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How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 – tips and tricks for troubleshooting?

How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 - tips and tricks

How to get wellbeing data in Fitbit Charge 5? It is intended to provide information that can help you manage your well-being). With the Health Metrics dashboard, track SpO2, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation and more (Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes. How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 with iPhone?

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Pros & Cons


  • Built-in GPS, ECG
  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Solid battery life
  • Supports Fitbit Pay
  • Onboard GPS with multiple modes
  • Strong sleep tracking
  • Tracks overnight HRV, breathing rate, SpO2 and skin temperature variations


  • No Spotify support
  • Sometimes slow to swipe inputs
  • Lacks some basic fitness/wellness tools
  • No altimeter for elevation tracking
  • No music playback control
  • Fitbit Premium subscription needed for in-depth health metrics


The Charge 5 sits atop Fitbit’s current fitness tracker lineup, offering a more advanced alternative to the fashion-forwardLuxe($149.95) and the budget-friendlyInspire 2($99.95). It’s the only tracker out of the three with a built-in GPS, which lets you see your real-time pace and distance on your wrist when tracking an outdoor workout without your phone. Priced at $179.99, the Charge 5 costs $30 more than its predecessor.


Fitbit SenseFitbit Versa 3Fitbit Charge 5
Display size, resolution1.58-inch AMOLED1.58-inch AMOLED1.04-inch AMOLED
Always OnYesYesYes
Interchangeable bandsYesYesYes
Automatic workout detectionYesYesYes
Water resistanceYes, up to 50mYes, up to 50mYes, up to 50m
NotificationsText replies (Android)Text replies (Android)Text replies (Android)
Voice assistantAlexa and Google AssistantAlexa and Google AssistantNone
MusicOnboard (Deezer, Pandora), playback control (Spotify)Onboard (Deezer, Pandora), playback control (Spotify)None
Mobile PaymentsFitbit PayFitbit PayFitbit Pay
Sleep trackingYesYesYes
Period trackingYesYesYes
Special featuresEDA sensor, SpO2, ECG and skin temperature sensorSpO2 and skin temperature trackingEDA sensor, SpO2, ECG, skin temperature tracking
CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS
Battery life6 days6 days7 days
Price (USD)$329$229$179
Price (GBP)£300£200£170
Price (AUD)$500$400$279

What to check before to sync Fitbit Charge 5?

1.Check the Fitbit app is compatible with your devicehere, and that it’s running the latest version (if on iPhone or Android, check for this through the App Store or Google Play Store).
2.Your connected device is running the latest software.
3.Your connected device has a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.
4.Your connected device has Bluetooth turned on, and that you aren’t connected to multiple things (some issues are related to conflicting Bluetooth connections).
5.Your Fitbit device’s battery isn’t low.
6.Your Fitbit device’s software is up to date.

This list should be your starting point for if you’re experiencing consistent issues with syncing, but, if all these are ticked, it’s time to start troubleshooting with the tips below.

How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 with iPhone?

If you can’t transfer data from your Fitbit device to your account, or if you stopped receiving notifications from your phone, your device might be disconnected. Learn how to fix this issue.

Note: If you see the phone disconnected iconon your Sense or Versa 3, your Fitbit device can’t communicate with your phone. Follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Sync your Fitbit device automatically when you open the Fitbit app or manually by tapping your profile picturethenyour device tilethenSync now.

If your device doesn’t sync:

  1. Force quit the Fitbit app on your phone. For instructions, see theApple help articleorAndroid (Google) help article.
  2. On your phone, go toSettingsthenBluetoothand turn Bluetooth off and back on.
  3. Open the Fitbit app and try to sync your device.
  4. If your device doesn’t sync, restart it. For instructions, seeHow do I restart my Fitbit device?

If you still If you still have trouble, follow the steps below depending on your phone.iPhones


  • Your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. To check, tapSettingsthenGeneralthenSoftware Update.
  • Your Fitbit device is up-to-date. For more information, seeHow do I update my Fitbit device?
  • The Fitbit app is up-to-date. For more information, seeHow do I use the Fitbit app?
  • Your iPhone is connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  • The Bluetooth setting on your iPhone is turned on. To check, tapSettingsthenBluetooth.
  • If you use more than one phone or tablet to sync, make sure the other device isn’t nearby. If the device is nearby, turn off Bluetooth on it.
  • Your Fitbit device is charged.

TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS on How to sync Fitbit Charge 5

Reopen the Fitbit app after each step until your device syncs:

  1. Restart your phone. For instructions, see theApple help article.
  2. Remove the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Fitbit device:
    1. On your phone, go toSettingsthenBluetooththenthe information iconnext to the name of your Fitbit devicethenForget This Device
    2. Immediately, a message appears asking you to allow your device to display your iPhone notifications. TapAllow.
    3. Open the Fitbit app and set up the connection again. A message appears asking you to allow your Fitbit device to pair with your phone.
    4. TapPairto approve the request.
  3. Remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone.

How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 with Android phones?



Reopen the Fitbit app after each step until your device syncs.

