Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine review


Can Narwal T10 vacuum carpet? Highly efficient filter of the robotic vacuum cleaner efficiently traps dust, fur, and allergens. Dual side brushes sweep dirt, hair, and debris directly into the vacuum slot–all without causing a racket. You may monitor and control your floor cleaner’s cleaning status through the Narwal app. Know details in Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine review.

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In the box

  • Narwal T10 vacuum
    • Robot vacuum body
    • Internal dirt compartment
    • 1x T10 HEPA filter
    • Vacuum module
    • 4x Side brushes
    • Mopping module
    • 4x Mopping Pads
    • Hook blade cleaning tool
    • Magnetic strip
    • Operational Manual
  • Base station
    • Base station
    • Clean water tank
    • Waste water tank
    • 2x Clean water tank sponge filters
    • Power cord

Pros & Cons


  • Long battery life
  • 2-in-1 vacuum and mop
  • Huge 5L water tank capacity
  • Self-cleaning mopping pads
  • Actively scrubs your floors
  • Automatically self-cleans its mopping pads
  • Powerful mopping performance.
  • Self-cleaning mop heads.
  • Multiple smart app features.


  • Not great at vacuuming on carpets
  • No scheduled cleaning
  • No support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Very tall base station


  • Dimensions 12.4″ x 13.6″ x 4.2″
  • Dust Bin Capacity 0.4 liters
  • Mop Tank Capacity 5 liters (x 2 tanks)
  • Mopping Performance 99%
  • Self-Cleaning Mop Pads Yes
  • Self-Cleaning Time 75 seconds to clean
  • Suction Power 1800Pa
  • Charge Time 2.5 hours
  • Coverage 2100 sf.
  • Warranty Unlisted
  • Price Check Price

Compare Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine

FeatureBraava Jet m6Roborock S7Narwal T10
ModeMop OnlyVacuum + MopVacuum + Mop
Dust Bin CapacityNA0.47 liters0.4 liters
Mop Tank Capacity0.48 liters0.3 liters5 liters (x 2 tanks)
Mop CoverageRecharge + Resume2100 sf.2150 sf.
App ControlYesYesYes
No-Go ZonesYesYesYes

Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine review


The housing is a glossy white plastic, which is attractive and doesn’t attract a lot of dust. There are two parts to the mopping pads for this system. Two attachments that magnetically connect to the underside of the Narwal and then four washable mopping pads. This system is designed to wash the pads at the docking station, but you can also wash them yourself as well.


It comes with a length of 12.36 inches and a width of 13.58 inches. And at 4.21 inches high, it is oblong shaped. There’s a little tower on top for the main LIDAR sensor. And along the front of the housing, there’s an infrared sensor with a silver-grey border. The two main drive wheels are located to the sides, just behind the T10’s center line. They’re big, black, and tough, with deep ridges that give them plenty of traction.

The dock is very large, standing 16.81 inches high, with a length of 15.79 inches and a width of 14.09. 


If you remove the mopping pads, there’s space to attach the vacuum plate. This plate has a single suction slot in the center, with no roller brush. However, there are two horizontal brushes to the sides, which swing around like helicopter blades. They don’t do much for you on a carpet. But on solid floors, they sweep dust, dirt and debris neatly into the center slot. 

Water tank – Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine

The Narwal T10 has a 5-liter freshwater tank (right) and an equaly-sized tank for the dirty water that results from its mopping pads being cleaned while docked to its base.

A pump can move water from the 1.3-gallon clean water tank down to the bay. The mop pads spin in place on the washboard, freeing up dirt and debris. Then, a second pump extracts the dirty water into the 1.3-gallon dirty water tank. The process is automatic, and it only takes about a minute to complete.


With 1,800Pa of suction, you’ll still be able to pick up dirt, dust, and lighter debris like rice or dried beans. Its performance will suffer on carpets, though, due to the lack of a roller brush. 


The two mop heads are made of a shaggy microfiber material, and are exceptionally durable. You can run hundreds of full cleaning cycles before you have to even think about replacing them. They rotate at a rate of 180 RPM, or three times per second, which is pretty speedy. As a result, you’re looking at some pretty impressive performance, on virtually any kind of mess. You can clean up spills, and even mop up caked-on dirt that other robot cleaners can’t handle.


The vacuum recognizes the difference between the vacuum module and the mop pads and automatically switches modes depending on which one is installed. It uses a copy of the map you created during the first vacuuming operation, so you can mark a distinct set of no-go zones for area rugs or rooms with carpeted floors that you don’t want to get wet. If you have rooms separated by areas with carpeting—a tiled master bathroom adjacent to a carpeted master bedroom, for example—you’ll need to use the bot’s spot-cleaning mode to mop that room.


The T10 uses a LIDAR-based SLAM navigation system. The former acronym stands for “Light Detection and Ranging,” which means the robot uses a pulsed laser to measure the distance between it and nearby obstacles. The latter acronym stands for “Simultaneous Localization and Mapping,” which means the robot creates—and updates—a map of its surroundings while keeping track of where it’s located on that map.

Charging & battery life

Narwal does pack a big battery inside this device: 5,800mAh. Changing from vacuum to mop and vice-versa is simple and straightforward. You can do it in just a few seconds.

On a full charge, it can mop for 2.5 hours, which is longer than most robot vacs. That’s enough to clean almost any floor plan. If charge goes down, the robot will charge the needed amount based on the remaining cleaning task.


When mopping, the T10 produces only 45dB of noise, which is the volume of hushed conversation. In vacuum mode, it produces 65dB of noise, which is noticeably louder. That said, it’s still quieter than an upright vac, and you can carry on a conversation while it’s in the room.

Companion App

The Narwal T10 has a smartphone companion app. When the app is set up and paired with the cleaner, you’ll have access to many more features. The first time the T10 activates, it will roam around your house and map your floor. You can then view this floor plan in the app.

Then, you can create virtual rooms, set no-go zones, and schedule your cleanings. As an added bonus, you can adjust the vacuum suction level, or change the mopping wetness. You can also view a report of your previous cleanings.

Narwal T10 robot vacuum and mop combo hard floor cleaner machine review alternative

Roborock S5 Max

Best for consistent hybrid mopping


Size: 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.8 inchesWeight: 7.8 poundsMapping: YesSmart home compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant


+Attractive design+Spring-loaded mop pad+Customizable no mop zones



Roborock’s update to the S5 hybrid, logically named the S5 Max, put a special emphasis on mopping performance. For starters, there’s a larger, 290ml electronic water tank. Plus, the detachable microfiber mopping pad is spring-loaded, meaning the pad will apply consistent pressure on surfaces as it cleans. This leads to more consistent mopping results.

This sleek-looking 2-in-1 offers several cleaning modes for vacuuming — Gentle, Silent, Balanced, Turbo and Max — but also offers customizations in mop mode, too. Choose from low, medium, or high water flow depending on the surfaces you’re cleaning. Better yet– the flow level can be adjusted from room to room.

Controlling the S5 Max is as easy as opening the Roborock app on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi-connected bot is capable of creating and saving editable maps of your home. Create a schedule, customize cleaning routes, and demarcate “no-mop” zones from the palm of your hand.

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