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Kindle E-reader vs tablet – what is the difference between e reader and tablet?

Kindle E-reader vs tablet

What is the difference between e reader and tablet? Which one should buy – Kindle E-reader vs tablet? The thinnest, lightest e-trader comes with a sleek, modern design so you can read comfortably for hours. Features signature 160 – 300 ppi, glare-free display, laser-quality text, and twice the storage of the previous generation. Plus a single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours. Find more in Kindle E-reader vs tablet.

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Pros & Cons : E-reader vs tablet

Pros & Cons



  • Non-Glare Screen
  • Small and Light 
  • Great Battery Life
  • More Affordable
  • No Distractions


  • Smaller Screen
  • Black and White Screen
  • Fewer Functions



  • More Functions
  • Countless Apps Available
  • Useful for Small Children


  • Backlit Screen
  • Bulkier and Heavier
  • Less Affordable

Why e-reader is good for reading?

E-readers have a non-glare screen that has a matt, paper-like finish. This is especially helpful when you’re in bright sunlight, so if you like reading by the pool or at the beach, then this could be the device for you. Many of the higher-end e-readers on the market today are also waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about getting it wet. You can even read in the bath!

If you struggle reading small print, you also have the option to adjust the size of the font. Many e-readers also let you switch between font styles too. 

To ‘turn the page’ you simply swipe across or tap the screen. Some e-readers have a home button too, which takes you to the main menu. 

And for those that love listening to narrated books, many e-readers support audiobooks too.

One clever feature on many e-readers is the one-tap definition finder. If you’re faced with an unfamiliar word, simply tap it, and the definition will appear. And depending on the e-reader you choose, you can often make annotations too. This makes them a popular choice for reading textbooks and other study material.

Is any good on tablet for reading?

While some tablets come with a detachable keyboard, most tablets operate solely as a touch screen device. You can swipe, tap, and pinch the screen to navigate your way around a web page or e-book. 

Tablets, such as the hugely popular Apple iPad, are touch screen devices that are designed to do all kinds of things. Sure, you can download and view e-books to your heart’s content, but you can also browse the web, listen to music, watch videos, check your emails, have a conference call, play games, and so much more.  

Compare Kindle E-reader vs tablet

ExampleKindle, Kobo, NookiPad, Galaxy tab, Amazon Fire
Screen typeE-link screenBacklit-LCD screen
Sunlight, beach or pool readingYesNo
Battery lifelong, almost 1 weekshort, around 10 hours
FunctionalityLess optionWider option
Book storeWider contentLimited content
Distraction while readingLess Higher

What is the difference between e reader and tablet – Kindle E-reader vs tablet?


E Ink screens are more paper-like. They are designed to mimic the look of ink on paper. They aren’t backlit and don’t emit light like LCD screens. Because of that, they provide a more eye-friendly reading experience and tend cause less strain for some people. Another benefit with E Ink is that it is easily readable in direct sunlight and under bright light; the screen doesn’t turn into a mirror like LCD.

No Eye-strain

Since E Ink screens don’t emit light, so it does cause ete-strain. Some E Ink screens have front lights built-in. The light is directed at the screen instead of being emitted outward, so it’s different than a backlit LCD screen.

Battery life

An ebook reader with a frontlight can last several weeks on a single charge when reading everyday, whereas most tablets top out at about 10 hours of total use.

Content variation

One of the main benefits of using a tablet as an ebook reader is being able to use different reading apps. You can install apps from all the different stores and read everything on the same device. Plus tablets are often better suited for larger-form content like magazines, newspapers, and comics.

Dedicated ebook readers like the Kindle and Nook are generally more locked into the store they came from for buying content. Other content can usually be added, but it’s not as simple as with a tablet.


Ebook readers are designed specifically for reading ebooks. They are often capable of other tasks, such as web browsing, note taking, and playing music and some games, but the primary function is reading.

Tablets can be used as ebook readers, but they also have all the other features of playing videos, surfing the web, sending email, taking photos, etc.

Compare Kindle E reader vs iPad Air tablet

Apple iPad Air 10.9 inchKindle Oasis
Screen10.9 inch Retina display7″ glare-free
Storage64GB, 256GB8 GB or 32 GB
Resolution4K300 ppi
Front-light4 LEDs25 LEDs
Weeks of battery lifeNoYes
Audible (via Bluetooth)YesYes
Parental ControlsYesYes
1-year Amazon Kids+ subscriptionNoSold separately starting at $2.99/month
CoverSold separatelySold separately
Flush-front designNoYes
Waterproof (IPX8)YesYes
Adjustable warm lightNoYes
Auto-adjusting light sensorsYesYes
Ergonomic designYesYes
Automatic rotating page orientationYesYes
Page turn buttonsNoYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityWi-Fi+ CellularWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity
ColorSilver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky BlueGraphite or Champagne Gold

List of E reader vs tablet

Popular e-readers

Kindle – you must have heard of it, as this is the most popular e-reader brand in the world. Offered by Amazon, the Kindle range includes the basic Kindle, the front-lighted Kindle Paperwhite, and the high-end Kindle Voyage.

Nook – if you are a Barnes & Noble customer, you may want to check out Nook. On B&N website, you’ll have a chance to see the Nook GlowLight, the stylish and original e-reader with the glowing screen to let you read in the dark.

Kobo – a third major company that offers popular e-readers is Kobo. The devices on offer are Kobo Touch 2.0 (the basic model), Glo HD (the model with the high-definition screen that is lighted), and a waterproof Aura H20.

Popular tablets

Fire – Amazon also offers a wide range of tablets, from affordable models, such as the 2015 model Fire 7 that costs $49, to premium HDX devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – under this name the largest number or different tablets is being sold. You can pick up an affordable Galaxy Tab A, or a high-end Galaxy Tab S2.

iPad – if you can afford a product from Apple, you’ve been most probably thinking already about the iPad. But you don’t have to buy iPad Air. There is also a smaller iPad Mini to consider.

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