Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts – do people gift these items?


When the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States, Amazon witnessed a surge in demand for household essentials like disinfectant, sanitizer and other household essentials. To manage the increased workload, the company temporarily prioritized medical supplies and other essential product categories. Here we make a list of Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts in considering the crisis.

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Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Crosley CR3036D Tribute Vintage AM/FM Bluetooth Radio

Gold knobs and buttons add a vintage vibe, while its small footprint makes it ideal for tight spaces such as a nightstand. AM/FM radio that sports a clean, modern silhouette that will seamlessly fit in to a variety of decor styles. Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly.

Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Sleep is a sensor that can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat, and more. Delivers sleep cycles, tracks heart rate, detects snoring and breathing disturbances. Algorithms used to analyze the data have been validated with a team of sleep experts

Parliament Wallet + Tracker Card Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Access your cards quickly and easily with the push of a button. Includes a solar-powered Tracker Card that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and ensures you never lose your wallet again—see the Tracker Card tab for more details. A wallet built for maximum storage and minimum bulk, with room for 9+ cards, plus cash.

Ubuntu Life Handmade Suede Espadrille Mule Shoes

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Hand beaded signature tab made by our Maasai Maker Mums. Genuine Kenyan leather in a soft nubuck finish, traditional jute soles with vulcanized rubber for durability.

Larq Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Speaking of UV rays. Larq bottles use the same tech for a different end goal: keeping the bacteria out of dad’s water bottle. This bottle is well-insulated, sleek in design, and even has an Adventure Mode that kicks the sanitizing into high gear.

Run D.M.C Framed Photograph Sonic Edition

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

A trio of icons, the O.G. icons of cool, for the greatest dad of all time to show off in his home office.

Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

Dual-coil fast wireless charger up to 10W in both portrait and landscape mode. Thermal protection sensor and foreign object detection provides fast and safe operation and fast wireless charging. Elevates your device to the optimal viewing angle for video calls and facial recognition.

Weighted Sleep Mask

Give your over-extended friend the best gift he could ask for: a slumber so deep he’ll almost forget it’s been a few days since he last caught some z’s. 

House of Marley Get Together Mini Wireless Portable Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Get Together Mini is crafted with a bamboo face and House of Marley Rewind Fabric, which uses 30 hemp / 30 organic cotton / 40 recycled plastic bottles. This speaker packs a lot into a small package. It is perfect to enjoy at home or on the go. The Get Together Mini speaker has an integrated microphone for use as a speaker phone. This allows you answer your calls by pairing your phone. This speaker allows you to use voice prompts for an easy Bluetooth set up.

Cloud 9 Gift Experience Cloud 9

With registration in one of Cloud 9’s experiential adventures, dad’s not just sitting in the cockpit. He’s flying the plane himself (with the help of a trained pilot, of course). And that’s just one of many, many, many experiences this company has to offer.

Ilé Ilà Line Chair

Made from teak and Adiré textile in Nigeria, there’ll never be a cooler seat in the house for him to sit with his drink, his book, and his thoughts. 

Framed 1992 Michael Jordan PrintSonic Edition – Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Sonic Editions’ collection of iconic prints is second to none when it comes to the type of imagery that would go perfectly over Pops’s home computer. Let the GOAT inspire greatness.  Mr Walter Iooss snapped this portrait of Michael Jordan before the ‘Dream Team’ took home the gold at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona – it features the legend mid-dunk, wearing iconic Nike Air Max 180 sneakers. One of only 200 made by Sonic Editions, it’s printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and comes in a black wooden frame

Joule Sous VideBreville

The Joule cooks meat to perfection, so dad can make himself a steak worthy of any Michelin-starred restaurant. Visual Doneness feature in the Joule app displays exactly how food cooks. Dinner comes out predictably perfect, every time. Vessel requirements – Minimum water depth – 1.5 inch (38 millimeter). Maximum water depth – 8 inch (203 millimeter)

ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless BBQ Meat Thermometer

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

Wireless digital kitchen thermometer has a range of up to 300 feet, easily monitor your food in your living room or even longer distances like your backyard, enabling you to track your cook with ease while handling other tasks. It has 3 backlight colors to provide a visual indication on how close your meat is to being cooked to perfection. Once perfectly cooked, the unit will beep and flash to alert you that the meat has reached its desired temp.

Chefman TurboFry 3.6-Quart Air Fryer

A sleek, rounded shape and matte black finish earns this air fryer a prime spot on countertops- all while remaining compact and easy to store. The 2-in-1 tank & basket allows for maximum capacity with a small footprint, saving space on your counter and in your cabinet; perfect for any small kitchen, dorm, office, RV trips, and more!

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment – Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Thoughtful Fathers Day gifts

The easiest clean bidet attachment ever! TUSHY 3.0 knobs are fingerprint and smudge proof! The Shmutz ShieldTM protects against build up and grime and the Smart SprayTM technology self-clean the nozzles before and after each use. It takes just 1 pint of water to properly wash with TUSHY versus 15 million trees to make toilet paper annually. 

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Savor a subtle version of a fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. They feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky flavor with notes of peat and complex caramel. Made from sustainably forested wood, the generously sized picks are soaked in the premium scotch and then kiln dried, infusing flavors throughout the pick. 

Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner LEXON – Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Recharge and sanitize your phone with this sleek and convenient device that uses UV light to eliminate 99.9% of screen germs in 20 minutes.

  • 2 3/4″ x 6 3/4″ x 5 1/4″
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones
  • USB-C charging port
  • ABS/rubber
  • Imported

Alexander Del Rossa Mens Cotton Robe Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts

Each One Of Our Classic Lightweight Cotton Robes For Men Feature Two Patch Pockets In The Front Of The Garment That Are Perfect For Holding Your Phone, Snacks, Remote, Or Other Necessities. Use These Handy Pockets To Keep Your Hands Warm Or To Keep Things Close By Your Side While You Are Watching The Game Or Lounging Around The House.

Larq Bottle – Self Sanitizing Water Bottle

Designed with UV-C LED purification system that cleans 99.999% of bacteria in just 60 seconds. Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cool liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours. Automatically purifies your bottle six times a day, or whenever you press the top button.

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