Fathers day gifts Kindle 2021 – are they thoughtful gifts for reader dad?


You buy your multivitamins and socks or many other daily necessity gadgets. Why not a thoughtful, actually good present for dad? You might not be able to spend as much time as you want with him in person this Father’s Day, but you can sure as hell brighten it with a well-timed package delivered to his house. What is best Fathers day gifts Kindle 2021? There are several brands of e-readers (with availability spotty across different regions), but two companies have risen to own the ebook market – Amazon (with its range of Kindle ereaders) and Kobo.

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Fathers day gifts kindle 2021

Kindle Paperwhite – best overall Fathers day gifts kindle

Fathers day gifts Kindle Paperwhite 2021

If you’re shopping for someone who’s looking for the latest Kindle e-reader, this is the Goldilocks in Amazon’s line and our current CNET Editors’ Choice Award winner in the category. Here are some things we love about the Kindle Paperwhite:

  • It’s 10% thinner and lighter than the previous version.
  • It has a “flush-front” design with a back made of a softer, grippy material instead of hard plastic. 
  • It’s a fully waterproof Kindle, like the high-end Kindle Oasis, and has a plastic screen that Amazon says is shatter- and scratch-resistant.
  • It has built-in Bluetooth, so you can download Amazon Audible audiobooks and listen to them with wireless headphones.

While the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite lists for $130, it regularly gets discounted to $90 (and sometimes even $85), which is when you should buy it. It’s highly likely that Amazon will update the Kindle Paperwhite in 2021, but it’s unclear when or how much of an upgrade it will be. For instance, USB-C charging could be added and perhaps the lighting scheme could be updated, but we wouldn’t expect any dramatic upgrades.

Amazon Kindle – first dad e-reader

Fathers day gifts kindle 2021
Fathers day gifts Amazon kindle 2021

With its exceedingly simple, tactile interface and hardware design, the modern ereader just may be the ultimate piece of technology to help the dad in your life bridge the gap between analog and digital. Of course, Amazon makes the most ubiquitous ereader in the world, the Kindle, and it’s so widely known for a lot of great reasons. 

Naturally, a lot of this gift’s appeal depends upon whether they’re much of a reader, however sometimes just the right delivery method is enough to turn someone into a bookworm. With access to thousands of books online and the onboard storage to hold hundreds of them, the instant access and gratification alone could be enough to make it their favorite gift this year.

Plus, the Kindle lasts for days on a single charge, and it’s quite affordable at just $89.99 for the entry-level model. Whether it’s historical biographies, conspiracy theories, alien investigations, or football stories (sorry, personal experience), there will be countless books for your dad on a Kindle, available in an instant. – Joe Osborne, Senior Technology Editor.

Good for storage – Kindle Oasis

  • Screen size: 7-inch
  • Screen type: Carta E Ink
  • Storage: 8GB/32GB
  • Resolution: 300pp
  • iWeight: 188g
  • Front light: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes4G: Yes
  • Battery life: up to six weeks

While the older 2018 model can be found on Amazon, the new model is lighter than its predecessor, and its IPX8 waterproofing means it can easily handle an accidental dunk in the bath or the pool.

The backlight can be adjusted from white to warmer yellow hues to reduce eye strain, and it can even be scheduled to become warmer at bedtime (say, 9:30pm for example).

There’s also the usual Kindle Oasis features we saw in the previous generation – a high-quality and large 7-inch display with E Ink technology that makes words on the page crisp and clear, and a ‘ridge’ on one side of the sleek-looking aluminum chassis that has been designed for easy and comfortable single-hand use.

The buttons to turn pages are within easy reach of the thumb even if you have small mitts, and the device can be turned upside down for use with either hand, with the pages swapping automatically to suit.

WhisperSync support means you can stop reading on your Oasis and pick up reading where you left on the Kindle app, or another Kindle device, although this will require your devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

There’s also plenty of storage space onboard, with 8GB being the starting point, but you can get a 32GB version of the Oasis if you’ve got (or planning on having) a large digital library. The base model comes with Wi-Fi enabled, but there is an LTE option as well, which allows you to download ebooks from the Kindle Store no matter where you are.

It’s the ereader that comes with all the bells and whistles, if you can stomach the premium price.

NOOK Glowlight Plus – Fathers day gifts non-kindle 2021

At the same price range as the Kindle Paperwhite, this Android-based Nook Glowlight 3 from Barnes and Noble has features that are really irresistible to many ebook fans.

