SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology reviews – is it good for health?



Why do you need SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology? As the costs of the heavy industrial revolution rise, so does the degree of air pollution. Do you believe that the only way to shield yourself and your family from these dangerous gasses and pollutants would be to stay at home? You could be in error. High density plasmacluster ion generation is produced by this machine. The electrode in the first-generation ion producing device was a glass tube. With the increasing quantity of goods utilizing Plasmacluster technology, the ion generating unit has undergone evolution to become more compact, energy-efficient, and able to release a higher density of ions. Get details in SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology reviews.

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Pros & Cons


  • Robust system for air filtering
  • Monitoring of air quality in real time
  • Intelligent functions such as Smart Sensor
  • Automatically modifies the fan speed


  • Complicated Wi-Fi setup

SHARP air purifier Specs

  • Dimensions 8.2 x 15.1 x 21.3 inches
  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Coverage 259 sq ft
  • Noise Level 36 dB
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Control Method Touch
  • Filter Type Activated Carbon
  • 3-FAN SPEEDS] Max, Med, Low Fan Speeds, Plus Quick Clean, and Auto.
  • CADR Rating
    • Smoke (164)
    • Dust (164)
    • Pollen (174)


Sharp offers air purifiers in six sizes with prices between $149.99 to $499.99. I was given the opportunity to test the KC-850U model, which has “True HEPA Filtration” with an MSRP of $399. The replacement of the two filters will cost between $50 and $100 each filter.

SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology reviews


Travelers who are concerned about their health will find Sharp’s FPK50UW Air Purifier to be an economical clean-air solution thanks to its compact size, minimalist, user-friendly design, and integrated true HEPA filter. The device, which weighs 23.8 pounds and has dimensions of 28.7 x 16.4 x 11.5 inches (HxWxD), is intended to purify the air in spaces up to 502 square feet.


With regard to your home air quality, the front display under this light offers more specific information regarding variations in dust, odor, temperature, humidity, and PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 microns) levels. Moreover, it may inform you of the unit’s power consumption, the need to replace the filter, and the amount of time left on the timer setting.


The machine’s front panel displays the room’s humidity levels in addition to the dust monitor, which is represented by a vertical line that is primarily green with some yellow.There are three different ways to filter the air. Clean Air, Clean Air & Humidify (humidity sensors monitor air quality and automatically adjust), and Quick Clean (automatically adjusts based on air quality). The fan speed readings are located to the left of these buttons. You’ll notice the “lights” button next to it.

CADR rate

The purifier can deliver 334 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of dust, 324 CFM of smoke, and 361 CFM of pollen with its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). A purifier’s CADR indicates how well it removes indoor air pollutants based on the size of the room and the amount of clean air it produces daily. In general, a purifier’s effectiveness increases with its CADR number.


Prior to passing air through a HEPA filter, which is certified to collect 99.97 percent of particles as fine as 0.3 microns, the air is first passed through a pre-filter to capture dust and other big particles. It then passes through an active carbon deodorizing filter. Utilizing a Plasmacluster Ion-Generating Unit on the machine’s side, the Plasmacluster technology breaks down bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses, and other pollutants by splitting water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions that are dispersed throughout the space and eventually return to the atmosphere as water vapor.

Fan speed

The purifier has three manual fan speeds in addition to Auto mode: Low, Medium, and Max. It also has a Pollen mode that increases the sensitivity of the dust sensor to detect dust and pollen more quickly, and a Sleep mode that lowers operating noise and dims or turns off the display and air quality monitor light depending on the amount of light in the room.


Suggested for rooms with medium sizes up to 259 square feet. However, it has no trouble cleaning a 454 square foot room.


The Sharp FP-A80UW air purifier is incredibly quiet, and Sharp claimed that it operated with LibraryQuiet.The lowest noise level of the Sharp FP-A80UW is only 23 dB, making it even quieter than the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Ultra Quiet air purifier. You won’t hear any sound at all because this is precisely the volume at which the rustling leaves are loud.


It was easy to set up. The air purifier is a preassembled, stand-alone appliance. After inserting the two provided filters, we plugged it in and activated the device. It took five minutes to complete the transaction. This is an air purifier that Sharp sells for “medium-sized rooms,” which are roughly 260 square feet.

Smart features

The SHARP air purifier supports voice commands to turn it on and off and to activate its many cleaning modes. It also has support for Amazon Alexa.

SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology Consumer reviews

it’s on the expensive side, but good machine

this is my third air purifier/humidifier. the first time i bought a cheap brand for about 130 and the dust meter is all over the place. it just didn’t impress me all that much so i had to return it. it wasn’t too quiet, and has only the purifying function. I bought another one for the contemporary look for the house. that one was not cheap either and doenst have purifying function. I came across this sharp one and decided to give it a shot. what attracted me was that its’ purifying and humidifying in one. when i got the unit, it’s on the larger side. the look is pretty clean and sleek though. i use it for my bedroom which is not too big, so the machine can cover the area without a problem. it’s relatively quiet, but occasionally you would hear the water bubbling. the display light can be turned on or off so that it doenst bother you at night time sleeping. i don’t have allergy problems, so i can’t tell how much air the unit actually purifies. I was hoping to live in a healthier environment, my house gets dusty very easily and i don’t want to breath in all the dust particles. the only concern i have is the filter. i haven’t figured out how often i need to change it or how much it cost. it doesn’t seem like a cheap filter to replace. hopefully not too often. i would recommend this for those who want to have cleaner air

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How does SHARP air purifier and humidifier with Plasmacluster ion technology work?

By dividing water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions, it imitates the natural cleaning process of the environment. These ions then spread throughout the room and actively break down pollutants such as airborne and surface-adhering bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses, and clinging odors before returning to the air as water vapor.

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