  1. Confirm that permissions for the Fitbit app listed above are allowed on your phone.
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app. Note: Before you uninstall the app, verify that your phone is running a supported version of Android OS. If your phone is on an older version, you won’t be able to reinstall the app. For OS requirements, seeFitbit-compatible devices.
  4. Remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone.

How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 with fitness scale?


  • You have the Fitbit app open and on the Today tabon your nearby phone or tablet while you complete a weigh-in.
  • The latest version of the Fitbit app is installed on your phone or tablet.
  • The Bluetooth setting on your phone or tablet is on. To check, tapSettingsthenBluetooth.
  • Your phone or tablet isn’t managing other Bluetooth connections. If you have multiple Bluetooth products like speakers or headsets paired to your phone along with your Fitbit scale, you may have trouble using more than one at the same time. Turn off other Bluetooth connections when not in use.
  • If you use more than one device to sync, make sure the other device isn’t nearby. If the device is nearby, turn off Bluetooth on it.
  • Your Fitbit scale’s battery isn’t critically low.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Force quit and then reopen the Fitbit app.
  2. Go toSettingsthenBluetoothand turn Bluetooth off and back on.
  3. Turn your phone or tablet off and back on.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app.
  5. If your Fitbit scale won’t sync after you reinstall the app, log in to your Fitbit account on a different phone or tablet and try to sync.
  6. If your Fitbit scale still doesn’t sync, remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and from the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your phone and try to sync.


After weighing in on Fitbit Aria or Fitbit Aria 2, the scale should display a progress bar, followed by a check mark, which indicates the new measurement synced successfully.

If the scale doesn’t sync, you may see one of the following error messages on the scale’s screen:

  • WIFI Symbol with an “X”
  • No error message, but the measurement doesn’t sync to your Fitbit account

If any of these conditions occur, try weighing yourself again. If the scale successfully syncs, it may have been a temporary issue that doesn’t require further troubleshooting. If the problem persists, try the following tips:

  • Check that your router is on and working. If other devices are also unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network, restart your router.
  • Remove the batteries from your scale for 10 seconds, then reinsert them to restart your scale.
  • If you’ve made any changes to your network, such as a new router, network name, or password, seeHow do I reconnect my Fitbit scale to my wireless network?
  • Your scale may be too far away from your router. Several walls, floors, or objects between the scale and router can cause interference. Try moving the scale closer to your router.
  • The network may have too much traffic or there are too many other Wi-Fi networks nearby. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to sync your scale.

How to sync Fitbit Charge 5 with computer?


  • Fitbit Connect is installed. To check, look for an icon with the Fitbit logonear the date and time on your screen. If you can’t find it, try the set up instructions again inHow do I set up my Fitbit device?
  • Your device is connected to your Fitbit account. To check, log into your account on and click the gear iconimage in the top right. You should see the name of your Fitbit device at the top. If you don’t see your device listed, set up your device again. Click the Fitbit Connect iconthenOpen Main MenuthenSet Up a New Deviceand follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you’re using a Mac and want to sync over Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. To check, go toSystem PreferencesthenBluetooththenTurn Bluetooth On. If your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can purchase a wireless sync dongle from theFitbit Store.
  • If you use more than one phone, tablet, or computer to sync, make sure the other device isn’t nearby. If the device is nearby, turn off Bluetooth on it.


Note that your dashboard shows the time of your last successful sync—click the gear icon in the top right.

  1. Prompt Fitbit Connect to sync with your device:
    1. Click the Fitbit Connect icon and clickOpen Main Menu.
    2. With your charged Fitbit device nearby, clickSync Now.
    3. You may be asked to sign in to your Fitbit account, after which your device should sync. If you see a message saying your device can’t be found, wake it up by pressing its button (most devices) or tapping it (Flex and Zip).
  2. (Mac only) If your computer has Bluetooth:
    1. Turn Bluetooth off and back on underSystem PreferencesthenBluetooth. If syncing still doesn’t work, your Bluetooth signal may be weak or temporarily compromised.
    2. Try using the wireless sync dongle, available from theFitbit Store.
  3. Restart your device using the instructions inHow do I restart my Fitbit device?
  4. If your device won’t sync after the restart, next try uninstalling and reinstalling Fitbit Connect.
  5. If your Fitbit device still doesn’t sync, remove all other Fitbit devices from your account and try to sync.

Customer feedback on How to sync Fitbit Charge 5

Good Unit… once last battery problem

Very long time Fitbit user and have had several Charge models. Was excited when this one came out and preordered. Setup was okay and no issues tho it did an update right away. I noticed that the battery was draining and could not keep a charge longer than 20 hours. After a few days of constant charging and trying all the forum suggestions, exchanged it for another. It setup easily (no update) but have been going for five days on the very first charge so I am sure it was defective battery. I’m on an iPhone XR and have had no issues with syncing or connecting for on phone GPS walks. Have not looked at the premium trial yet as I wanted to know what it was like standalone. Like the screen visibility so much more on walks now!

By Ds7of9 at Best Buy

What is good in Fitbit Charge 5 – review & troubleshooting?


And while its predecessor sports a cheap plastic resin case, this year’s model is housed in aluminum, giving it a classier look. It doesn’t have any buttons, but features stainless steel panels on the sides that are flush with the case, serving as sensors for the ECG and EDA apps.

