Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350 review – how to update drivers?


Can you use this Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick for online class or web call?  Stronger and more stable WiFi wireless signal, make everything like online homework, class work, word processing, internet surfing , online shopping, streaming and video more smoother. BT 4.2 support connect device and respond to running instructions fast. How to update Terryza W5 Pro drivers? Reveal more in Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350 review.

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Pros & Cons – Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350


  • It comes with a HDMI extension cable so you can connect directly to TV or hard to reach HDMI ports.
  • Super light weight and portable
  • No Lag while watching a 4k video on my TV. (see attached video played on my TV)
  • Ideal for light use like preparing powerpoint, word documents, surfing the internet etc
  • The power requirements are minimal. You can connect directly to my USB port on tv. This eliminates the need for an extra wire to connect it.


  • It is missing USB-C. But with Bluetooth you will easily be able to pair with most devices like keyboard, speaker etc

Good for

This is portable. At home, I use it in my TV for streaming all my subscriptions. I also plug into my home office monitor and can use it for work. With so many SaaS/cloud applications and the ability to save files in the cloud, this is all you need to get 99% of standard office work done these days. This model does have several more gigs of storage than cheaper ones if you must save locally or install a few more applications. with Chrome OS installed via Neverware’s CloudReady installer, this little device is surprisingly robust for basic work, Google Docs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, etc. anything you can do in a browser.

Compare Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350

ProcessorIntel Celeron J4125Intel Celeron N3350Intel Atom x5-z8350
Memory (RAM) Size8GB4GB8GB
Hard Disk Size120GB64GB120GB
Operating SystemWindows 10 ProWindows 10 ProWindows 10 Pro
Graphics CoprocessorIntel UHD Graphics 600Intel HD Graphics 500
Max Turbo Frequency2.70 GHz2.40 GHz1.92 GHz
USB Port2*USB 3.0 & 2* USB 2.02*USB 3.0 & 2* USB 2.01*USB 3.0 & 1* USB 2.0
Video Interface2X HDMI & 1 X VGA2X HDMI & 1 X VGA1X HDMI

Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350 review

Compact design

Super compact mini PC. It’s very simple to get it setup and start playing video. Very compact, minimal built which serves great as either a home media player or a travel/business presentation PC.


This PC stick has 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 regular USB port, 1 microUSB port (for power input), an HDMI port and a microSD card slot.


This computer-on-a-stick comes with the HDMI cable to plug into your monitor or TV. It has two USB ports. I plugged in a keyboard and mouse. Now I use a Bluetooth keyboard and use the two ports for a wireless mouse and HD webcam so I can do Zooms. It’s so easy to bring everything wherever you want to go. Love it!


This affordable PC stick is still ready for a variety of uses from streaming to private computing, powered by an Intel Atom Z8250 chip. It has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage to work with, plus the durable Terryza design with MicroSD card support for expanding storage.

Easy setup

When I first set it up there are voice prompts that instruct you on what to do. After you set it up you should check for updates like any computer. I had to do a few updates and everything was smooth. The set up is easy you just need to plug it in to your TV’s HDMI port and you do need to have a USB keyboard and mouse to plug into the mini PC.

How to update Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350 drivers?

this family of Mini-PCs has a driver problem with the Win10 v190x versions of the OS. Some caution in their descriptions about up dating the OS because if you do the internal WiFi will stop working. There is a solution, of course, and that is just to buy an external USB WiFi dongle for $15 and you will be back in business again, but one USB port less. Their suggestion not updating Win10 is only a suggestion, and its really hard to do because sooner or later Win10 will do what it wants to do and update you.

I used Windows update tool for v1909 to update the OS. It took a while but other than the WiFi business, I find no other issues.

Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350 Performance review

this thing just works and does what I need. I already have a few Bluetooth and WIFI keyboards and mice that work with this that I used with my laptop and tablet. With full 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, 4 GB of ram and an Atom Z8350 processor, it handles everything I need to do

I add a 64 GB SD card to it for storage but also have a 250GB portable SSD drive if I think I may need more room. At home, I add a 7 port USB hub to it to allow for more devices to be plugged into it if needed and this also allows easier access to plug things in and out when the mini PC is plugged into the back of a TV or monitor.

Alternate of Terryza W5 Pro PC Stick Intel Atom Z8350

Awow Mini PC Stick

Who it’s for: Professionals or students who frequently move between rooms and venues.

Why you should buy it: This stick is built for moving between workstations.

Why we picked the Awow Mini PC Stick:

Awow’s stick does this and more, with an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of eMMC storage. It comes with Windows 10 Pro, includes dual-band Wi-Fi, and has a collapsible antenna if you’re in a spot where connectivity is hit or miss. It’s also made with a fanless design to help keep components cool no matter where you’re working or how often you’re moving around. If you’re keeping to one spot, there’s also Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for a better-quality connection.

One of the best advantages of PC sticks is how easy it is to transfer them from place to place. But if you’re frequently on the go and moving between a variety of workstations and rooms, then it’s also important that your stick is durable, can pick up a signal reliably, and has enough power to act as a laptop alternative when necessary.

We also appreciate the Awow Mini PC Stick‘s instant-on feature that boots up whenever you plug it in and turn on the display, which also saves some time when traveling around. Though it won’t hold a candle to our best laptops, you’ll still be able to get some serious work done.

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