Best Android Ebook Reader 2020 - NOOK Glowlight Plus


  • Supports PDF and EPUB
  • Runs on Android
  • Can install third-party apps
  • Big Barnes and Nobles library
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Page turn buttons
  • Blue-light reduction
  • Light, soft-touch plastic


  • Slippery shell, easy to drop
  • Uneven lighting
  • Doesn’t support audiobooks

Bright, Crisp Screen with Soft Glow

The Nook Glowlight Plus features a 7.8-inch screen size, making it competitive with other larger ebook readers. What’s more — the screen resolution is 300 dpi – the same as other high-end e-reading devices.

With the GlowLight® Illumination feature, the screen emits an ambient light that can be adjusted manually to match with the surrounding environment. 

However, the light sometimes seems uneven around the edge of the screen. It won’t affect your reading, but this is something that could be improved.

Glare-free, scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant, the Glowlight Plus screen promises to bring the same experience to the eye as any other fancy ebook readers.

Perfect Ereader for Poolside Bookworms

The Nook Glowlight Plus obtained an IP rating of IP67. It means the device can be immersed in up to 3.28 feet of water with no damages within 30 minutes.

The rating also indicates that the Nook is dust-tight — no dust can get inside!

This allows you to read in a variety of environments. Reading in the bathroom and on the beach is much safer with the device. You never have to worry about it getting damaged while you read with wet fingertips, or if you drop it onto a sandcastle. 

Supports PDF and EPUB

The Nook GlowLight Plus supports Adobe DRM ePub and PDF files, which most Kindles do not. This makes it handier for when you want to read your papers in PDF at times.

Unfortunately, while supporting PDF, the Nook doesn’t welcome many other popular text formats. It cannot read .doc, .docx, MOBI, or PRC — the common format of many new ebooks. But that’s when the Android platform comes in hand.

Android OS for Third-party Apps

Most PC users are very happy with the fact that the device operates on Android.  This allows you to install third-party apps on the device via a USB cord. It has 6.4GB of storage that you can access, too!

So while the device cannot read PRC and other formats by itself, you can download apps to solve the problem.  If you buy books often from Amazon, install Kindle. You can install other apps and launchers to read other file formats, too!

Hold on Tight!

One negative aspect of the Nook Glowlight Plus is the shell. While the smooth shell gives it a sleek, fancy appearance, it also makes it easier to slip and drop. 

It feels pretty insecure when you hold it in one hand. In addition, the Nook ecosystem is not comparable to Amazon. 

Then again the Android compatibility easily makes up for that.

Kobo Libra H20 – Fathers day gifts non-kindle 2021

Fathers day gifts non-kindle 2021 - Kobo Libra H20
Fathers day gifts non-kindle 2021 – Kobo Libra H20

Rakuten makes a line of Kobo e-readers that are not only powered by the Kobo store but also support 14 file and ebook formats natively (EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ and CBR). In other words, if you get your ebooks — or any other digital documents — from any place besides Amazon, this device will probably read them. The Kobo has its own ebook store with thousands of books, and it has built-in support for checking out ebooks from local libraries via the OverDrive service. (You can get library books onto Kindles via OverDrive’s Libby app, but it’s not as smooth a process.)

Available in black or white, you can use the Kobo Libra in portrait or landscape mode. Other Kobo devices include the entry-level Kobo Nia ($80), Kobo Clara HD ($120) and the flagship Kobo e-reader, the Kobo Forma ($250), which has a larger 8-inch high-resolution screen.

The Kobo Libra H20, which retails for $170, sits in the middle of the line and, as its name implies, it’s fully waterproof. It has a 7-inch HD (1,680×1,264-pixel resolution) E Ink display, a built-in light and no ads (you have to pay $20 to remove them from Kindle devices). 

Kobo Libra H2O

  • Screen size: 7-inch
  • Screen type: Carta E Ink
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Resolution: 300ppi
  • Weight: 192g
  • Front light: yes
  • Touchscreen: yes
  • Wi-Fi: yes3G: no
  • Battery life: up to six weeks

While traditional tablet-like ereaders (like the Kindle Paperwhite mentioned above and the Kobo Nia and Clara HD below) are the most affordable ebook readers you can get, they’re uncomfortable to use single-handed. And so the asymmetric design that the Kindle Oasis pioneered is becoming more popular, with Kobo introducing the Libra H2O in late 2019 as a more affordable option to both the Amazon counterpart as well as the bigger Kobo Forma.

But it’s not just the Libra’s relatively affordable price tag that makes it a compelling ereader alternative – it’s also more durable than the expensive bigger brother listed below, and it boasts an improved user interface that offers a better reading experience than what you’d get on a Kindle. 

