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SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station review

SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station review

SIIG’s USB-C Dual 4K or Single 5K Display Advanced Docking Station transforms a single USB-C or USB-A 3.0 port into 6x USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port, 2x HDMI and 2x DisplayPort ports, microphone input, and headphone audio output connectivity. Is it useful? What is good in SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station? Get more in review.

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  • 2 x HDMI 1.4 (4K@30Hz)
  • 2 x Displayport 1.2 (4K@60Hz)
  • 6 x USB 3.0 (5 Gbps)
  • 1 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1 x Audio Jack 3.5mm
  • 1 x Mic Jack 3.5mm

Specs – SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station

  • Chipset: DisplayLink 6590 + FL5002 + GL3523
  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.1 Gen 1 Specification and backward compatible with USB 2.0
  • Integrated DP 1.2/DP++ interface
  • Integrated HDMI 2.0 interface
  • Support 5.1 channel surround sound through DisplayPort and HDMI
  • Supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 data transfer rate up to 5Gbps
  • USB Power Delivery up to 60W
  • Compatible with USB Battery Charge 1.2 (BC 1.2) specification (5V/1.5A output max) on USB-C downstream ports
  • Supported video cable length:
    • HDMI: Up to 5M (max)
    • DisplayPort: Up to 3M (max)
  • Resolution:
    • Support resolution up to 5K / 4K / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 480p
    • Dual 3840×2160@60Hz (4K) through DP + HDMI, HDMI + HDMI, or DP + DP outputs
    • Single 5120×2880@60Hz through dual DisplayPort connection
      Note: In order to support 5K output, you must connect both DisplayPort outputs to a single 5K DisplayPort TV/Monitor
  • Gigabit Ethernet:
    • Supports up to 1000 Mbps data transfer rate and is backward compatible with 10/100 Mbps
    • Supports IEEE 802.3x full duplex operation
    • Compatible with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u
    • Supports crossover detection and auto-correction
  • Connectors:
    • 1x 24-pin, USB-C, Female, Input, PD charging
    • 4x 9-pin, USB 3.1 Gen 1, Type-A, Female, standard downstream port
    • 2x 24-pin, USB 3.1 Gen 1, Type-C, Female, data downstream port with BC 1.2 charging
    • 2x 20-pin, DisplayPort, Female, Output
    • 2x 19-pin, HDMI Type-A, Female, Output
    • 1x 8-pin, RJ45, Gigabit Network, Female, Output
    • 1x 3.5mm, Stereo audio, Output
    • 1x 3.5mm, Mic, Input
  • Dimensions: 8.78″ (L) x 1.02″ (H) x 3.15″ (W)
  • Weight: 0.77 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Power Adapter:
    • Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
    • Output: DC 20V/5A
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Operating temperature: 32 to 104 degrees F
    • Storage temperature: 14 to 158 degrees F
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Certifications/Standards: FCC, CE, RoHS

Key features

  • Industry Recognized DisplayLink® Display Technology – Supports single 5K@60Hz Ultra HD video output through dual DisplayPort*
  • *Note: In order to support 5K video output, you must connect both DisplayPort outputs to a single 5K TV/Monitor
  • Versatile External Docking Solution – Uses a single USB-C or USB 3.0 port to add multiple connectivity options to your desktop or laptop computer
    : Does not support laptop charging through USB-C
  • Maximizes connectivity by adding six USB 3.0 ports that can connect to multiple USB devices simultaneously
  • Flexible video interface enables to output dual 4K@60Hz resolution through HDMI/HDMI, DP/DP or HDMI/DP displays with 5.1-channel surround sound
  • Reliable wired network connectivity through embedded 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Quickly connects with earphones/speakers and microphone through built-in 3.5mm stereo audio output jack and Microphone jack respectively
  • Integrated power switch conserves energy while not in use, built-in LED provides easy recognition of power status
  • Compatible with various Windows and Mac® computers. 

    Compatibility Notes:
    • macOS 10.15.6 or later: Uninstall any legacy DisplayLink driver (v5.2.5 or earlier) and install the latest driver on SIIG’s website
    • This adapter DOES NOT charge laptops through the USB-C connector
    • macOS limitations:
      • Our adapter is not compatible with macOS® 10.13.4 to 10.13.6 update. It’s recommended to upgrade to Mojave 10.14 or later or stay with 10.13.3 or earlier
      • Does not support Movie/video playback via iTunes and HDCP protected content via Safari web browser (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Go, etc..)

SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station comparison

Supported External DisplaysTripleSingleDual
Supported ResolutionSingle (4K@30Hz) / Dual (1080p) / Triple (720p)4K@30Hz / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 480p5K@60Hz / 4K@60Hz / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 480p
USB2 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 + 1 x USB-C (Data Only)4 x USB 3.04 x USB 3.0 + 2 x USB-C
Thunderbolt 3
Ethernet (RJ45)10/100/1000 Mbps10/100/1000 Mbps
Additional PortsVGAAudio Output 3.5mmMic Input + Audio Output 3.5mm
Power Delivery
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7, Mac OSx (Single Display ONLY)Windows 10/8/7/Vista/ XP, Mac OS X 10.10 and laterWindows 10/8/7/Vista/ XP, Mac OS X up to 10.13.3 + 10.15

Alternate of SIIG USB Type C 4K dual monitor docking station

The CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt Dock and StarTech Monitor Thunderbolt 3 Dock provide 85 watts of power, which is plenty to charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro at full speed. An 85-watt docking station will also provide enough power for you to set up a compatible host to serve as a charging station.

The CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt Dock, StarTech Monitor Thunderbolt 3 Dock and Plugable Triple Display Docking Station can connect to any Windows or Apple device that has a Thunderbolt 3 port on board. Thunderbolt 3 was released in 2015 and designed to provide fast connections to docks.

The CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt Dock promises to offer the most ports, and it doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get 5 USB-A ports, ideal for plugging in hard drives, mice and keyboards. You’ll also get two USB-C ports for devices that support that. The gofanco Mini DisplayPort has two USB-A ports, while the StarTech Monitor Thunderbolt 3 Dock has two USB-A ports and one USB-C port. The Plugable Triple Display Docking Station has four USB-A ports and one USB-C.

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