cleaner while maintaining pressure on the handle trigger (“wet pass”). Release the trigger after that, and go over the shampooed region to wipe away any extra solution (“dry pass”).

Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine Performance reviews

This unit came with clear instructions that were simple to follow, so it was quite quick to assemble and unpack. The settings were unambiguous and simple to adjust. The wash function is simple to use and fantastic because it is so effective.

The filthy water tank has a removable cover, and both the nozzle and brush are simple to take out, making it simple to clean out after usage. I used it to clean my sheet vinyl flooring with just hot water after cleaning my carpets, and it made it look cleaner.

Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine Customer reviews


Where to start? I have 2 dogs (a Husky 12 years old and a special needs long hair German Sheppard puppy 5 months old) and a cat that has more accidents then one can imagine. I don’t care how much you vacuum before cleaning your carpet, it is never enough. I have had 3 other carpet cleaners over the last few years (when I had 2 huskies and 2 cats), and I would only get to use them one time each and never again.

No matter how well I cleaned them after shampooing the carpet, there is some deep hidden hole that animal hair clogs and I could never find it and it would lose suction. NOT THE CASE WITH HOOVER! It is a straight line. Easy to clean! HUGE pro for me HUGE! I started off by buying the Hoover Clean Slate portable cleaner to clean up after adopting the new special needs puppy. GREAT machine!!!

The problem was, I have light beige carpet, with the clean slate, I had amazingly clean spots all over the carpet and realized how horribly dirty the rest of the carpet was! I started shopping for a new full size carpet cleaner and knew I wasn’t spending the money on another machine to only use once. I found the Hoover PowerScrub XL on sale on the Hoover website and decided to give it a shot. It arrived fast and packaged very well! I wanted to start using it right away then realized that I should have ordered solution with it.

Sad to say, I couldn’t play with my new toy right away. About a week later, grabbed the Hoover Paws and Claws solution at a local store and when I got home, got to it. As I mentioned earlier, I have light beige carpet, what I failed to mention, is my house is also in the country. The carpets where filthy! Looked like they were 50 years old, and honestly, I had lost all hope for them.

The Hoover PowerScrub XL revived them! They look almost brand new again. So incredibly clean and the solution leaves the carpet smelling amazing! Did I mention how easy it is to clean when you are done? I love this machine and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Not to be mean, that other company may help save homeless pets, but Hoover cleans up after them again and again!

By Stefanie at hoover.com

Alternate of Hoover Power Scrub XL pet carpet cleaner machine

Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Pro carpet cleaner

It is corded upright vacuum cleaner with 800 watts of power consumption.


  • Can remove stains, hair, and odors
  • Multiple built-in cleaning modes
  • Comes with multiple tools
  • 2 8-ounce cleaning solutions included


  • Heavyweight; may be hard to carry up stairs
  • Expensive price point

Despite the havoc your pets can cause on your carpet, do you still love them? This model also includes an 8-ounce bottle of BISSELL PRO MAX Clean + Protect cleaning solution and an 8-ounce bottle of Deep Clean + Antibacterial Formula cleaner to deal with the toughest stains.

This robust tool is made to get rid of stains, hair, and odors; it even claims to be able to get rid of skunk scent! For deep cleaning carpet fibers, it includes a twin DirtLifter PowerBrush with over 10 rows of bristles.

Additionally, there is a crevice tool for difficult-to-reach spots and a two-in-one pet upholstery spot cleaning tool to eliminate odors, stains, and hair from furniture and curtains. Set this model to Express Clean for a lighter clean that dries faster or Max Mode for thorough cleaning. The 24-pound weight makes this Bissell ProHeat 2X Lift Off Carpet Cleaner slightly heavier than alternative models, but that is the only drawback.

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