With a 7-inch screen (compared to the Forma’s 8 inches), it’s smaller than its bigger brother, but that makes it more portable and it’s a much faster device besides. With the latest E Ink technology, the Libra H2O matches the Oasis in speed and responsiveness – whether you’re just turning a page, selecting words for dictionary look-up or entering a Wi-FI password to set up the ereader.

The Libra H2O debuted improvements to the user interface, like a new ebook navigator accessed by either swiping upward from the bottom or tapping in the centre of the screen. You can even use the Libra to read in landscape mode if you prefer. We were already partial to Kobo’s user interface and these changes have made it more streamlined than the cluttered UX of the Kindles.

Thanks to its hard plastic body, the Libra has a more premium and rugged look than the Forma. The page-turn buttons feel a lot more sturdy with good feedback, while the power button on the rear is easy to locate as it sits in a recess that’s quite deep. That said, the buttons on the Oasis are, by far, the best of the three. 

And while the Oasis’ metal body gives it a very premium look and feel – and carries a price tag to match its status – the Libra’s affordability and usability make it easy to recommend – especially in countries where OverDrive support means you can borrow ebooks from you local public library.

Onyx BOOX Max3 – Best Large Ereader for Scientific and Technical Books

Like the ereaders on this list, the Onyx BOOX Max3 also uses e-ink and reads books.

However, when compared to the other devices we’ve reviewed in this guide, the Onyx BOOX Max3 is in a league of its own. 

When it comes to large screens, this ebook reader is king. The 13.3” screen size makes it ideal for reading technical and scientific papers.

Onyx BOOX Max3 – Best Large Ereader for Scientific and Technical Books


  • Large screen, size close to actual A4 paper
  • Allows handwritten notes, audio recording
  • Can listen to audiobooks
  • Powered by Android, allows third-party apps
  • Comes with a stylus that doesn’t require charging
  • Supports nearly all file formats


  • High price tag
  • Not pocket portable
  • Prone to bugs
  • Not waterproof
  • Backlit

Exceptional Screen — When Size Matters

At 13.3 inches, which easily larger than a MacBook Air, the Max3 easily stands out among a plethora of e-ink readers on the market. 

It’s this size to serve one purpose: to read scientific papers and other academic materials in PDF.

If you’ve ever tried reading a PDF file on a Kindle or any other smaller screen devices, you’ll likely agree that it sucks. 

You can’t really adjust the font size, and even when you zoom the page, it won’t fit into the screen. The reading experience is most of the time so poor it makes better sense to opt for the physical book.

Small ereaders are cool and portable, and they are great for reading other formats, but they are simply not designed for PDF.

Therefore, if you’re a student with lots of heavy textbooks to read or a professional who has to work on big-sized PDF technical books, you will definitely get a kick out of the Onyx BOOX Max3.

It displays PDF files in a perfect way — crisp, clear, properly-sized, almost the same as the way real A4 paper does. No zooming necessary!

The only thing about the screen is that it’s backlit. This means the light comes from the back of the screen into your eyes, as opposed to front-lit ereaders where the light is reflected back in a softer glow. 

It potentially causes more strain on your eyes than a Kindle, but on the other hand, it provides more even light on the screen.

Take Notes on Your Ebook

While you read, especially when reading in a foreign language or a scientific book, there’s always a need to jot down some notes.

Sometimes to elaborate a term or to rephrase it, other times to add a remark. Or maybe you just like to doodle on the book when you’re bored.

Anyway, the Onyx BOOX Max3 comes with an electromagnetic panel and stylus pen.

This allows you to take notes or sketch directly on your ebook.

Apply gentle pressure for a thin sketch and greater pressure for thicker lines, and there you go, your own handwriting and drawings on the book.

This feature makes the ereader feel like a real textbook.

The screen does not respond to finger touch, which prevents fingerprint marks. While this is a great feature that many appreciate, many readers appreciate the option of using a pen or fingertip interchangeably.

Additional Features of the Onyx BOOX Max3

You don’t pay for a device simply to read some books and sketch some notes.

Onyx knows this, which is why they integrate with the device a text-to-voice feature, a speaker, and a microphone. You can listen to audiobooks, record your voice, and listen to music while you read.

The Max3 also runs on a modified Android operating system. This translates to its compatibility with various Android apps, including apps for emails and other essential office tasks. You can take notes and view multiple pages on this device. 

Don’t expect things to look as beautiful as when they’re displayed on a normal tablet, though. 

The apps are more functional than aesthetic, but handy enough to allow you to access and share information while you’re at it. 

Overall, with its incredible screen size and the ability to take notes and leave handwritten remarks, the Onyx Boox Max 3 is currently the best ereader available for people who read a lot of technical and scientific books, especially those in PDF.

