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Users always ask many questions on how to use Galaxy Watch 3? Do I have to use a Galaxy phone to use the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? How to use Galaxy Watch 3 without phone or with phone? Samsung has created some apps that will allow for its Galaxy Watch 3 to work great with any Android phone so long as the phone is running Android version 5.0 or higher & RAM 1.5GB above. Which version you should choose? Because the Galaxy Watch 3 comes in two distinctive network flavors – LTE and Bluetooth.

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LTE smartwatches are more expensive than their Bluetooth counterparts. We’re not talking about a big difference, but it is there. The Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth-only versions start at $399 for the 41mm and $429 for the 45mm model. For the LTE version, prices start at $449 for the smaller 41mm model and $479 for the 45mm model.

The apps you need

Galaxy Wearable (Free at Google Play Store)

The Galaxy Wearable app is the hub for keeping all of your Galaxy accessories connected. From this app, you can connect and make adjustments to headphones and watches all in one place.

Samsung Accessory Service (Free at Google Play Store)

The Samsung Accessory Service buddies up with the Galaxy Wearable app to ensure that all of the great features of your Galaxy accessories work fantastically.

How to use Galaxy Watch 3 without phone?

If you have no phone, it’s no problem! You can still use your watch when it’s solo.

When your watch powers on for the first time, swipe up and then tap the question mark icon. On the next screen, swipe up and tap here. Tap Continue, and then agree to the different policies. From there, follow the guide to set up your watch without a phone. 

In this process you will be prompted to set up a mobile data plan. If you already have this service, scroll to the bottom and select that you already have this service then tap Next. If you do not have a mobile data plan and wish to learn more about one, contact your mobile carrier, or you can tap Skip to continue setting up your device. 

Useful tips on How to use Galaxy Watch 3 without phone

Step 1: Click on ‘Question mark’

On first screen tap on Question mark sign. When you reset the watch or setting up the first time then you will see two options – Select Language as a sign of Globe & the Question mark sign. Select your native language & click on question mark sign.

Step 2: Follow Instruction & Accept terms

On the next screen, it will show you instructions. Still, you want to use without phone tap Here. It will ask you to use the wearable without Android phones. Avoid it, & tap on Here link, right below the screen. Check the notice and tap Continue

On the next screen, it will alert you about what you will miss. As you know, you won’t get emails, calendar & music player support. Continue if you don’t want to use these features.

Read the terms & condition and Agree to them. Read all the terms & conditions & Agree to them. Now agree with all the requirements & tap Next. Again it will ask you for the required permissions. Accept them all.

Step 3: Samsung account Log in

You can log in to the Samsung account in case you want to backup & restore your saved data. It is optional so you can also skip the step. Set time zone, date & time – Set your country’s time zone. Then set date & time.

Step 4: Create a 4-digit PIN to restore or backup data

The 4-digit PIN is useful when you change your mind and want to connect with the smartphone. That time you will require this PIN. Set the PIN & remember it for future purposes. Now you can use Galaxy Watch 3.

How to use Galaxy Watch 3 with an iPhone

Note: Bluetooth must be activated on your phone to connect to a watch.

If you have an iPhone, you can still easily set up and connect your smart watch using the Samsung Galaxy Watch app from the App Store. If you have a fitness band like the Galaxy Fit, use the Samsung Galaxy Fit app to connect.

First, navigate to the App Store. Search for and select Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Galaxy Fit, and then tap GET next to Samsung Galaxy Watch. Once it downloads, tap OPEN, and then tap START THE JOURNEY. Select your watch and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process. 

While connecting your smart watch with your phone you’ll see prompts to activate your carrier’s service on the watch. If your watch has this service, follow the prompts to complete the activation process and finish setting up your smart watch.

The Galaxy Watch app opened on an iPhone

To connect another device, tap More options, tap Connect new device, and then select your device. You will need to disconnect the other watch before connecting a new one. Please note that some features such as the Email app and Samsung Pay are not available on non-Samsung phones.

How to use Galaxy Watch 3 with a Samsung phone

The Galaxy Wearable app connects your smart watch to a compatible phone, make sure to check if your phone is on the list of compatible phones. Use the app to manage and monitor your watch’s features and apps installed from the Play Store. But first, make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone.

First, navigate to the Play Store. Search for and select Galaxy Wearable, and then tap INSTALL. Once it downloads, tap OPEN, and then tap Get started. Select your watch and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup process. While connecting your smart watch with your phone you’ll see prompts to activate your carrier’s service on the watch. If your watch has this service, follow the prompts to complete the activation process and finish setting up your smart watch.

To connect an additional device, tap Menu on the left side, tap Add new device, and select your device. You can switch between devices whenever you want.

Which one is worth buying – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE vs Bluetooth

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals. In layman’s terms, an LTE device is capable of connecting to a mobile network on its own. While Bluetooth smartwatches rely on your smartphone to access the internet, receive notifications, send messages, LTE devices have antennas and modems that can connect directly to cellular networks.

  • The LTE version offers more freedom in general, you can leave your phone at home and go for a ride, a jog, or a hike. You can send and receive messages, listen to music streams, receive notifications, use applications that require an internet connection
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE can make and receive calls without the need for a smartphone (you can use your existing number and it costs a bit extra. For additional info, check your telecom operator). The Bluetooth version relies on your phone to do that. Both versions have an integrated speaker and a microphone, so no need for earphones
  • The LTE version drains the battery faster. It’s a serious consideration given the small battery capacities in smartwatches
  • The Bluetooth version of the Galaxy Watch 3 is cheaper. Not by much but it’s still a consideration if you’re on a budget

Battery usage

Galaxy Watch 3 has a 247mAh battery in its 41mm iteration and a 340mAh in the bigger 45mm version.

There’s a core difference between a Bluetooth and an LTE smartwatch in regard to battery usage. Bluetooth is a low-energy connection and basically your phone does the heavy lifting connecting to all those cellular towers and constantly communicating with different services. In an LTE smartwatch, all the work is done on the device itself. The watch scans for available networks, manages switching between cell towers, initiates and receives calls and messages, and constantly looks for that signal. That can drain the small battery really fast.

Is 41 mm size better than 45mm Galaxy Watch 3?

  • The larger 45mm model offers a titanium version, while the 41mm is stainless steel only
  • You get a bigger screen with the 45mm model – 1.4-inch versus 1.2 for the 41mm model
  • The 45mm version has a bigger battery – 340mAh compared to the 247mAh in the 41mm version
  • The smaller 41mm model is lighter at 49.2 grams compared to the 53.8 grams of the 45mm model (unless you opt for a titanium body which lowers the weight to 43 grams)
  • The 41mm model is around $30 cheaper than the bigger 45mm version
  • The Galaxy Watch 3 uses 20 and 22 mm straps for the 41 and 45mm models respectively

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