How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?


You will find few robot vacuums those can vacuum and mop floors at the same time. The Lefant M5001-A is one of them. Equipped with an efficient suction system and mopping pad, this robot suits the cleaning needs of most homes. The M501-A is another model from Lefant. How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?

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Lefant M501-A vacuum cleaner comparison

Lefant T700Lefant M501-ALefant M300Lefant M520Lefant M501-B
Suction Power2200Pa2000Pa1800Pa2200Pa2000Pa
Free Move Technology
Wi-Fi Connected
Remote Control
Works with Alexa
Auto Charging
Adjustable Suction Power
Dust Box0.6L0.6L0.6L0.6L0.6L
Mopping Assembly
Cleaning Timearound 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hoursaround 2hours

What is good in Lefant M501-A?

Despite being an affordable vacuum, the Lefant M501-A offers a lot to enhance cleaning. It looks like Lefant was keen on what to include and what not to. So they only equipped the robot with essential features, avoiding fancy ones that would only increase the price. How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?

2-In-1 Design

In addition to vacuuming, the robot also mops. A small pad attached to the vacuum’s body touches the floor and wets it, wiping off dust and small stains. The mop receives water from the 9.6 oz water tank. The robot’s mop is a great addition meant to make your bare floors look cleaner. You only need to fill the tank with water, and the mopping action happens automatically while the robot moves around, cleaning the floors. How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?

FreeMove Technology

If you’ve used a robot vacuum before, I bet you know that these devices can get caught in narrow places easily. The Lefant M501-A uses the “Free move” technology to avoid that. This translates into a wider infrared matrix in front of the robot, as well as the lack of bumpers (the robot made out of a single plastic case, with no movable parts). This helps prevent the unfortunate situation where you leave strings or wires around unknowingly only to find the robot stuck in them. How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?

Long Runtime

The robot can clean for 120 minutes without stopping to charge. If you have a large home, the lengthy cleaning time between charging sessions is almost a necessity. It means tasks that take a shorter time to finish are covered. The vacuum owes the long runtime to the powerful battery. The lack of functions or components that would use power such as displays or cameras also means the battery doesn’t drain fast.

Super-Size Bin

When buying any robot vacuum, the dustbin size is one of the essential considerations. The dirt box on the Lefant M501-A is quite big. Measuring more than 20 oz, the large capacity suits large homes with pets and/or high traffic. Bottom line, you won’t need to empty the robot too often.

Quiet Operation

The Lefant M501-A cleans quietly, raging between 54 and 58 dB. It’s one of the greater things about this robot, and one sets it apart from similar cleaning devices. It won’t wake a sleeping toddler, or disturb your peace and that of other family members. And because it cleans autonomously, you can have it clean certain rooms at designated times. Overall, it’s a vacuum that you can use at any time, including at night, without producing excessive noise.

Anti Drop and Anti Collision Sensors

On the body of the robot are sensors to prevent falls and bumping into obstacles. Using the anti-drop feature, the vacuum can tell when one side is hanging in the air to retreat on time. As a result, the robot can clean near stairs and not fall down the steps. The anti-collision sensors accurately identify the things in the vacuum’s way. That helps it to avoid running into walls or furniture. And if it bumps into obstacles (as it sometimes does), its round body is designed to absorb the impact and protect your furniture.

Lefant M501-A robot vacuum cleaner review


The unibody design makes the M501-A thinner and more flexible, sweeps around every nook and corner in your house. One-button-start feature makes daily cleaning easier than ever.

Weight and Dimensions

It weighs a mere 4.4 pounds. Not much weight for a robot that contains a motor, suction system, brush roll, dust compartment, and other components. The Lefant is a compact cleaning device, measuring 12.6 × 12.6 × 3.1 inches.

Suction/Cleaning Power

According to the producer, the robot suction peaks at 1200 Pa. At this value, it should be adequately effective at removing dirt from wide a range of surfaces. In addition to this suction (which can be tuned on 3 levels – Low, Standard and Strong), the robot uses a bristled brush to loosen dirt and two side brushes to pull debris from corners and edges.