Supported band size

The small one fits wrists 5.1 to 6.7 inches in circumference; the larger one accommodates wrists up to 8.3 inches. The tracker and the silicone band are water resistant to 164 feet, so they’re safe to wear in the rain, pool, or at the beach.


On the design front, the Charge 5 measures 1.44 by 0.89 by 0.44 inches (LWD), making it the widest of Fitbit’s current fitness trackers. It has a bright, colorful 1.04-inch AMOLED touch screen, a major upgrade compared with the grayscale Charge 4. Moreover, the Charge 5 is Fitbit’s first fitness tracker with an always-on display option, a feature that comes in handy when you want to simply glance down at your wrist to check the time.


Since the Charge 5 has no physical buttons, you navigate it exclusively with swipes and taps on the screen. That’s a change from last year’s model, which featured a multi-function inductive button on the left side of the device. Navigation is still simple as the interface is well organized, with mostly white text and colorful accents set against a black background.

Health & activities feature

For fitness tracking, the Charge 5 features 20 exercise modes, SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes metric, a GPS to map your route during outdoor exercises (like running, biking, and hiking), and in-app workout intensity maps showing your pace and heart rate zones throughout your route. To help you keep tabs on your ticker, it tracks your heart rate 24/7 and can alert you if it’s unusually high or low.

Even though the Charge 5 is significantly smaller than Fitbit’s smartwatches, it doesn’t skimp on sensors. Onboard is a heart rate tracker with high and low heart rate alerts; an electrocardiogram app that detects signs of atrial fibrillation; an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen levels; plus skin temperature tracking at night (but no dedicated skin temperature sensor like on the Sense).

SmartTrack feature

Fitbit’sSmartTrackfeature automatically recognizes and records certain types of workouts, including walking, running, aerobic and elliptical sessions, outdoor cycling, continuous high-movement sports (like tennis, basketball, and soccer), and swimming. In testing, SmartTrack accurately logged several walks, but one time mislabeled a walk as a swim, a problem that also occurred once when I tested the Luxe. If this happens, you can manually re-categorize the exercise in the app.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, the Charge 5 promises to last up to a week on a charge, the same as its predecessor, which is impressive given its color display, bump in screen brightness, and slimmer design. Certain features significantly impact battery life, primarily GPS and the always-on display. Fitbit says the Charge 5 will last up to five hours while continuously tracking a workout with GPS, or up to two days with the always-on display turned on.

How to set up Fitbit Charge 5

1. Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone or tablet and log in. If you have just downloaded the app for the first time, you’ll need to set it up beforehand. It’ll ask for your name, age, height, and weight. You can go back and add these later, but it’s probably best to enter all your information now.

2. Select Set Up a Devicein the Fitbit app.

3. You should see Charge 5 appear from the list of Fitbit models. Once you see Fitbit Charge 5 flash up, select ‘set up’ to start the process.

4.Before anything else happens,accept the Fitbit Terms and Conditions. Have a quick scan through them, before clicking ‘I accept’ to move on to the next step.

5. You’ll then be prompted to connect your Fitbit Charge 5 to its magnetic chargerfor the rest of the setup. Once your app detects it is connected to the charger, it should automatically move on to the next step.

6. A four-digit code should flash up on the screen of the Fitbit Charge 5.The app will ask you to input this code. After that, you’ll need to accept the Bluetooth pairing request (make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone beforehand).

7. At this stage, you might be prompted to update the software on your Fitbit.Select ‘Update Now’ and wait for your Fitbit to update. Even if you walk away at this step, be sure to leave your phone or tablet close to your Fitbit.

8.You’ll then go through some instructions on how to use, and wear your Fitbit. You can skip through these if you’re already familiar with the Charge model.

9.The last step is toset up Fitbit Premium. Your Fitbit Charge 5 includes a six-month premium trial, giving you time to explore the different features on offer without committing to a monthly fee.

10.Your Fitbit Charge 5 should now be ready to use. Enjoy!

What to do if GPS data does not sync Fitbit Charge 5?

Solution 1: Make sure the Fitbit Charge 5has clear view of the sky

The GPS signal of your watch is taken from the satellites above. It is therefore important that your watch has a clear view of the skies above.

Try to avoid tall buildings, dense forests, steep hills. Even a cloudy day can make obtaining a connection from GPS satellites more difficult.

Solution 2: Update the Fitbit Charge 5 software

There are instances when the watch GPS signal disconnects because of a software glitch. You should try checking if a new software update is available for the Charge 5 and update it accordingly.

Before performing any software update your tracker’s battery must be at least 20% charged. Updating Charge 5 may be demanding on the battery so its best to plug the tracker into the charger before starting an update.

Manually updating the Charge 5

If the Charge 5 is already running on the latest software update then you will get the message ” Charge 5 is up to date”.

Solution 3: Restart the Fitbit Charge 5

Sometimes this issue can be caused by a temporary software glitch that usually goes away if you restart the watch.

Solution 4: Factory reset the Fitbit Charge 5

Performing a factory reset will delete your data stored in the device and bring it back to its default settings.

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