Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera review


 Now you can see all that occurs in your home or business no matter what time of day it is.  Get magnificent images and videos day or night with 1440p resolution. An advanced automatic IR-cut filter helps to capture surroundings at night for up to 100ft. The free Reolink app allows you to add an unlimited quantity of Reolink cameras for Live View. Users can you can watch security footage through WiFi-enabled or 2G, 3G, and 4G smart devices, allowing you to check in on your home or business anytime, anywhere. Discover details in Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera review.

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Pros & Cons – Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera

  • Full HD Resolution
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Color Night Vision
  • Wireless Outdoor Cameras
  • Some Cameras Work with Reolink Solar Panel
  • Flexible, Easy Installation
  • Local Storage Option
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Built-In Siren
  • Low-Cost Cloud Storage
  • Relies on Wi-Fi Connection
  • No Continuous Recording in Battery-Powered Models
  • Some Cameras Have Basic Features
  • App Setup Can Be Glitchy
  • Solar Panel Not Included

Compare Reolink 5MP vs 4MP outdoor security camera

16CH POE Security Camera System16CH POE Security Camera System4MP Add-on Camera
Channel16 Channel16 Channel/
Pre-installed HDD3TB3TB/
HDD Capacity2 x6TB via SATA, 12TB in total2 x 6TB via SATA, 12TB in total/
Smart Person/Vehicle Detection///

Key feature – Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera

Reolink has a ton of old-fashioned-type security cameras.

Most of Reolink’s cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet) setups that work with CCTV or NVR systems. We counted 20+ of these Reolink PoE products (such as the RLC-510A and RLK8-520D4), making it impossible to speak about each one individually.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera review
Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera review

There’s a lot of variation among these cameras, so not all have the same features. But you might see some of the following:

  • 4K/5MP video quality
  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • 100 feet of night vision
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Playback filters
  • Audio recording
  • IP66 waterproofing
  • Pan/tilt
  • Zoom

Reolink also has PoE IP cameras that it calls “add-ons.” These are cameras that need CCTV or NVR but don’t come with those devices. You have to buy the add-on cameras separately to add them to an existing Reolink surveillance system.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera review


With its modular size, white enclosure, and black face, the redesigned Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera resembles a more squat Arlo Pro 3. On the front are a status LED, a 230-lumen spotlight (something else it shares with the Arlo Pro 3), six infrared LEDs for night vision, a fixed focal length lens with a 120-degree field of view, daylight sensor, microphone, and a passive-infrared (PIR) sensor for motion detection.

On the back are a battery status LED, micro-USB port, and speaker. A power switch, reset button, and microSD slot are concealed on the bottom, beneath a rubber cap


Reolink has rethought power supplies with each iteration of the Argus. The original camera used disposable CR123A batteries. Those were improved upon in the Argus 2 with a removable, rechargeable 63V lithium battery. As part of the Argus 3 makeover, the battery has been built in. 


Those who want to protect their homes from the outside can do so with these devices. They are prepared to withstand the harshest of climates, from constant storms to blizzards and dust.

This is proved by their IP65 and IP66 ratings, which means that the gadgets can be placed on any external wall, garden, or any other place, and the owner need not fear that they may get damaged.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera Setup

Once you download the Reolink app, you just scan the camera’s QR code and log into your wireless network (there’s an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter onboard, and only 2.4GHz networks are supported). A voice prompt confirms each step along the way.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera Mobile app

You need the Reolink app to set up and control every camera the company sells. While some features are camera-specific, most of the features we tested are available on all of the cameras we reviewed:

Motion detection sensitivity: You can adjust each camera’s PIR motion sensor’s sensitivity to prevent a push notification flood every time a car passes your house or video clips of the neighborhood birds (unless you’re into that). It’s also useful for saving battery power on cameras like the Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Reolink Go.

Two-way audio: You can use the camera as a walkie-talkie to speak to people near the camera.

Livestreaming video: You can watch a live feed on your phone; the app even has an option that shows multiple cameras at once so you don’t need to switch views manually. The livestream interface also allows you to snap photos, record videos, view recordings, and control the pan-tilt-zoom settings of a camera.