Input Power

The vacuum uses a powerful 2600 mAh battery. Charging the battery takes 5 hours, which is somewhat long for a robot vacuum. However, its runtime will ease things. When full, the battery powers the robot for a whole 2 hours. The Lefant M500 comes with a return-to-base function. As soon as the amount of battery charge reaches a critical level, the vacuum finds its way back to the docking station and recharges autonomously.

Dust Capacity

How good is Lefant M501-A mapping to clean Pet Hair?

2 types of bin – for vacuuming and for vacuuming + wet mopping

The dustbin is 20 oz (0.6 liters). The large capacity means longer cleaning sessions. You won’t be emptying dirt too frequently. If you have a large home, shedding pets, or kids who leave debris lying about, the vacuum’s ample dustbin space is a feature you will like. The water tank can house 9.6 oz (0.285 liters) of liquids, and the rest up to 20 oz. as debris.

Filtration System

Like the other Lefant robot vacuum which I’ve tested, the M500 comes with an efficient filtration system. The pre-motor filter is the standard foam material that traps most of the debris. The post-motor filter is HEPA and captures the tiniest of particles, removing as much as 99.9% of allergens. That makes the Lefant M501-A a safe vacuum for many homes. It will not cause you or your loved ones respiratory problems, especially if they’re intolerant to allergens such as dust mites, fine dust, and other particulate materials.

What is the other best mopping robot vacuum?


This particular robot cleaning device is capable of mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and much more! The efficient intelligence system that is integrated completely eliminates that random crashes and design issues that other alternative products have had in the past.

You can comfortably know that the dual-gyro system utilizes several integrated sensors to properly clean the household environment. Customers agree with this assessment, but there is one minor setback that might annoy some customers.

An annoying squealing noise is relatively common from this particular robot mop during cleaning. This is a relatively minor negative aspect, but it should be included within the review for all customers to see.

With that being said, if you are comfortable with all of the other positive design aspects, then this Roborock E25 could certainly be the right robot mop for your household!


  • Efficient and Intelligent Design.
  • App Control System (WiFi).
  • 1 Year Customer Warranty.


  • Expensive Price Range.
  • Loud Operating Noises.


The next robot mop that you might be interested in is the iRobot Braava jet 240 Superior Robot Mop. This particular device is completely automated and can efficiently reach difficult locations to clean, mop, and sweep your household.

The expensive price range might be difficult for some customers on a budget, but the sophisticated features justify the significant price range and you should definitely consider selecting this robotic mop for your household.


  • Completely Automated Design.
  • Extremely Efficient at Cleaning.
  • App Enabled Control.


  • Expensive Price Range.


You might want to try out the impressive ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Mop Cleaner within your household. It is equipped with several impressive features, including a high quality battery that is capable of running for more than two hours at a time. The compact and lightweight design is also extremely efficient and allows for this device to last for a long period of time without durability issues.

While it is significantly higher in price than some alternative products, it does have the features to support this extensive increase in price.


  • Long Term Durability.
  • Compact Lightweight Design.
  • 2 Hour Battery Time.


  • High End Price Range.
  • Partially Faulty Sensor.
  • No Customer Warranty.


The fourth product position belongs to the Knox Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, which has an incredible reputation with customers. It is also extremely affordable and one of the cheapest robotic mop cleaners that is currently available with this collection of features.

These features include smart sensor technology, extensive battery life, and cleaning filters to make sure the job gets done quickly and effectively.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Smart Sensor Technology.
  • Extensive Battery Life.
  • 1 Year Customer Warranty.


  • Short Term Durability.
  • No Instructions Included.

How does a robot mop work?

Most robotic mops utilizes enhanced sensor technology to detect areas to clean, mop, and sweep. These devices are typically charged for several hours and then turned on, either remotely or through a button on the device (Lefant M501-A mapping).

Most manufacturers include instructions, although the Knox Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop does not include instructions in their packaging and that left some customers angry, confused, and stressed out.

What are the benefits of a robot mop?

The main benefits of a high quality robot mop is the complete automation and extensive cleaning capabilities. It eliminates the physical labor of reaching around tight corners and steering a heavy vacuum or mop around the house (like Lefant M501-A mapping).

There are also some other important benefits, including the possibility of controlling the robot mop through a WiFi connection from a mobile app. This is a common smart-home feature that is finding its way onto more household appliances every year.

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