MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector review – is it Bluetooth projector?


Is it a Bluetooth projector? With upgraded WiFi connection function, MOOKA Q6 mini WiFi projector makes the connection between projector and your iOS/Android devices more easier. Q6 wifi projector can mirror movies, videos, apps, games, photos on your iOS/Android devices to big screen anytime. It comes with high contrast 10000:1, up to 300″ giant screen, 8500 Lux brightness, and, supports multi-devices connecting and multi formats playing. Get details in MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector review.

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In the box

  • MOOKA Q6 Native 1080P WiFi Projector;
  • Convenient Carry Bag ;
  • Power Cable*1; HDMI Cable*1; 3-in-1 AV Cable*1
  • Remote Control*1; Projector Lens Cover*1; User Manual*1

Pros & Cons – MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector


  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Very light compared to my other Projector
  • Sound quality is GREAT AND LOUD!
  • Able to hook up an external surround sound speaker system or headphones Wired/Bluetooth to this projector
  • You can adjust display, color, brightness, and noise on this projector!
  • There is no lag when playing videogames on a playstation
  • EASILY connect to android phone, PlayStation, PC and Laptop.
  • Not so difficult finding a ceiling mount or stand to hook this projector anywhere in your home
  • Exceptional quality
  • Comes with multiple cables and remote control.


  • There is no zoom in/out feature
  • Does not have 3D
  • Video lags and very jitter when watching movies or videos on IPhone and Android phones through screen mirroring
  • Gets a little hot when running for awhile


  • Model : MOOKA Q6
  • Native Resolution: 1920*1080P(4K Support)
  • Brightness: 8500 lumens
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto
  • Projection Size: 45-300″
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • Zoom Function: 100% -75% (Reduced-25%)
  • Lamp life: up to 100,000 hours

Compare MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector vs DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

MOOKA Q6 Native 1080P WiFi Bluetooth ProjectorDBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector, 8500L Full HD
Connectivity TechnologyWiFi Bluetooth+HDMI/USB/VGA/AV/DVD/Phone/TVBOX/PS4Dual HDMI+USB/VGA/AV/TV BOX/DVD/Smartphone
Display TechnologyLCDLCD
Image Brightness8500 lumen8500 lumen
Image Contrast Ratio10000:110000:1
Item Dimensions8.31 x 6.97 x 3.31 inches

MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector review


The projector is lightweight, compact, and has a two-tone design. The elegant case is very well designed and securely holds and protects the projector.


The projector itself is sized right and portable. Carry case is totally acceptable, and the included cables were a nice touch. One side of the projector has the AC port and the fan intake which is covered by a removable, washable dust filter. The other side of the projector has more air vents and a small storage drawer. 


There are plenty of ports to be able to plug in anything you can think of. It also have wifi/screen sharing connectivity too which was a breeze to use. The projector has multiple inputs on the back for VGA , 2 HDMI, 2 USB, , AV, headphones/speakers. 


Adopting the latest diffuse projection technology, with 300 inch giant screen, MOOKA Q6 projectors’ projection is more suitable for human eyes’ visual habit,


It has 8500 lumens brightness. The video quality is very good, and it is easily bright enough for night-time watching outdoors. 


MOOKA Q6 Native-1080P HD LCD Video Projector. The picture clarity and resolution were also excellent. This Mooka Q6 can certainly provide a pleasant home cinema experience 

Keystone & Focus – MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector

The projector has a height adjustment on the bottom that works to tilt it up. The projector was easy to focus. We only had to fiddle around with it for a few minutes until we got it right. The buttons are well marked as are the various adjustments. The keystone on this had a much better.

the keystone correction is +/- 15° from horizontal, and that the distance between the projector and the screen should be between about 4.4 ft and 12.5 ft.


The built in audio is just acceptable if you are using indoors, but not loud enough for a noisy environment. I was able to get it connected to a portable bluetooth speaker easily. Connecting to an external speaker with a male-to-male 3.5 mm. audio cable is also easy and works well.


The remote has all the same control buttons plus fast forward/reverse and volume adjustments. The remote requires two AAA batteries which are not included. There are IR sensors on both the front and back of the projector allowing for control from almost any position. 

Setup – MOOKA Q6 Native 1080p WiFi Bluetooth projector

MOOKA Q6 supports three place methods: front, rear, ceiling, provides more flexible choices for you. The included manuals made set up a breeze. We had it connected to our 2.4 GHz wireless network in under 5 minutes. The menus and settings are easy to navigate. It comes with image set to Medium, but switching it to Vivid makes it even brighter.

Press the power key, connect your device (PC, cell phone, USB stick, Firestick, etc) to one of the source inputs (VGA, HDMI1, HDMI2, USB1, USB2, AV, SD Card), select your input source using the keypad or the remote, select your video or file, and then select play. Devices can be connected through a wired connection or wirelessly.

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