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How to fix – Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner Troubleshooting?

Is the automatic Hoover SmartWash carpet cleaner a fantastic cleaning tool? It gently cleans up pet accidents and deep filth. Due to its triggerless design, extensive cleaning is as simple as vacuuming. With HeatForce technology, it provides strong extraction for quicker drying. What should I do if my Hoover carpet cleaner breaks down? First, see if it’s still covered by the warranty; if so, get Hoover to fix it under warranty by getting in touch with your local Hoover dealer. Our Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner Troubleshooting tips has more here.

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Pros & Cons


  • 12 ft. hose
  • 2-in-1 Pet Tool
  • HeatForce technology for faster drying
  • mixes and dispenses solution


  • Moderate suction power

Specs – Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner

  • Color Turquoise
  • Item Weight 18.49 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.9 x 13 x 43.5 inches
  • Style Smartwash
  • Tank size 1 Gallon
  • Cord length 22 feet
  • Drying technology HeatForce
  • Automatic cleaning Yes
  • Brush system Brush roll
  • Pet friendly yes

How to fix – Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner Troubleshooting

How can I fix a blocked brush and a non-spinning Hoover carpet cleaner?

A Hoover carpet cleaner’s bottom has spinning brushes that scrape the carpet. Remove the part that contains all the brushes; below, you’ll see a hole in the middle of the brush area. Check what instrument you need to put into the hole; it can be a square or hex form. To loosen it, insert a solid instrument and turn it with a drill or wrench.

Why won’t my automatic Hoover SmartWash carpet cleaner turn on?

When the vicinity of a Hoover carpet cleaner becomes too heated, a thermal fuse shuts it down. It prevents the carpet cleaner from starting until the thermal fuse has cooled down as a safety measure. Give it at most 24 hours to be sure that’s not the problem. The power system in the wall outlet should then be checked. Circuit breakers and fuses can occasionally fail. When it happens, modify it. Checking the fuse in the vacuum cleaner plug is useful.

What stops the automatic carpet cleaner from Hoover SmartWash from spraying water?

Both the detergent and clean water tanks are empty. Fill the detergent bottle and/or clean water tank before turning off your Hoover carpet cleaner. Restarting it should cause it to start spraying once more. If not, a faulty or blocked internal component may be present, thus you should have it serviced.

What is the major cause of the Hoover SmartWash’s weak suction?

In the event that there is little to no suction, empty the dirty water recovery tank. If the cleaning solution won’t dispense, refill the solution tank. When using a tool instead of the main agitator brush, if the hose has low suction, remove it and check for a clog. Use a garden hose or broom handle to prod the impediment out after disconnecting the hose and looking through it.

How can a Hoover carpet cleaner be fixed if it won’t dry?

In order to empty the dirty water tank, turn off your SmartWash. Before checking the Dirty Water Tank’s attachment, make sure the Nozzle Cover is securely fastened and in the locked position. Finally, rinse and clean the debris filter. Please get in touch with the Hoover service center if the suggested troubleshooting does not resolve the problem.

What is the best Hoover SmartWash automatic carpet cleaner solution?

Oxy Pet Urine & Stain Eliminator 

It’s never good when your pet makes a mess, but I’ve discovered that Hoover’s Oxy Pet Urine & Stain Eliminator does a great job. No stains, no overpowering “clean” fragrance, just a lovely scent that doesn’t remain, and the pet smell is gone. After the accident, we laid down Oxy Pet Urine Cleaner for around 15 minutes. It restored the carpet to its original shade and gave the space a fresh scent. The carpet was cleaned of the faint smell. The freshly cleaned carpet smelled fresh and appeared brand new.

Antibacterial Hard Surface Cleaner

It dries relatively rapidly and has a pleasant fresh scent. The spray bottle is ergonomically built to fit in your hand. Surfaces are left clean, film-free, and streak-free after using this cleanser. It absorbs the scents and has a light, almost neutral aroma. For a multipurpose cleaner, it cleans reasonably well. Although it won’t just get rid of stubborn spills or grime, it works great for disinfecting and removing bad odours from countertops or sinks.

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