Siren and custom voice alerts: You can set each camera to sound a siren whenever detecting motion. But the best part is that you can choose between an alarm sound or record a custom voice alert up to five seconds long. Now your camera can say “who’s there?” or “you should leave” to startle a trespasser into retreat.

Home Automation Options

This is one area where Reolink falls behind competitors. Most of the cameras are compatible with Google Assistant, but that’s about the only compatible third party home automation tool you can integrate into your Reolink system. The company says Alexa compatibility is coming soon, but if you’re looking to create an entire home automation ecosystem, Reolink cameras may not be your best option.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera Installation

Reolink provides a couple of different options for mounting it. The first is a magnetic mount that makes removing the camera for recharging a bit easier. That, of course, makes it easier for anyone to remove it, which puts any video evidence it captures at risk. The second option is a security mount that actually screws and locks into the back of the camera. It’s more theft-proof, but less convenient for regular recharging (yet another reason to also pick up that solar panel).

In either case, you’ll need to screw the mount onto an exterior wall or fence. Screws, anchors, and mounting templates are provided, but you must supply your own tools. A loop strap is also included as a means to lash the camera to a tree.

Reolink 4MP outdoor security camera Performance review

PIR motion detection registers body heat, so it generally can’t be fooled by a tree branch swaying in the wind or a passing car. It can, however, be triggered by animals, so depending on the critter population around your home, you might need to do some calibrating to ensure you’re not alerted to every squirrel that races across your fence top.

Night vision can operate in color or black and white. Both modes have about 33 feet of range, which was plenty to light up my yard or driveway, but color is preferable as it provides more forensic details. I was surprised to find that the colors in night vision mode were about as vibrant as they were in daytime mode; typically, they’re a bit duller.

The camera delivers a very sharp image with accurate colors. Areas with bright sunlight tended to get washed out, though, making it difficult to make out details there. Those could be potential blind spots in video of a break-in or other crime.

Storage options

There is no opportunity for professional home monitoring with Reolink, so you’ll have to be comfortable monitoring your own home and calling authorities if needed. There is no contract or subscription plan you are required to pay for when purchasing a Reolink camera.

If you’re looking to save your videos for longer than 7 days, the cloud service is an option you can pay for monthly. Prices are as follows:

  • Basic plan: $0/month; 7 days of video, 1 camera; 1 GB cloud storage
    Standard plan: $3.49/month, 30 day cloud storage, 5 cameras, 10 GB cloud storage
  • Premier plan: $6.99/month, 30 day cloud video history, 10 cameras, 40 GB cloud storage
  • Business plan: $10.49/month, 60 day cloud video history, 30 cameras, 100 GB cloud storage

What are the Reolink cameras for sale?

Reolink CameraType of CameraKey FeaturesPrice
Argus 3Outdoor Battery/Solar1080p HD
Built-In Motion Spotlight
Starlight Night Vision
Two-Way Talk
Argus 2Outdoor Battery/Solar1080p HD
Starlight Night Vision
Two-Way Talk
Argus ProOutdoor Battery/Solar1080p HD
Two-Way Audio
Argus EcoOutdoor Battery/Solar1080p HD
Two-Way Audio
Argus PTOutdoor Battery/SolarPan & Tilt
Starlight Night Vision
Two-Way Talk
1080p HD
Reolink GoOutdoor Battery/Solar1080p HD
Wireless 4G LTE
No Wi-Fi Needed
Reolink Go PTOutdoor Battery/SolarPan & Tilt
1080p HD
Wireless 4G LTE
No Wi-Fi
Reolink LumusOutdoor Wi-Fi1080p HD
Color Night Vision
E1 SeriesIndoor Wi-FiPan-Tilt-Zoom
Two-Way Audio
RLC SeriesIndoor/Outdoor PoE & Wi-Fi4MP-5MP resolution
Up to 4x Optical Zoom
Audio Recording
$59.99 – $99.99
RLN Series (NVR)Network Video RecordingMulti-Channel Camera SystemsVaries
RLK SeriesPoE & Wi-FiMulti-Channel Camera SystemsVaries

With an intuitive app, plenty of customization options, reasonable prices, and reliable equipment – all very crucial factors – we think that overall, Reolink is a great option to consider for home security.

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