The Likebook Mars – The Most Powerful E-reader

This e-reader has a heck of a lot of power for a relatively affordable device. If you like to use an e-reader for more than just, well, reading, then you might like what the Likebook Mars has to offer.

The Most Powerful E-reader


  • Powerful processor
  • SD card slot for additional storage
  • Adjustable day time and night time modes
  • WiFi compatible


  • Shorter battery life
  • Only one font option available

Power and Storage

With its octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, The Likebook Mars is one of the most powerful e-readers we’ve come across up until now. And with 16GB of built in storage, there’s plenty of room for an extensive library of e-books, tons of audiobooks, and your favorite Android apps.

Many e-readers tend to forgo an SD card slot nowadays; both Kindle and Kobo have omitted them from their newest models. But not the Likebook Mars; its additional SD card slot means you can expand your storage up to a whopping 144GB.

Sharp Resolution

The 7.8 inch touchscreen display packs a punch with its 300 PPI resolution. This super sharp display makes the Likebook Mars particularly good for viewing graphic novels or images.

The eye friendly front lit display has 17 LEDs. Most are white in color, and some are orange to give a softer candlelight glow while reading in night mode. And when you want a little more brightness, you can switch to a daytime display using the slider. There are numerous light settings to choose from in between these modes, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs.

Sleek Design

The designers of the Likebook Mars really went all out when it comes to the construction of this model. Each of the four corners is gently curved, and the bezel wraps evenly around the entire circumference of the screen. And at just 8.3 mm thick, this is one of the sleekest e-readers out there.

The e-ink screen is soft and comfortable on the eyes and gives zero glare or shine. It’s the closest you’ll get to reading from paper, aside from, you know, actually reading from paper. The paper-like surface is also super realistic to the touch.

Battery Life

One of the few drawbacks of the Likebook Mars is the battery life. All that power takes a lot of charging, and the battery life on this model is only around three weeks. That might seem like a lot, but compared with the likes of the Kindle Paperwhite, which has a battery life of around six weeks, it’s pretty weak.


We also noticed that unlike many e-readers, including Kindle and Kobo models, there’s no option to change the font. While it’s possible to upload your own font options, this might be a little too hi-tech for many users.

Kobo Forma – Fathers day gifts non-kindle 2021


Screen size: 8-inchScreen type: Carta E InkStorage: 8GBResolution: 300ppiWeight: 197gFront light: yesTouchscreen: yesWi-Fi: yes3G: noBattery life: 7-8 weeksT

The Forma is Kobo’s answer to the Kindle Oasis, albeit with a much steeper price tag. Like it’s Amazon competition, the Forma has an asymmetrical design that’s meant to make prolonged one-hand holding comfortable. Where the Forma one-ups the Kindle – and perhaps attempts to justify its price premium over the Oasis – is by adding an extra inch to the display, for an expansive 8 inches in total.  

Despite the size disparity, both premium ereaders have similar weights, although the Forma’s plastic body tends to lose its shiny look over time and use. But while the Oasis’ metal exterior certainly feels more durable, it’s also much more slippery. The Forma’s rubbery and textured back, on the other hand, means that despite its bigger size your grip never wavers and its bigger footprint helps keep that weight feel more evenly distributed. 

You can hold the Forma in either your left or right hand (or even in landscape) and the display orientation automatically rotates within a couple of seconds of switching. This happens a touch slower than the Libra H2O (which is a newer device) but, compared to older Kobo flagships like the Aura One, it requires fewer full screen refreshes.Advertisement

As is common with all Kobo devices from the last few years, the Forma’s backlight offers color-temperature adjustment, so you can opt for an orangey-yellow light tone rather than the standard (and potentially sleep-disrupting) blue light, which can even be scheduled.  

Unlike the Oasis, though, there’s only a single 8GB version of the Forma available and it’s admittedly the most expensive ereader from a popular brand. Despite that, it makes a case for itself by offering a superior user interface, OverDrive support, Dropbox integration (for books stored in the cloud), and Pocket support for long-form web articles.

Dad’s first video calling smart screen: Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show

Depending on whether you’re into the Google ecosystem or the Amazon ecosystem, there are a couple good options for a smart display that can be used as a hub for video calls.

Amazon’s $230 Echo Show comes with the Alexa smart voice assistant built-in, and it’s a good introduction into the world of smart voice assistants, at least into Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem. 

If there’s no interest in using a voice assistant, the Echo Show can purely be used for video calling other Amazon devices, including other Echo devices, Amazon Fire tablets, and it works with Skype, too. 

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