Is eufy HomeBase 3 better than 2?


Is eufy HomeBase 3 worth upgrade? Your best bets for traditional functionality and affordability are HomeBase 2 and E. Do you want the newest features, such as integrated hard drives and 4K recording? HomeBase 3 is better option. Homebase 3 is compatible with all Eufy cameras and features expandable storage, facial recognition, and detection for pets and vehicles. Additionally, HomeBase 2C provides customised device compatibility if you’re in the Chinese market. Is eufy HomeBase 3 better than 2?

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Pros & Cons


  • No Recurring Fees
  • 16 GB of internal storage that is extensible
  • Resolution Up to 4K
  • AI Features: Face Recognition, Detection of Humans, Pets, and Vehicles
  • Attach 34 sensors and up to 16 cameras to the home base.


  • HomeBase 2 memory not extendable


  • Extended specification from supplier Eufy Homebase 3
  • Boxed Eufy Homebase 3, Power Adapter, Network Cable, Screw Pack, Quick Start Guide, Metal Pin for Resetting
  • Dimensions 78 x 109 x 144 mm
  • Warranty 2 year
  • Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
  • Wi-Fi Yes, 2.4Ghz
  • Megapixel 8.0 MP (4K)
  • POE support No
  • ONVIF No
  • Pan – Tilt No

eufy HomeBase models

There are four different models of Eufy HomeBase available:

  • HomeBase 3: With 4K video capture, a built-in 2TB hard drive, extended device support, and faster processing, the newest and most sophisticated model has it all.
  • HomeBase 2: With support for a large variety of Eufy devices and features like local storage, AI detection, and Wi-Fi range extension, this original model is still in high demand.
  • HomeBase E: A budget-friendly option with many of the core features of HomeBase 2 but in a more compact design and with slightly limited capabilities.
  • HomeBase 2C: Comparable to HomeBase 2, but with compatibility for more regional smart home products and tailored for the Chinese market.

Is eufy HomeBase 3 better than 2?

Device connection

Only roughly 16 Eufy products—keypads, motion sensors, cameras, doorbells, and entry sensors—will be supported by HomeBase 1. The limitation of 16 device connections is the key point.

The 50 devices that HomeBase 2 will enable, however, might be whatever number of cameras, motion sensors, keypads, or doorbells that you desire.

Strong signals

Folks who have placed the devices on opposing sides of the house—where the signals are too weak—might want to think about purchasing an additional HomeBase 3 so that each side has one.


In addition to offering a better Wi-Fi connection, HomeBase 3 has extendable storage. The oldest video will be automatically removed by the system to create room for more recent recordings. It has a built-in 16GB eMMC storage capacity, which is sufficient to hold around 90 days’ worth of video.

Distance coverage

For strong and quick signals, the devices that must be linked to the HomeBase 3 should be positioned within a 30-foot radius of the device.

Stable internet connection

The HomeBase 2 has been replaced by the HomeBase 3. The base station that comes with the EufyCam 3 is called the HomeBase 3. Your router is connected to this base station. Compared to previous iterations, the HomeBase 3 offers a more reliable connection.

The EufyCam 2 and 2 Pro cameras are compatible with the older HomeBase 2. Up to 90 metres should separate the cameras from the HomeBase. Is this not sufficient? Compared to the HomeBase 2, the HomeBase 3 offers a stronger connection.

AI driven mesh

The BionicMind AI technology of the HomeBase 3 is one area in which it shines. This enables the hub to discern who is arriving and departing and to intelligently learn the various faces of various people. I uploaded a photo of myself to the Eufy Security app for our house, and after a few sightings, the system began to identify me. (But, because of facial recognition technology, I’m not comfortable with this data being sent to cloud computers without our permission.)

How to setup Homebase?

Proceed using the following procedure to configure your HomeBase:

  • The eufySecurity app must first be downloaded to your phone from either the Play Store or the App Store, depending on the phone model you own.
  • Open the application and log into your account.
  • Activate the HomeBase.
  • Click Add Device on the Device screen after opening it, then add your HomeBase.
  • At this point, the display ought clearly show you how to use an Ethernet wire to connect your HomeBase to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Verify that your phone is utilising the same Wi-Fi connection as the router once you have attached the ethernet wire to it.
  • Once more, press the Next button and observe the Red Indicator LED on your HomeBase turning blue.
  • After selecting Next, you will be prompted to enter the serial number or scan the QR code, which can be found at the bottom of your HomeBase.
  • Your HomeBase should make a sound after scanning. Next, press and hold the SYNC/ALARM OFF button (which is on the back of the device) for two seconds, or until you hear a brief beeping sound.
  • Now that your HomeBase is finally configured, give it a name and connect the devices you desire. You can also use these procedures to connect to another HomeBase.

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